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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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Entries in July 2013
entry Jul 28 2013, 04:11 PM
Friday 26 July 2013:
Got some Football cards from a purchase form a card forum member a bunch of Skins and Ravens, mostly Ravens.
2005 Topps Total 290 Ray Lewis Ravens
2006 Fleer Ultra: Kings of Defense KD-TS Terrell Suggs Ravens
2009 Panini Rookies & Stars 8 Joe Flacco Ravens
2010 Panini Donruss Elite 7 Joe Flacco Ravens
2011 Absolute Memorabilia: WAR ROOM 32 Torrey Smith Ravens
2011 Prestige Football 16 Ray Lewis Ravens
2011 Panini Rookies & Stars 12 Ray Lewis Ravens
2011 Topps Legends 38 Torrey Smith RC Ravens
2011 Donruss Elite ROOKIE 7 Leonard Hankerson RC Redskins #984/999
2011 Topps Platinum X-Fractor? 137 Leonard Hankerson RC Redskins
2011 Panini Contenders
Season Ticket
7 Joe Flacco Ravens
100 Santana Moss Redskins
2012 Donruss Elite 8 Ray Lewis Ravens
2012 Prestige 13 Ray Lewis Ravens
2013 Score
10 Steven Jackson Rams Falcons (Shown in Rams Uni - but my first Steve Jackson as a Falcon)
17 Ray Rice Ravens
176 Isaiah Pead Rams
223 AIRMAIL Joe Flacco Ravens
298 FRANCHISE Robert Griffin III Redskins
373 ROOKIE Jawan Jamison RC Redskins
253 Joe Flacco Ravens
259 Dennis Pitta Ravens
264 Terrell Suggs Ravens

Finally a couple of Baseball Rookie cards if you call late 70s Vintage then both are vintage cards, if you draw the line at 1970 for vintage then only one is vintage:

I'll list the newer one first because the older one has a story:
This one I got from sportlots for $1.75 + $1.25 shipping, thought I might loose it since the 1,2,3 auction was more like a 1,2,1,2,1,2,3 auction.
1978 Topps Baseball '78 Rookie Catchers: 708 Bo Diaz Red Sox Dale Murphy Braves Lance Parrish Tigers Ernie Whitt Blue Jays

OK so this next card has a bit of a story got it from Ebay for $7.99 + $1.95 shipping. Seller didn't mark it as shipped so I didn't know it was in the mail yet and wasn't sure when it would come. As part of my 3 package day (well the sportlots was the typical PWE but whatever) this came in a small 100ct card box. I didn't recognize the address and it felt real light so I knew it wasn't from one of my recent group breaks I was in. Of course the box had tons of clear postal tape around it at first I tried just pulling it, but got a little tired and cut some of the tape away. Open the box, I really hate those small 100ct boxes because I think the opening should be on the wide side not the narrow side. Anyway there is a bunch of wadded up newspaper Sunday Comics actually and off to the left side one lone card in its penny holder. With a business card advertising some baseball related book from I guess the seller. Now the Card:

1966 Topps Baseball 579 Orioles 1966 Rookie Stars: Frank Bertaina Gene Brabender and Dave Johnson

 | Category: Football
entry Jul 28 2013, 02:54 PM
Thursday 25 July 2013:
Got my Booty from a Football Group Box Break (plus some bonus/gift cards a couple of Rams and a bunch of Skins) I had Rams of course and I got some of the unclaimed Raiders and Bears.
2013 Panini Prestige Football
160 Chris Givens Rams
194 Robert Griffin III Skins
195 Pierre Garcon Skins
196 Santana Moss Skins
197 Alfred Morris Skins
198 Fred Davis Skins
199 Brian Orakpo Skins
ROOKIE 238 Jawan Jamison RC Skins
ROOKIE 296 Tyler Wilson RC Raiders

HIT: Die Cut Acetate "Shield" Insert 25 Darren McFadden Raiders

2011 Panini Crown Royale Football
Royalty 10 George Blanda Raiders (mentions him being the 1974 "Walter Payton Man of the Year Award" Winner at the time it was just "The Man of the Year Award" prior to 1999 when they changed the name to honor Payton. Odd to see someone get an award for a guy who hadn't yet been in the league (Payton started in '75))
Rookie Die Cut 168 Nathan Enderle RC Bears
All Pros 5 Devin Hester Bears

2013 Upper Deck SPX Football
24 Roman Gabriel NC State (Rams)
die cut 96-21 Roman Gabriel NC State (Rams)

2012 Topps Valor - Field Armor GU FAP-RG (Player Worn) Robert Griffin III RC Redskins 2 color White/Gold w/fine stitching

entry Jul 24 2013, 11:40 AM
Tuesday 23 July 2013
Got 3 cards from sportlots two dealers first the vintage from same seller. These two I had to battle a small bidding war for the football one I thought I might lose (like I had a couple nice '56 Topps Baseball cards that ended up going over $10) but I got this one. Shipping was $2.48 for both a little high. Even though they were in a long PWE they were better protected than some, one was inside a cut album page pocket (neat idea but still not as good as a true toploader) the other was in a cut card saver both plastic containers were taped to a thin cardboard flat rate envelope piece that was folded in half with the cards sandwiched on the inside. A nice idea but not ideal.
1956 Topps Football 30 Les Richter Rams $4.25 (Thought I had this one but I was thinking of another '56 rams card and combining it with another Les Richter card I have)
1961 Topps Baseball 293 Tom Sturdivant Senators $1.75

Then from another seller who shipped a little better in a stiff light cardboard envelope/packet the size of a wedding invitation or med. birthday card a very sweet refractor. I'm not a huge fan of refractors and the first few I saw online and in real-life I didn't like much and tried to avoid them as much as possible. This one though looks real sweet in real-life and is probably one of the best I've seen. Got it for the opening .25 bid + $1.95 shipping (about right for how it was sent)
2012 Bowman Chrome 24 Kirk Nieuwenhuis Mets #045/199

 | Category: Football
entry Jul 22 2013, 08:33 PM
Monday 22 July 2013
Single card from sportlots .25¢ $1.50 shipping.
1997 Topps Football 85 Derrick Alexander Ravens - signed (in person?) black sharpie.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jul 21 2013, 01:06 AM
Saturday 20 July 2013
Got two PWEs from sportlots first one I had to cut open the envelope it was one of those party invitation sized envelopes that was taped both at the top of the envelope to keep it sealed and down the center I guess to help with stability. A real pain in the rear to open though (that one the seller sent a "freebie") the second envelope was OK to open but the 4 cards inside were all in one "card saver" that of course was taped with regular clear tape across the opening, luckily the cards were far enough down in it not to be damaged but no safety was used for them.

Envelope 1:
One bought card and a freebie card as I said the PWE was taped like a large package with tape going both directions real pain to open. The cards shared a toploader (taped at the top but the sportlots small order invoice was a partial safety device.) the card I bought was auctioned at 0.25¢ + $1.95 shipping
1967 Topps Baseball 22 Gene Brabender Orioles
FREEBIE GIFT CARD 1994 Sportflics 2000 Rookie/Traded[/b] SAMPLE 25 Deion Sanders Reds

Envelope 2:
As I said above the PWE was OK to open but the cards were only in a "card saver" that was taped at the opening. Very Dangerous for 2 vintage and two modern cards. All four cards I got for opening bid of .25¢ + $3.40 shipping (Highway Robbery)

1956 Topps Baseball 239 Harry Simpson Kansas City A's
1958 Topps Baseball 398 Gene Woodling Orioles
1987 Topps Baseball 320 Barry Bonds "RC" Pirates
2009 Bowman Draft Prospects Baseball BDP52 Gio Gonzalez A's

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jul 21 2013, 12:50 AM
Monday 15 July 2013
Got my part of the booty from a Baseball Group Break over at TCZ have my usual teams Nationals and Orioles, plus I got some of the random stuff from unclaimed teams (what are the BoSox doing unclaimed?)

2012 Panini Prizm Baseball
16 Jose Bautista Blue Jays
17 Matt Wieters Orioles
30 Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox
33 Adam Jones Orioles
37 Hunter Pence Giants
48 Stephen Strasburg Nationals
59 Roy Halladay Phillies
73 Yadier Molina Cardinals
77 Jim Johnson Orioles
91 Allen Craig Cardinals
94 Chris Sale White Sox
111 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
116 Jed Lowrie Astros
129 Deion Sanders Braves
134 Brooks Robinson Orioles
136 Frank Robinson Orioles
152 Bryce Harper RC Nationals
153 Wei-Yin Chen RC Orioles
157 Wade Miley RC Diamondbacks
174 Steve Lombardozzi RC Nationals
192 Zach McAllister RC Indians
AUTO MR Marc Rzepezynski Cardinals (sneaky on-sticker design) blue sharpie - All ready have a collector in mind to send this one to)
Team MVP MVP30 Bryce Harper Nationals
Rookie Relevance RR2 Bryce Harper Nationals
USA BASEBALL USA4 Stephen Strasburg (Nationals)

2013 Topps Tribute Baseball
6 Carlos Gonzalez Rockies
19 Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox
40 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
41 Ryan Braun Brewers
AUTO TA-AB3 Albert Belle Orioles on card blue sharpie 87/99
Superstar Swatches SS-RZ Ryan Zimmerman Nationals two all-white swatches 79/99

 | Category: Football
entry Jul 21 2013, 12:30 AM
Monday 15 July 2013
Got two packages this post is from the first package, I had bought a bunch of RG3 cards from a fellow member at TCZ this is what I got:

2012 Bowman Football
200 Robert Griffin III RC Redskins
200 Robert Griffin III RC Gold Parallel Redskins
2012 Sage Hit
10 Robert Griffin III Baylor shown in all white unifrom (probably during a practice)
2012 Panini Prestige
230 Robert Griffin III RC Redskins
2012 Score
368(A) Robert Griffin III RC Redskins (in pocket ready to throw)
2012 Topps Football
340 Robert Griffin III RC Redskins
2012 Topps Platinum Football
63 Sam Bradford Rams
120 Robert Griffin III RC Redskins
120 Robert Griffin III RC Redskins Orange Refractor
127 Chris Givens RC Rams
Die Cut PDC-BQ Brian Quick RC Rams
2013 Prestige Football
194 Robert Griffin III Redskins
2013 Score Football
172 Sam Bradford Rams
214 Robert Griffin III Redskins
217 Alfred Morris Redskins
252 Airmail Robert Griffin III Redskins
292 Franchise Sam Bradford Rams
298 Franchise Robert Griffin III Redskins
330 Franchise Alfred Morris Redskins
Hot Rookies 42 Jordan Reed RC Redskins

entry Jul 13 2013, 11:19 PM
Saturday 13 July 13:
From Ebay for a bid of only .99 + $13.07 shipping (the Medium flat rate box it came in had twenty-one .29 stamps on it mostly christmas stamps, only a total of $6.09 but also had an Ebay address label so I don't understand why the stamps?)
Anyway the package contained an almost full, but not quite totally full Mead soft binder with Football, Baseball and Basketball cards. Mostly Baseball and Football. I got it mainly for some of the Redskins, Rams and a few players I wanted like an F.P. Santangelo card I didn't have, a couple of Orioles cards, a Tony Gwynn or two a couple of Cal. Ripkens. Nothing too big in terms of financial value, but quite a few in terms of helping with some of those "junk wax" year sets.

OK grab for $14 bucks.

entry Jul 13 2013, 11:01 PM
Friday 12 July 2013:
Got my current issue of Non-Sport Update Magazine Vol 24. No. 4 Aug/Sep 2013. Standard Four freebee Promo cards:
2013 Cryptozoic: The Women of Legend P1
2013 Cryptozoic: The Big Bang Theory: Season 5 P1
2013 Rittenhouse: TrueBlood: Archives P2 (for Trade/Sale)
2013 Topps: Star Wars Galactic Files 488P Darth Vader Dagobah Spirit

Plus from sportlots I got a solo card: (took a couple of bids) $2.25 + $2.25 shipping.
1973 Topps Basebal 160 Jim Palmer Orioles

 | Category: Non Sports
entry Jul 13 2013, 10:51 PM
Wednesday 10 July 2013:
sportlots got some 1970s Topps Wacky Packages Puzzle Pieces/Checklists all unmarked backs, a couple had some gum staining or other age ware but the puzzle piece fronts are OK. There are 24 cards total that I got for .25 + $2.95 shipping.
1973: Series 1 Puzzle "Gadzooka" Gum 8/9 pieces I'm missing the middle top piece (top row second card) got dupes of some pieces 14 cards total.
1973: Series 2 Puzzle "Sugarmess Gum" 2/9 - 4 cards total 2 each of card 3 top row and card 2 bottom row.
1973: Series 3 Puzzle "Beanball Cards" 5/9 all different no dupes.
Missing: Top Row Card 1 and 3, Middle Row 2nd card, Bottom Row 2nd card
1973/74 Series 5 Puzzle "Big Baddy Gum" 1/9 1 card bottom row card 3. I've got to check what others from this puzzle I have because this was one of the puzzles over the years I've had almost all of, but never seemed to have all of them at the same time.

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