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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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Entries in April 2014
 | Category: Baseball
entry Apr 26 2014, 02:49 PM
On Saturday 26 Apr 2014: I got a single package a kind of big one since it was a hug lot of cards from sportlots for .025¢ +$8 shipping I got a box of aprox. 410 (I counted about 411) Orioles mostly late 80s and early 90s. The oldest ones were from 1981 and the newest one was a 2003. Not many Super Stars but there were a few Eddie Murrays (just one I think with it's dupe), a Cal Ripken (fleer 97?) and a Jim Palmer (K-Mart AS got it already). I haven't sorted to confirm everything yet.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Apr 25 2014, 11:34 PM
On Friday 25 April 2014: Got some goodies two PWEs from ebay (for my Strive for '65 set build) and one PWE from sportlots.

From sportlots got the 1971 Topps Baseball 336 Tigers Team card I was supposed to get (on Monday I had gotten the wrong card from the dealer the item # was off by one number. I will send back the wrong card tomorrow Saturday my first chance to get to the post office) .25¢ +$1.50 shipping

From Ebay first I got 4 cards for $11.45 Free Shipping
1965 Topps Baseball Checklists 2nd - 5th series Card #s 104, 189, 273, 361 all unmarked I had two of them already but marked up (at least on the backs)

Then for $17.00 Free Shipping 1965 Topps Baseball 170 Hank Aaron Braves.

entry Apr 21 2014, 07:34 PM
Got some Sportlots auction stuff and some Ebay ladies.

First the Sportlots stuff.

Oops one dealer goofed he sent me the wrong card (the auction # is off by one nuber) I was supposed to get 1971 Topps 336 Tigers team card .25 +$1.50 postage instead I got 1965 Topps 594 Joe Gaines Astros. Even though I am building this set, I already have this card plus it is possible he had sold the card to someone else. I must return it, it is slightly better condition than my copy but I am honest.

next 4 cards one seller shipping was $4.19
1959 Topps 353 Curt Flood Cardinals .25
1964 Topps 4 AL 1963 Pitching Leaders: Whitey Ford Yankees, Camilo Pascual Twins, Jim Bouton Yankees $3.00
1970 Topps:
61 NL 1969 Batting Leaders: Pete Rose Reds, "Bob" Clemente Pirates, Cleon Jones Mets $3.25
309 - 1969 World Series Game 5 .25

1969 Topps 421 Brooks Robinson AS (puzzle back) .25 +$2.35 shipping

1966 Topps 74 Don Mossi KC Athletics .25 + $1.89

1970 Topps Super 29 Karl Yastrzemski Red Sox .75 + $2.99

Finally Ebay BIN Order 3 cards $2.49 shipping
2011 Topps A&G 165 Jo Frost "Supernanny" .99
2006 Topps A&G 304 Brandi Chastain Womens World Cup $2.00
2007 Topps A&G 272 Mia Hamm Soccer Champion $2.00

 | Category: Baseball
entry Apr 21 2014, 06:13 PM
?I went over 10 days without anything? I guess so. Wait how did I skip this one? On
17 April 2014 : I got a heck of a steal from Ebay to help with my Strive For '65 set build. For $5.95 + $2.00 shipping I got 1965 Topps Baseball card #400Harmon Killebrew Twins I thought I might end up having to pay more for that card before I found that deal.

user posted image

entry Apr 7 2014, 11:32 PM
On Monday 07 Apr 2014: I got two packages.

First package my Box Break Booty from the TCC Hockey Box Break Group. Had my standard Homies the Capitals, then drafted the Canes (Hurricanes) and got one of the extra randomized teams The Sabres.

2013-14 Totally Certified Hockey
230 Zemgus Girgensons RC Sabres

ACK a Redemption: Rookie Autograph Platinum Blue Prime 226 Rasmus Ristolainen Sabres

2012-13 (or is it 11/12) Pinnacle (Bonus card?) One of those weird flat chrome kind of things. An ugly parallel 316 Cory Tropp RC Sabres

2013-14 Prism
10 Cody Hodgson Sabres
14 Eric Staal Hurricanes
15 Jordan Staal Hurricanes (what brothers?)
16 Cam Ward Hurricanes
17 Alexander Semin Caps er Hurricanes
19 Jeff Skinner Hurricanes
20 Tuomo Ruutu Hurricanes
103 Alexander Ovechkin Capitals
212 Mark Pysyk RC Sabres
213 Mikhail Grigorenko RC Sabres
296 Steve Oleksy RC Capitals
297 Tom Wilson RC Capitals
Net Defenders ND-6 Braden Hotlby Capitals

2011-12 Rookie Anthology
18 Thomas Vanik Sabres
38 Alex Ovechkin Capitals
62 Eric Stall Hurricanes
82 Tomas Vokoun Capitals
91 Cam Ward Hurricanes
95 Ryan Miller Sabres
Draft Year Combos: GU 34 Jhonas Enroth Sabres (all Blue "20" cutout) and Semyon Varlamov Capitals (all red "06" cutout)

2011-12 Panini Crown Royale: Rookie Royalty: Auto: die-cut (another bonus?) 223 T.J. Brennan Sabres on-sticker blue sharpie

2013-14 Decade 90s: In The Game: Autograph R-JC Jim Carey Capitals on-card black sharpie

2012 UD Goodwin Champions - A Multi-Sport set. I asked if I could have the unclaimed ones, since many would be other sports or non-sport. This is one of the many zillions of sets I want to build sometime.

8 Steve Wozniak Computers
10 Lawrence Taylor Football
13 Knute Rockne Football
29 Johnny Bench Baseball
30 Alan Bean Astronaut
33 Payne Stewart Golf
34 Troy Aikman Football
41 Alonzo Mourning Basketball
50 Levi Meeuwenberg Free Runner
51 Justin Blackmon Football
56 Bo Jackson Football (and Baseball but they don't mention that)
64 Ned Crotty Lacrosse
66 Annika Sorenstam Golf
77 Trey Hardee Track & Field
92 Jeremy Wariner Track & Field
108 Nolan Ryan Baseball
115 Sarah Bernhardt Actress
118 LaBron James Basketball
122 Ricky Carmichael Motocross
125 Taylor Knox Surfing
135 Dominique Wilkins Basketball
141 Thurman Thomas Football
143 Tim Howard Soccer
145 Pete Rose Baseball
147 Y.E. Yang Golf
157 Kelly Slater Surfing
158 Paul Gauguin Artist
166 Stonewall Jackson General
206 DeeDee Jonrowe Dog Sledding
Military Machines MM25 M48 Patton
98 Maryeve Dufault Auto Racing - regular base? Yellow/Cream border
93 Arnold Palmer Golf - green border Lady Luck back

OH almost forgot about pack 2: Switching to Baseball
From John Miller a blogger (I can't recall his blog just yet: Update: its Johnny's Trading Spot duh) I read many blogs and make many more comments on them and enter many a contest. Well this I think was part of a contest or straight give-away not sure as I found an email I had sent to him mentioning a braves card I was sending his way. UPDATE: I sent one of his wantlist/needs Braves cards his way. Anyway he sent ten Expos/Nationals/Curly W cards. They were in a PWE but in a 3 pocket row cut from a 9 pocket plastic binder sleeve. Not the greatest protection but a clever idea. So here they are Expos first, but in no particular overall order:
1991 U.S. Playing Card Co. - Baseball Major League All-Stars K of Clubs Ivan Calderon Expos
2002 Donruss Fan Club140 Orlando Cabrera Expos
2003 Donruss: Rated Rookie57 Ron Galloway Expos
1992 Donruss 48 Ivan Calderon Expos
1993 The Sporting News: Conlon Collection 682 General Crowder Senators
2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970's
68 Gary Carter Expos
100 Rookie Flashback Gary Carter Expos
2012 Topps Baseball 503 Tyler Clippard Nationals
2013 Topps Baseball 136 Tyler Clippard Nationals
2007 Upper Deck Series 1 463 Ryan Church Nationals

entry Apr 5 2014, 05:08 AM
On Friday 04 April 2014: (My birthday BTW) I got an Ebay package. For $1.99 + $3.50 shipping I got 1973 Topps Baseball NNO Baltimore Orioles Team Checklist in Ex condition UNMARKED. In addition to that the seller included some BONUS Cards:
1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier Baseball:
105 Benny Santiago Padres
106 Pete Schourek Mets
107 Gary Scott Cubs
108 Terry Shumpert Royals
109 Ruben Sierra Rangers
110 Doug Simons Mets
111 Dave Smith Cubs
113 Cory Snyder White Sox
114 Luis Sojo Angels
115 Dave Stewart Athletics
116 Dave Stieb Blue Jays
117 Darryl Strawberry Dodgers
118 Pat Tabler Blue Jays
119 Wade Taylor Yankees
129 Willie Wilson Athletics
132 Checklist (Unmarked) Cards 1-132

Oh plus while I was at the home of my friends who back in July of last year (wow it was that long ago?) I had gotten a small box and 3 binders of cards from when their son collected cards in the mid-1990s (A Collection Acquisition) they gave me two more boxes of cards. I think this might be the last of the collection I've looked at one of the boxes and like the previous haul is a mix of the 4 major sports (Baseball, Football, Basketball and even Hockey this time) plus some multi-sport "Sports Illustrated for Kids" cards and a handful of Superhero cards.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Apr 3 2014, 11:21 PM
On Thursday 03 APR 2014: I got a lone package with a lone card that I should have already had ages ago. From The Bay for $3.95 + $2.25 shipping I got 1968 Topps Baseball 103 Don Sutton Dodgers for my Don Sutton PC

entry Apr 2 2014, 10:43 PM
ON Wednesday 02 Apr 2014: I got two bubble packages.

Package 1:
One card well really paper memorabilia from a card manufacturer. From Ebay for $1.09 + $1.18 shipping I got 1970 Topps Baseball Story Booklet 12 Mike Epstein Senators. It's in OK condition, need to upgrade though the "spine" is partly torn and there is a crease in the back page.

Package 2: A trade package from Troy at TCZ
I had sent some Cincy Reds and Bay Rays his way and he sent a dozen roses er real perty cards:

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball: Black Framed 93 Frank Robinson Orioles
2009 Topps Allen & Ginters 64 Jordan Zimmermann Nationals
2011 Topps Heritage Baseball: Clubhouse Collection GU Memorbilia Relic CCR-JW1 (or is it "I"?) Josh Willingham Nationals Bat
2011 Bowman Platinum Baseball Auto BPP60 Drew Vettleson Rays - black sharpie on-card
2011 Topps Baseball: Diamond Anniversary Parallel 183 Stephen Strasburg Nationals
2013 Pinnacle Baseball 141 Bryce Harper Nationals
2013 Topps Tier One: On The Rise Autographs ORA-DS Drew Storen Nationals blue sharpie on card 248/299
2013 Topps Archives Baseball 26 Jayson Werth Nationals

2010 Panini Crown Royale All-Pros 4 Chris Cooley Redskins
2010 Panini Crown Royale Majestic 32 Sammy Baugh Redskins
2012 Sage Hit: Authentic Autographs A2 Chris Givens Rams Blue Sharpie (tricky sneaky "on-sticker" Auto. Very well done looks like its on card.)
2013 Sage Hit Authentic Autographs A135 Brandon Jenkins Redskins Blue Sharpie (another tricky dicky sneaky sticker)

 | Category: Baseball
entry Apr 1 2014, 09:25 PM
On Tuesday 01 APR 2014: One card one envelope mailday. From Ebay $5.00 Free Shipping: 1973 Topps Baseball: NNO Montreal Expos Team Checklist (blue border) Unmarked.


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