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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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Entries in December 2012
entry Dec 31 2012, 07:25 PM
Monday 31 Dec 2012 The last day of the year. I got some cards from a sportlots seller and an ebay seller.

First the sportlots were all BASEBALL 1 seller shipping was $4.50 (wow pretty high for 4 cards but they were in a bubble mailer)
1962 Topps
125 Gene Woodling Senators 25
163 Hot Corner Guardians Billy Gardner and Cletis Boyer Yankees 25
172 Fred Hutchinson MGR Reds $1.25
1963 Topps 107 Jim Hickman Mets 25

Then from Ebay I got a couple of Sketch Cards from the artist both signed on back and serial numbered to 25. FREE Shipping $9.95 each Total $19.90 Artist/seller is David Coalburn
One is a full face portrait of Pauley Perrette Abby from NCIS #d 2/25
The other an upper torso head & shoulders portrait of Linda Carter as Wonder Woman #d 1/25

 | Category: Baseball
entry Dec 27 2012, 10:32 PM
Today Thursday 27 December 2012 I got some vintage stuff (and some of it looks it) from Ebay for $7.99 + $4.15 shipping

It was mostly for the Senators pictures (4.25x7) that look like they came from a magazine? yearbook maybe? Very yellowed and all have pushpin or staple holes. they are from 1970 (since there is Aurelio Rodriguez and it looks like he was only a Senator in 1970):
Dick Bosman
Ed Brinkman
Paul Casanova
Joe Coleman
Mike Epstein
Frank Howard (main reason I picked up this lot)
Aurelio Rodriguez
Ed Stroud

1970 Topps Scratch Off Inserts none of them have the back scorecard written on but one of them has a square on the inside scratched off. These even have some pin holes someone must have had a bulletin cork board.
Luis Aparicio White Sox
Sam McDowell Indians
Claude Osteen Dodgers
Willie Stargell Pirates (on inside second square top row scratched off to reveal "Double Play")

Then two 1970 Topps Story Booklets
8 Tony Oliva Twins
18 Rusty Staub Expos - Only the "cover" page missing the inside page (pages 3-6) I might have to use it as some kind of decoration or find a huge Rusty Staub collector who doesn't really care its incomplete.

 | Category: Non Sports
entry Dec 26 2012, 09:47 PM
Got some Ebay stuff two sets of Non-Sport Cards from one Dealer. FREE SHIPPING. One of the sets is pretty rare and I spent a bit more than I really wanted but a lot less than I've seen it go for and the other is sort of plain in all sorts of ways.

First the not so exciting one unless you are into Oddball Marvel Comics from the 1970s/80s 1988 Topps Howard The Duck Card/Sticker set. 77 cards 22 stickers plus the wrapper for $14.00 - cards were originally packaged 9 cards + 1 sticker per pack w/ 1 stick of bubble gum

The other rare set hard to find completely full is 1979 (often listed as 1977 but copyright on cards is '79) Donruss CHiPS cards/stickers 60 numbered cards/stickers + 6 unnumbered stickers plus the wrapper for $50.00. I 've seen incomplete sets go for that or more. Usually the unnumbered stickers are missing or only 4 or 5 at most are listed. I don't know what makes this set soooooo rare and hard to find. Originally packaged 4 stickers per pack plus 1 stick bubble gum. The wrapper had a surprise. It was taped shut with a bit of masking tape to hold it together, I carefully removed the bad masking tape and it's residue (it was still OK hadn't been on there for too many years) and inside I was expecting maybe a blank piece of cardboard or maybe a forgotten "Chips" sticker nope it was a Superman Series II card #92 "The Family of Jor-El on Krypton" with top to bottom offcentering the copyright line is almost chopped off and the #92 is only about the top 2/3 of the number so any farther off and the number would be unreadable. I forget if I have that card or not I have some of the Superman Series II (second series of cards from first Christopher Reeve Movie) cards.

entry Dec 18 2012, 11:07 PM
got my part of Abel's (5toosweet) Baseball Group Box Break from about a month ago. My teams as usual were Nationals and Orioles I forget what the drafted teams I had were. (White Sox and Blue Jays maybe?) Abel included one of the 2012 Topps Baseball Chrome Wrappers that has Bryce Harper on it (I think I had asked for one if he could remember it) anyway here is the goodies in no particular order except maybe BV.

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball: (sheesh the Chrome is really warped this year)
27 Mark Reynolds O's
50 Joe Mauer Twins
62 Michael Morse Nats
78 Jayson Werth Nats
87 Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox
189 Xavier Avery RC O's
193 Drew Hutchison RC Blue Jays
196 Bryce Harper RC Nats
202 Chris Davis O's

2012 Topps Finest Baseball:
33 Steve Lombardozzi Jr. RC Nats (2) [Plus a few weeks back I had bought one of these from sportscarddirect.com
73 Bryce Harper RC Nats
74 Tsuyoshi Wada RC O's
86 Addison Reed RC White Sox

2011 Panini Limited Baseball (copymarked 2012)
Draft Hits 6 Matt Barnes Red Sox on card Auto Blue Sharpie #d 128/148
Prospects 26 Adam Davis O's on sticker Auto Blue Sharpie #d 502/820

2012 Topps Triple Threads Baseball:
33 Ryan Zimmerman Nats Base
33 Ryan Zimmerman Nats Sepia #d 281/625
Future Phenoms 109 Drew Storen Nats on card Auto Blue Sharpie plus triple GU All Gray Says "P W (Nationals Curly "W") 22" #d 25/99 Cool card but poor choice in GU "Word"

Oh I also got an Ebay card for $1.78 + Free Shipping 2012 Topps Football QB Immortals QI-SJ Sonny Jurgensen Redskins

entry Dec 18 2012, 12:08 AM
Got some Ebay and got some sportlots OK first the Sportlots.

1957 Topps Baseball (both from same seller)
11 George Zuverink Orioles 25
101 Chuck Stobbs Senators 25 + $2.00 shipping
1961 Topps Baseball343 Earl Robinson RC Orioles 25 +$1.59 shipping
Next 3 from same seller
1972 Kellogg's Baseball 24 Glenn Beckert 25
1972 Topps Baseball 52 Harmon Killebrew Twins IA 25
1974 Kellogg's Baseball 21 Ted Simmons Cardinals $1.25
Shipping was $2.65

Next my Ebay two auctions.
Lot of 10 2010 Topps Baseball Million Card Giveaway Code Cards
TMC14, TMC21, TMC22, TMC23, TMC24, TMC26, TMC27, TMC28, TMC29, TMC30
(I need numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25 + dupes or more of each I have a plan for a project) Got those 10 cards for $2.99 Free Shipping.

Then I got a set of 9 Promo cards 2001 Rittenhouse Black Scorpion (TV series) - P1-P9 for $12.00 + $2.00 Shipping

entry Dec 15 2012, 11:37 PM
Saturday 15 Dec 2012 I got a bunch of Ebay stuff including the mystery package I had gotten the orange/pink slip for a couple of days ago. That package was from sportlots I'll mention last since it had the most more or less.

ON with what I got Starting with all the Ebay stuff (which is most of it):

1981 Fleer Here's Bo Set full variation set Base set of 72 cards plus back variation cards for a total of 198 cards $26.99 + $9.00 shipping.

Whitman Cards "Who Is The Thief?" Card Game 44 game cards 1 instruction card/cover card. Copyright is 1966 I'm not sure the year of this set but it is an early one because the cover card doesn't say "45 Card Deck" or "Rule Card Included" like later sets do. Got it for $6.99 + $3.00 shipping. This card game tends to go quickly when on Ebay it took me a few times looking for it and watching it to finally snag a one.

Got a lot of 1961 Topps Baseball All Cubs for $14.99 + $3.00 Shipping They are:
12 Moe Thacker
27 Jerry Kindall
43 National League 1960 Home Run Leaders: Ernie Banks Cubs, Hank Aaron Milwaukee Braves, Eddie Mathews Braves, Ken Boyer Cardinals
58 Joe Schaffernoth
107 Seth Morehead
122 Chicago Cubs Team Card
169 Don Elston
196 Ed Bouchee
214 Danny Murphy RC
231 Dick Drott
253 Sammy Taylor
264 Glen Hobbie
283 Bob Anderson
302 Al Heist
317 Jim Brewer RC
364 Moe Drabowsky
382 Frank Thomas
427 Dick Ellsworth
441 Dick Bertell RC

2012 Bowman Baseball (3 cards from one seller $1.00 each + $2.25 shipping for all three Total: $5.25)
54 Jordan Zimmermann Nationals Blue Border #d 082/500
140 Michael Morse Nationals Orange Border #d 026/250
185 Jayson Werth Nationals Orange Border #d 059/250

Then the mystery package was from sportlots a 79 card lot (seller said 76 in auction) of Orioles Only for $1.25 + $3.95 postage shipped in a box with bubble wrap and a couple of those "air pillow" bags. The Years range from 1976 - 2010. This is long but here they are:

1976 Topps 257 Ross Grimsley
1978 Topps:
341 Mike Flanagan (2)
691 Ross Grimsley
1979 Topps: 160 Mike Flanagan (2)
1981 Fleer 178 Earl Weaver MGR
1982 Fleer 174 Eddie Murray
1982 Topps 1981 Runs Batted In Leaders: Mike Schmidt Phillies/Eddie Murray O's
1983 Fleer:
73 Ken Singleton
74 Sammy Stewart
75 Tim Stoddard
1983 Topps 631 Tippy Martinez
1984 Topps 165 Ken Singleton
1985 Donruss 47 Eddie Murray
1986 Sportflics 169 The Big Six: The Best of the Best w/Eddie Murray
1986 Topps
226 Lee Lacy
494 Gary Roenicke
753 Dan Ford
1987 Donruss 48 Eddie Murray
1987 Topps:
120 Eddie Murray
426 Floyd Rayford
484 Jim Traber
1988 Donruss:
Diamond Kings 26 Cal Ripken Jr.
625 Ripken Baseball Family
1988 Score:
200 Bill Ripken
501 Salute to Reggie Jackson 1976 Orioles (3)
1989 Topps:
161 Gregg Olson #1 Draft Pick
297 Oswald Peraza
497 Pete Stanicek
521 Mickey Tettleton
546 Mark Williamson
625 Eddie Murray
705 Terry Kennedy
1989 Upper Deck
275 Eddie Murray
651 Oswald Peraza
1990 Bowman 250 Chris Myers
1990 Pacific Baseball Legends 102 Brooks Robinson
1990 Score 339 Steve Finley
1990 Upper Deck: 184 Billy Ripken
1991 Bowman 97 Mike Mussina
1991 Fleer 485 John Mitchell
1991 Upper Deck:
703 Jose Mesa
745 Luis Mercedes
1992 Classic Best 146 Brad Seitzer Frederick Keys
1992 Donruss
558 Chito Martinez
600 Jimmy Poole
1992 Fleer:
27 David Segui
663 Prospects Mike Linskey
1993 Fleer Ultra 147 Jeff Tackett
1994 Score 475 Mark McLemore
1994 Team Stadium Club:
288 Chris Hoiles
292 Jack Voigt
296 Alex Ochoa
298 Tim Hulett
1994 Upper Deck 505 Lee Smith
1996 Donruss 115 Eddie Murray
1996 Topps:
Now Appearing 354 Jimmy Haynes RC
53 Arthur Rhodes
375 Mike Mussina
1997 Donruss Elite 25 Eddie Murray
1997 Topps: Highlights 462 Eddie Murray 500th Home Run
1999 Bowman 170 Gabe Molina
1999 Fleer Skybox 262 Calvin Pickering
2001 Topps Traded
T230 Octavio Martinez
T246 Ed Rogers
T255 Beau Hale
T264 Chris Smith
2002 Bowman 417 Rich Stahl
2005 Bowman 23 Rafael Palmeiro
2005 Topps Updates & Highlights UH183 Brain Roberts AS
2007 Bowman Heritage 113 Melvin Mora
2007 Turkey Red 6 Corey Patterson
2008 Bowman 171 Jeremy Guthrie
2009 Topps Toppstown TTT11 Nick Markakis
2010 Topps Heritage:
62 Nick Markakis
85 Jeremy Guthrie

entry Dec 15 2012, 08:03 PM
Got a big mix of stuff some Ebay some sportlots and one generous Out of the blue thang.

OK so yesterday Friday 14 Dec 2012 I got the following:

From EBAY for $8.99 Free Shipping:
Three Promo cards from Inkworks:
2005 Charmed Conversations P-1
2006 Charmed Destiny P-1
2007 Charmed Forever P-1

From Sportlots I got a 1977 Topps Baseball 144 Bruce Sutter RC Cubs ($1.25 + $1.65 shipping)

Then from sportscarddirect I got 2 Allen & Ginters Minis
2008 A&G Black Border Mini 321 Willie Mo Pena Nationals ($2.50)
2012 A&G Mini 336 Gio Gonzalez Nationals ($1.00)
Shipping for the two was $2.50 Grand Total was $6.00

Then out of the blue about a week ago I had gotten an email from a guy named David who had seen my Blogger blog noticed I collect mascot cards and asked me if I wanted a bunch of mascot stuff for free nothing to send in return I didn't even have to reimburse for shipping (actual shipping on package is $5.50) so I told him yes and waited Here is what I got:

A kids storybook "Clutch's When I Grow Up..." Clutch is the Mascot Bear for the Houston Rockets (NBA)

An 8.5x11 2011 Chicago White Sox Kids Club Membership Certificate w/ Southpaw the box for the kids name is blank (thank goodness)

8.5x11 flyer? of Toro the Bull Mascot of the Houston Texans NFL not sure of the year but this was personally signed "To David Go Texans! - Toro #1" in black sharpie (he wears number 1)

8x10 color pic of Rebel the Bear Ole Miss College Football signed "Rebel #1" again jersey number 1

7x10 flyer Jaxson De Ville mascot for the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL

6x10 flyer from Stuff the Orlando Magic Dragon Mascot (2) both signed "Stuff" in a fancy script using the two "Fs" to make a character face of "Stuff" in blue sharpie

5.5x8.5 pic Big Al the University of Alabama Elephant Mascot signed "Roll Tide! Your Pa, Big Al" in black sharpie

5.5x8.5 flyer (very thin like magazine paper) Roary Detroit Lions Mascot signed "Roary #1" in silver ink

5.5x8.5 flyer Zippy The Kangaroo Mascot for The University of Akron apparently he had won the "Mascot of the Year" Award in 2007. It is signed "Zippy" in black sharpie.

5x7 postcard/flyer of Stomper the Oakland A's Elephant Mascot MLB signed Stomper #00" in blue sharpie

6x6 card Rascal The Raccoon Mascot of the Allen Wranglers (will become the Texas Revolution for 2013) Professional Indoor Football team with the IFL (Indoor Football League). It is signed "Rascal #00" in Black sharpie

5x7 2007 flyer/card of Freddie Falcon Atlanta Falcons NFL signed Freddie Falcon #00" black sharpie

5x7 postcard/flyer of Viktor Viking Minnesota Vikings NFL (3) all signed "Viktor 2 in Silver and one in purple sharpie

4.25x6 postcard of The Oriole Bird Baltimore Orioles MLB (2) one signed "To David, The Bird" in black sharpie.

4x6 postcard/schedule of Rascal the Harrisburg Senators mascot Minor League Baseball affiliated with Washington Nationals (2) both signed one says "Go Sens Rascal" in black sharpie the other Sens R #1 Rascal" in black sharpie some of the "Ss" are backwards including the one in his name.

4.25x5.5 postcard Poe the Raven Baltimore Ravens NFL (2)

that was the oddball stuff there was a small plastic box of cards:

business card from Wolfie Official Mascot of The Stoney Brook University Seawolves
2011 Business size postcard Vote for Benny Capital One 2011 Mascot Challenge Benny The Beaver is the mascot for Oregon State University
1991 Collegiate Collection 4 Cocky The Gamecock University of South Carolina signed in silver "Cocky #00 2011"
2012? (no date) Swoop Mascot of the South Bend Silver Hawks Minor League affiliate Arizona Diamondbacks
1 MIdMichigan Health Lou E. Loon Great Lake Loons Minor League Affiliate Los Angeles Dodgers
NoYear Grandstand Lowell Spinners Canaligator Mascot Minor League Affiliate Boston Red Sox
Uncle Bob's Self Storage Homer the Polecat Huntsville Stars affiliate Milwaukee Brewers
Uncle Bob's Self Storage Buster T. Bison Buffalo Bisons affiliate was New York Mets will be Toronto Blue Jays 2013.
2008 Grandstand 66 Bernie Inland Empire 66ers Minor League affiliate Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
2008 Choice Sportscards 28 Gem Dayton Dragons affiliate Cincinnati Reds
2009 Grandstand Homer Huntsville Stars affiliate Boston Red Sox
2010 UD Dasani SS-1 Slapshot Mascot Washington Capitals NHL
2010 Choice Sportscards 23 Heater Dayton Dragons Affiliate Cincinnati Reds
2010 Grandstand Keyote Frederick Keys affiliate Baltimore Orioles signed "Keyote" black sharpie
2011 MultiAd Sports 00 Dinger Mascot Sacramento River Cats Minor League affiliate Oakland Athletics signed "Dinger #00" black sharpie
2011 MultiAd Sports Guilford the Grasshopper Mascot Greensboro Grasshoppers minor league affiliate Miami Marlins
2011 Choice Sportscards 01 Ruby Oklahoma City Redhawks affiliate Houston Astros
2011 Choice Sportscards 02 Cooper Oklahoma City Redhawks affiliate Houston Astros

Plus he included an unopened pack of 1992 Topps Home Alone 2: Lost in New York cards 8 cards/1 sticker has a pink dot sticker on it that says 34 and 50

entry Dec 13 2012, 10:24 PM
Got a mystery that will be solved on Saturday when I pick up my packages that are waiting. Today Thursday 13 Dec 12 I got one of those package pink slips to go with the other 2 I have gotten this week. The other two I know what they are because one is from the MLB Club and the other has a tracking number for one of my Ebay purchases. This one however only has a name I don't recognize and doesn't give the tracking number. I thought it might be some Mascot stuff that somebody is sending me who found me via my regular blog, but the initial doesn't match. It still might be but I'm just not sure.

entry Dec 13 2012, 01:46 AM
Wednesday 12 Dec 12 got 12 no got 3 packages 2 Ebay and 1 sportlots (with 3 auctions 1 dealer).

First the sportlots was all baseball and had 3 auctions from 1 dealer the bulk was some assorted checklists from 1983-2004 with some duplicates 59 all together. The other two auctions were;

1964 Topps Baseball 378 1964 Rookie Stars Braves Woody Woodward and Jack Smith

1972 Topps Baseball
22 Rob Gardner Yankees (think I already had it)
263 Felipi Alou Yankees (reason I bid on this auction of Yankees cards)
492 Boyhood Photos of The Stars Young Mel Stottlemyre Yankees

1981 Topps Baseball
281 Fred Stanley Yankees
303 Johnny Oates Yankees
335 Rick Cerone Yankees

Now the Ebay Stuff

1992 Lime Rock International Pro Cheerleaders Promo cards
P1 Amy Merriman-Lemon Cowboys Cheerleaders
P2 Lori Angela Carroll Saints Saintsations
P3 Kimiko Tanaka Raiders Raiderettes
P4 Mary McCleary Dolphins Cheerleaders

2012 Topps Baseball Series 1 and 2 Nationals Team Set(s) 19 cards total
12 Wilson Ramos
40 Tom Milone RC
75 Jordan Zimmermann
131 Ian Desmond
134 Stephen Lombardozzi RC
165 Michael Morse
186 John Lannan
204 Tom Gorzelanny
275 Brad Peacock RC
285 Drew Storen
295 Jayson Werth
333 Roger Bernadina
340 Adam LaRoche
359 Danny Espinosa (small Topps All-Star Rookie Cup)
386 Ryan Zimmerman
440 Chien-Ming Wan
503 Tyler Clippard
519 Gio Gonzalez
556 Stephen Strasburg

 | Category: Baseball
entry Dec 11 2012, 10:35 PM
Today Tuesday 11 Dec 2012 Got two Ebay packages. First was from the 2012 Topps Update The Nationals Team set $4.99 + $2.50 Shipping
US11 Rick Ankiel
US60 Edwin Jackson
US183 Bryce Harper RC (Got it)
US184 Stephen Strasburg AS
US208 Tyler Moore RC
US227 Mark DeRosa
US230 Xavier Nady
US296 Henry Rodriguez
US299 Bryce Harper AS
US312 Craig Stammen
US315 Ross Detwiler
US326 Gio Gonzalez AS

Then I got an AP Wirephoto from 25 August 1961 of Detroit Tigers Jake Wood stealing 2nd base moments after the ball bounced off his helmet Washington Senators 2nd baseman Chuck Cuttier had no play but had dived onto 2nd for the ball. Detroit won the game 6-0. Got the photo for $4.99 + $1.50 Shipping.

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