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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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Entries in August 2014
 | Category: Non Sports
entry Aug 22 2014, 10:31 PM
ON Friday 22 Aug 2014: I got a lone package. A small priority mail box from Ebay for $39.95 + $5.00 (a deal for this particular set which I've seen often start at twice as much)
2012 Rittenhouse Warehouse 13: Season 3 26 card Base Set.
My beefs with these Warehouse 13 sets from Season 2 on is the base set is only 26 cards (2 card per episode it seems) that are limited to only 250 or so they say.

At first I was disappointed at least for the Season 3 set that they printed the back of the card upside down from the front but actually come to think of it when they are in an album oriented so that the top of the card is on the left of the page they will flip correctly.

Now I need to get Seasons 2 and 4 part one they haven't printed a part 2 yet that I know of or a Season 5 (the final season) yet.

 | Category: Non Sports
entry Aug 14 2014, 08:25 PM
Thursday 14 August 2014: Got the latest issue of The Wrapper #285 cover 1950 Bowman Wild West.

 | Category: Football
entry Aug 14 2014, 12:02 PM
On Wednesday 13 August 2014: I again got one lone package/card from Ebay .99 +$2.75 shipping
2009 UD Heroes Football: Orange Parallel 216 Merlin Olsen Rams #d 16/35

 | Category: Football
entry Aug 12 2014, 09:15 PM
On Monday 11 August 2014: I got one lone card from an Ebay auction for $6.99 Free Shipping.
2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football: Purple Parallel 216 Merlin Olsen Rams #d 10/10

I have an orange parallel #d/35 of this card incoming. Should get here in a day or two. Thought it would be here today Tuesday. It is coming from CA and left there on the 9th according to the tracking #.

The odd thing about this Purple one is the listing was a little confusing: The Auction title said it was the purple parallel and the picture agreed but the description mentioned it was an Orange #d/35 parallel. I gambled that it was a case of the seller using the same generic description for all his cards and only changing the title and maybe the picture. I was right this time. Not a gamble I want to take too often but in this case I felt pretty good about it.

entry Aug 9 2014, 09:43 PM
ON Friday 08 August 2014: I had a 3 card mailday from sportlots. 1-2-3 Auction at $1.75 + $2.49 shipping
1967 Topps Baseball
73 Rusty Staub Astros
182 Ed Charles Athletics
415 Sonny Jackson Astros

On Saturday 09 August 2014:
I got my cards from the TCZ Football Group Break hosted by Chad Baker my team the Redskins
2014 Panini Score Football
281 Alfred Morris Hot 100 Rookies
AIRMAIL AM10 DeSean Jackson pictured in Eagles but card marked Redskins
2013 Topps Museum Collection 86 Jordan Reed RC

Then during the afternoon/evening I had an in person trade with Juan (AKA: Hankerson85 on TCZ and some other sites). We exchanged some Redskins cards. The last time I had traded cards in person I think I was 12 or 13. Here is what I came out with in no particular order. I surprised myself with the number of Clinton Portis cards I came out with.

2007 Topps Triple Threads Football 38 Clinton Portis Ruby Red #d 0035/1449 (OK so this might be the "Base" card I forget how they designated this set)
2005 Donruss Gridiron Kings Football GK-7 Clinton Portis Green framed #d 43/50
2002 Pacific Exclusive Football Maximum Overdrive 11 Clinton Portis Broncos
2011 Panini Playoff Contenders (marked 2012 on back) Rookie Ticket 172 Roy Helu Jr. blue sharpie auto on-sticker
2007 UD SP Chirography Football Rookie Chirography 127 Jordan Palmer blue sharpie on-sticker auto #d 378/699
2007 UD SP Rookie Threads Football Signing Day Autograph SDA-JP Jordan Palmer blue sharpie on-sticker
2012 Fleer Retro Football Augographics 00AU-KC Kirk Cousins in Michigan State Uniform blue sharpie on-sticker Auto

entry Aug 5 2014, 12:03 AM
On Monday 04 August 2014: I had a three package mailday (one TCC Group Box Break winnings, 1 sportlots auction win (2 auctions one seller) and one Ebay card)

I made a video for each package as I opened them and posted on youtube (my ID there is klandersen42) each video title starts with "mailday04aug2014..."

This was from one seller 2 auction wins both were .25¢ only real complaint was it was sent in a PWE and they charged $5.00 for something that cost them .49¢ to mail. UGH. At least they were sandwiched in card board in a penny sleeve (which was taped shut but fortunately they had paper between the cards and tape.) Anyway the cards:

1969 Topps Baseball:
297 Deron Johnson Phillies
395 Chris Shot Phillies
477 Jeff James Phillies
576 Phillies 1969 Rookie Stars: Ron Stone and Bill Wilson

1970 Topps Baseball:
128 2nd Series Checklist cards 133-263 (miscut at bottom) Unmarked
244 3rd Series Checklist cards 264-372 Unmarked

Bought team Capitals Draft teams Sabres and Devils

2012-13 Artifacts Hockey:
2 Alex Ovechkin Capitals

2012-13 Rookie Anthology Hockey:
25 Ryan Miller Sabres
83 Adam Henrique Devils

2012-13 Black Diamond Hockey:
10 Alex Ovechkin Capitals (2)
11 Nicklas Backstrom Capitals
18 Thomas Vanek Sabres
25 Jason Pominville Sabres (3)
51 Steve Ott Sabres
53 Cody Hodgeson Sabres (3)
61 Mike Ribbeiro Capitals - in Stars Uni (2)
79 Tyler Myers Sabres
96 Patrik Elias Devils (3)
98 Nathan Gerbe Sabres
137 Gilbert Perreault Sabres
143 David Clarkson Devils (2)
150 Adam Henrique Devils
155 Dominik Hasek Sabres
163 Mike Gartner Capitals

2012-13 Certified Hockey:
26 Patrik Elias Devils
36 Patrick Kaleta Sabres
52 Mike Green Capitals
74 John Carlson Capitals

2013-14 Panini Contenders Hockey:
7 Jaroslav Halak Sabres in Blues uni
51 Alex Ovechkin Capitals
52 Nicklas Backstrom Capitals
64 Patrik Elias Devils
65 Martin Brodeur Devils
66 Cory Schneider Devils
67 Jaromir Jagr Devils
100 Cody Hodgson Sabres

2013-14 Panini Prizm Hockey:
8 Thomas Vanek Sabres
9 Ryan Miller Sabres
10 Cody Hodgson Sabres
11 Steve Ott Sabres
12 Drew Stafford Sabres
13 Tyler Myers Sabres
48 Ilya Kovalchuk Devils
49 Adam Henrique Devils
50 Travis Zajac Devils
51 Dainius Zubrus Devils
52 Adam Larsson Devils
106 Brooks Laich Capitals
107 Mike Green Capitals
108 John Carlson Capitals
209 ROOKIE Brian Flynn RC Sabres
211 ROOKIE Johan Larsson RC Sabres
212 ROOKIE Mark Pysyk RC Sabres
213 ROOKIE Mikhail Grigorenko RC Sabres
296 ROOKIE Steve Oleksy RC Capitals
295 ROOKIE Philipp Grubauer RC Capitals
NET DEFENDERS ND-14 Martin Brodeur Devils

One card from Ebay $4.99 + $3.00 Shipping
2001 Inkworks Andromeda Autograph A1 Kevin Sorbo as Captain Dylan Hunt black sharpie on-card auto

 | Category: Baseball
entry Aug 3 2014, 03:15 AM
On Saturday 02 Aug 2014: I got my part of a trade I did over at Zistle. It was only my 2nd trade over there. I mainly use the site for tracking my collection. I still have more than a ton of my hoard to record over there.

1981 Donruss Baseball 323 Robin Yount Brewers
1980 Topps Baseball 320 Dennis Eckersley Red Sox
1987 Topps Baseball243 Whitey Herzog Cardinals

The biggie from the trade:
1974 Topps Baseball 331 All-Star Catchers: Carlton Fisk Red Sox and Johnny Bench Reds

 | Category: Baseball
entry Aug 3 2014, 03:06 AM
On Friday 01 Aug 2014: One of two packages I got. I thought both were group break packages, well one was but this one was not. This one was my Secret Santa in July Package from TCZ from Santa Abel (5toosweet). Wow he read some of my wantlists forward and backward. First the newer stuff:

2013 Topps Triple Threads Baseball
98 Gio Gonzalez Nationals GREEN Parallel #d 040/250
TRIPLE THREAD RELICS: TTR-GG1 Gio Gonzalez Nationals all white "TEAM USA" #d 4/18
2011 (made in 2012?) Panini Limited Lumberjack 5 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals Bat Relic #d 134/299
2011 Topps Bowman Chrome ROOKIE AUTO: BCP164 Cutter Dykstra Nationals blue sharpie on card auto

The DYNAMITE! Stuff:
1965 Topps Baseball 17 Cards for STRIVE FOR '65 BABY! All in pretty excellent condition. Yay Super Santa Abel
34 Cal Koonce Cubs
41 White Sox Rookie Stars: Bruce Howard and Marv Staehle
63 Ty Cline Braves
67 Harvey Haddix Orioles
69 Bill Virdon Pirates
134 1964 World Series Game 3: Mantle's Clutch HR
174 Joe Jay Reds
175 Bob Aspromonte Astros
182 Mike De La Hoz Braves
183 Dave Nicholson White Sox
225 Bo Belinsky Phillies
238 Joe Moeller Dodgers
375 Dave Wikersham Tigers
379 Giants Team Card
471 Billy Hoeft Tigers
481 Indians Team Card
561 Dodgers Rookie Stars: Dennis Daboll, Mike Kekich, Jim LeFebvre, Hector Valle

 | Category: Basketball
entry Aug 3 2014, 02:39 AM
On Friday 01 Aug 2014: I got my cards from the TCZ Official Basketball Group Box Breaking Group: My bought team the Wizards as usual, I had 3 draft teams (and got one of the unclaimed randoms?) Thunder, Grizzles and Raptors (Random Nets?)

2012-13 Panini Absolute Basketball
42 Emeka Okafor Wizards
57 Rudy Gay Grizzles
86 Joe Johnson Nets
97 Andrea Bargnani Raptors
ROOKIE 205 Shelvin Mack Wizards blue sharpie Auto #d 097/299
FREQUENT FLYER 18 DeMar DeRozan Raptors all white GU #d 10/99

2012-13 Panini Threads
49 Kyle Lowry Raptors
71 Zach Randolph Grizzles
74 Marreese Speights Grizzles
75 Mike Conley Grizzles
98 Kevin Durant Thunder
101 Serge Ibaka Thunder
102 Kendrick Perkins Thunder
103 Derek Fisher Thunder
133 Andrea Bargnani Raptors
134 DeMar DeRozan Raptors
135 Jose Calderon Raptors
136 Jerryd Bayless Grizzles
137 Linas Kleiza Raptors
138 Ed Davis Raptors
146 John Wall Wizards
147 Jordan Crawford Wizards
149 Cartier Martin Wizards
148 Nene Wizards
150 Trevor Booker Wizards
FLOOR GENERALS 4 Deron Williams Nets
FLOORBOARD ROOKIE AUTO 228 Perry Jones III Thunder blue sharpie on card auto

2013-14 UD SP Authentic Basketball
22 Segey Karasev Russia (2)
27 Andre Roberson Colorado Univ (2)
29 Lucas Nogueira Brazil (2)
34 Mason Plumlee Duke (2)
35 Grant Jerrett Arizona (2)
46 Skylar Diggins Notre Dame
ROOKIE F/X 65 Kenny Anderson Yellow Jackets
ROOKIE CANVAS AUTO CC-51 Grant Jerrett Arizona blue sharpie on auto

2013-14 Panini Elite Basketball
13 Kendrick Perkins Thunder
15 Kyle Lowry Raptors
19 Andrei Kirilenko Nets
38 Thabo Sefolosha Thunder
79 Zach Randolph Grizzles
86 Serge Ibaka Thunder
130 Mike Miller Grizzles
146 Rudy Gay Raptors
172 Andray Blatche Nets
185 Derek Fisher Thunder
1 Kevin Durant Thunder
19 Paul Pierce Nets
FACE 2 FACE: 14 Ricky Rubio Timberwolves and Russell Westbrook Thunder
PASSING THE TORCH 2 Kevin Durant Thunder and George Gervin Spurs
BACK TO THE FUTURE: 6 Vince Carter Raptors GU all Purple


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