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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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Entries in November 2012
 | Category: Baseball
entry Nov 30 2012, 10:49 PM
Yeah! My Ebay order of Five 1962 Post Cereal Washington Senators came: All of them are in very nice shape with excellent straight edges. Got them for $8.44 +$3.95 shipping.

65 Dale Long
66 Chuck Cottier
67 Billy Klaus
71 Gene Woodling
72 Gene Green

 | Category: Baseball
entry Nov 30 2012, 12:48 AM
A few months back, probably even as far back as this time last year, I had gotten a blaster from Target of 2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball (There might be a blog entry for purchasing it along with another blaster or two but I don't have the time or the desire to hunt for it.) Anyway I finally busted it late last night Wednesday 28 November 2012 here is the video:

Ustream Video Part 1:
Ustream Video Part 2:
For some reason Ustream desided to break the video in two parts? I don't recall telling it to do that *sigh*. It also leaves out 2 cards at the point I was talking about the parallel I was talking about.

OK so here is the Pack by Pack breakdown:

Pack 1:
66 Brett Anderson A's
29 Jonathan Papelbon Red Sox
96 James Shields Rays
PFP-2 Presidential First Pitch Harry Truman 20 April 1921
151 Adam Wainwright Cardinals
136 Gaby Sanchez Marlins
210 Drew Stubbs Reds

Pack 2:
18 Justin Upton Diamondbacks
8 Hanley Ramirez Marlins
86 Stephen Strasburg Nationals
117 Tyler Colvin Cubs Blue Wal-Mart Parallel #d/2011
M-23 Mascot: Rangers Captain Rangers

200 Robinson Cano Yankees
191 Corey Hart Brewers

Pack 3:
77 Koji Uehara Orioles
124 Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
51 Ben Revere Twins
TTOD-9 Topps Town Opening Day Jered Weaver Angels
172 Jorge Posada Yankees
164 Grady Sizemore Indians
144 Brett Gardner Yankees

Pack 4:
113 Wandy Rodriguez Astros
40 CC Sabathia Yankees
105 Roy Oswalt Phillies
SC-4 Superstar Celebrations Jay Bruce Reds
159 Dan Uggla Braves
150 Matt Cain Giants
170 Logan Morrison Marlins

Pack 5:
30 Alex Rodriguez Yankees
97 Mike Napoli Angels
20 Mariano Rivera Yankees
10 of 10 Spot The Error Derek Jeter Yankees (have no idea what the "error" is on this one.. Wait after about 5-10 minutes and looking at the thing 100 times I found it. Miscut cards might chop the error off completely)
179 Prince Fielder Brewers
194 Delmon Young Twins
212 Vernon Wells Blue Jays

Pack 6:
133 Alex Rios White Sox
117 Tyler Colvin Cubs
44 Omar Infante Marlins
PFP-1 Presidential First Pitch Barack Obama 14 July 2009
17 Ryan Dempster Cubs
203 Neftali Feliz Rangers
127 Nick Swisher Yankees

Pack 7:
112 Andre Ethier Dodgers
38 Mike Stanton Marlins
101 Brian Wilson Giants Blue Wal-Mart Parallel #d/2011
SC-18 Superstar Celebrations Derek Jeter Yankees
135 David Ortiz Red Sox
19 Carlos Marmol Cubs
5 David Wright Mets

Pack 8:
25 Johan Santana Mets
101 Brian Wilson Giants
109 Mark Buehrle White Sox
TTOD-13 Topps Town Opening Day Ian Desmond Nationals
130 Justin Morneau Twins
60 Aroldis Chapman Reds
22 Hunter Pence Astros

Pack 9:
12 Neil Walker Pirates
6 Aramis Ramirez Cubs
M-15 Mascot: Mr. Met Mets
ODS-3 Opening Day Stars Alex Rodriguez Yankees 3-D Lenticolor effect

219 Matt Garza Rays
39 Kurt Suzuki A's
88 Carl Pavano Twins

Pack 10:
85 Carlos Santana Indians
75 Buster Posey Giants
125 Adam Dunn White Sox
9 of 10 Spot The Error Buster Posey Giants (another hard to find thing that drives you batty I almost didn't find it)
59 Russell Martin Yankees
184 Austin Jackson Tigers
196 Brian Roberts Orioles

Pack 11:
52 Placido Polanco Phillies
115 Starlin Castro Cubs
42 Greg Halman Mariners
SC-9 Superstar Celebrations Nick Markakis Orioles
UL-3 Under The Lights: Stadium Lights Robinson Cano Yankees

215 Mark Teixeira Yankees
139 Michael Young Rangers

 | Category: Baseball
entry Nov 29 2012, 09:36 PM
Got sportlots stuff from one seller 4 different auctions here is the haul

1956 Topps Baseball23 Freddie Marsh Orioles (fought tooth and nail for it got it for $4.25)

1958 Topps Baseball (3 auctions two 5 card lots and one 3 card lot)
169 Ralph Terry Kansas City A's
185 Ray Boone Tigers
191 Art Ceccarelli Orioles
192 Milt Graff Kansas City A's
198 Bill Virdon Pirates
200 Bob Keegan White Sox
201 Jim Bolger Cubs
206 Bob Shaw Tigers
208 Cal McLish Indians
210 Wally Moon Cardinals
478 Johnny Temple Reds NL AS
489 Jackie Jensen Red Sox AL AS
493 Bob Turley Yankees AL AS

entry Nov 28 2012, 09:53 PM
Got a sportlots card 1951 Bowman Baseball 20 Del Crandall Boston Braves ($2.25 + #2.25 shipping)

Then from Ebay got the base set of 2001 Cards Inc. Captain Scarlet 72 cards total $9.99 + $3.45 shipping

 | Category: Baseball
entry Nov 25 2012, 03:49 AM
Got a Blaster from Target (several months back) of 2011 Topps Heritage Baseball (video) so here is the Pack by Pack call.

Pack 1
93 Nick Swisher Yankees
531 Twin Terrors Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer
17 Jason Werth Nationals
238 Ichiro Mariners
Topps Stamps Casey McGehee Brewers and Derrek Lee Braves 16/62
279 Bengie Molina Rangers
244 Lars Anderson Red Sox RC
179 Mat Latos Padres
234 2010 World Series Game 3 Rangers Retaliate

Pack 2
68 Travis Snider Blue Jays
154 Brennan Boesch Tigers
189 Heath Bell Padres
107 Madison Bumgarner Giants
C30 Chrome - Clay Buchholz Red Sox 1405/1962
80 Jay Bruce Reds
342 Zack Greinke Brewers
209 Andrew Romine Angels RC
153 Marco Scutaro Red Sox

Pack 3
120 Bronson Arroyo Reds
359 Carlos Zambrano Cubs
147 Joakim Soria Royals
122 Trevor Cahill Athletics
493 Rookie Parade Pitchers: Josh Tomlin Indians, Jeanmar Gomez Indians, Felix Doubront Red Sox, Jake Arrieta Orioles, Andy Oliver Tigers
12 Brad Mills MGR Astros
311 Derek Jeter Yankees Jeter makes the Double Play
128 Joel Pineiro Angels
242 Manny Acta MGR Indians

Pack 4
52 NL Batting Leaders: Carlos Gonzalez Rockies, Joey Votto Reds, Omar Infante Braves, Troy Tulowitzki Rockies
410 Juan Pierre White Sox
94 R.A. Dickey Mets
372 Jaime Garcia Cardinals
BF-6 Baseball Flashbacks Whitey Ford Yankees
106 Yadier Molina Cardinals
374 Russell Branyan Mariners
96 Jered Weaver Angels
388 Rafael Soriano Yankees

Pack 5
325 Alexei Ramirez White Sox
248 Chris Johnson Astros
367 Dan Uggla Braves
TN-3 Then and Now Frank Robinson Reds and Josh Hamilton Rangers
126 James Shields Rays
382 Casey McGehee Mariners
169 Curtis Granderson Yankees
20 Johnny Damon Rays
275 Billy Butler Royals

Pack 6
298 Jason Kubel Twins
39 Erick Aybar Angels
282 Aaron Harang Padres
235 2010 World Series Game 4 Bumgarner Baffles Bats
485 Matt Garza Cubs
420 Miguel Montero Diamondbacks
198 Tony La Russa MGR Cardinals
4 Ben Zobrist Rays
254 Chris Carter Athletics

Pack 7
130 Omar Infante Marlins
363 Nick Hundley Padres
165 Adam Jones Orioles
213 Angel Pagan Mets
65 Robinson Cano Yankees
CCAR-SC Clubhouse Collection Auto Relic Starlin Castro Cubs all Gray GU and Black Sharpie On Card Auto 11/25
211 Midway Masters Elvis Andrus and Ian Kinsler Rangers
205 Scott Rolen Reds

Pack 8
203 Kevin Millwood Orioles
419 Wandy Rodriguez Astros
228 Marlon Byrd Cubs
206 Washington Nationals Team Card
33 Barry Zito Giants
463 Bob Green MGR Athletics
161 Bobby Jenks Red Sox
409 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Card
15 Fausto Carmona Indians
5of6 Checklist Cards 351-443

entry Nov 23 2012, 04:34 PM
OK got my goodies from the Hockey Break I had Caps and drafted the Kings then I got a couple of small packages one from a sportlots auction and my first auction win from listia.com

OK first let me get the Hockey break out of the way this is the biggest of the 3.

2010-11 Pinnacle Hockey
1 Nicklas Backstrom Capitals
7 Alex Ovechkin Capitals (2)

2012-13 Panini Certified
23 Dustin Brown Kings
52 Mike Greeen Capitals
74 John Carlson Capitals
75 Nicklas Backstrom Capitals

2010-11 Panini Zenith Hockey
9 Dustin Brown Kings
11 Nicklas Backstrom Capitals
16 Jonathan Quick Kings (2)
62 Anze Kopitar Kings

2006-07 UD Parkhurst
35 Kelly Hrudey Kings
40 Dale Hunter Capitals
48 Marcel Dionne Kings
73 Marty McSorley Kings
76 Barry Melrose Coach Kings
82 Bernie Nicholls Kings
231 Enforcers Dale Hunter Capitals 2181/3999
76 Barry Melrose Coach Kings AUTO blue sharpie on card

2010-11 Panini Luxury Suite 21 Rick Nash Blue Jackets (random unclaimed team) GU Jersey all black 485/599 (apparently it is a "base" card)

2009-10 Upper Deck Trilogy: Honorary Swatches HS-RO Luc Robitaille Kings dual swatch both all purple

now for the sportlots auction:
Three cards from: (I had at least 2 maybe all 3 not 100% sure as I'm still organizing and getting stuff Zistled. Plus one time I got a Team set of Senators from Ebay but it was only about 1/2 of the full team from '64)
1964 Topps Baseball
134 Don Zimmer Senators
397 Chuck Cottier Senators
445 Bill Skowron Senators

Then my first auction win from listia.com I got for only 1 credit plus $2.99 shipping
2000 Topps Football: Season Highlights 321 Kurt Warner Rams

The dealer sent a "bonus" card a Baseball card (I bought football and he sends baseball sheesh)
1997 Pinnacle Score Baseball 156 Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners

 | Category: Non Sports
entry Nov 21 2012, 10:50 PM
From Ebay I got the 12 card set of the 1995 Fleer/SkyBox Batman & Robin The Animated Series Pop-ups I got it on sale for $4 bucks from $10 w/ $3 shipping. I already had two of them Catwoman and Batgirl so I have dupes of those two I might "pop" one of them to see the stand-up thing. I once saw another ebay auction for the set that showed them all opened. These appear to be unopened like my original two. Anyway they are numbered P1 - P12 and the list is as follows:

P1 - Batman
P2 - Robin
P3 - Batgirl
P4 - The Joker
P5 - Poison Ivy
P6 - Mr. Freeze
P7 - The Penguin
P8 - Clayface
P9 - The Riddler
P10 - Harley Quinn
P11 - Catwoman
P12 - Two-Face

Plus the dealer sent some bonus cards, they did it the smart way and sent some similar cards. Some dealers send cards that are totally unrelated and are obviously just sent as filler cards so the dealer can get rid of junk. These were also comic superhero related cards and were also Batman related:

1995 Fleer/Skybox Batman Master Series: Master Villains Chase Subset 2 of 10 Two-Face

1995 Fleer Batman Forever Metal
62 Double Kings - The Riddler and Two-Face
67 Robin
91 Gothem's Best - Robin

 | Category: Baseball
entry Nov 19 2012, 09:28 PM
Today Monday 19 Nov 2012: Sportlots got two Mr. Cubbie from one seller shipping was $3.75
1962 Topps Baseball 25 Ernie Banks Cubs $4.25
1969 Topps Baseball 20 Ernie Banks Cubs $3.75

 | Category: Baseball
entry Nov 17 2012, 06:39 PM
Today Saturday 17 Nov I got two sport lots packages. Here are the goodies. Some of them I already have of course.

1971 Topps Baseball
29 Don Buford Orioles
31 Eddie Kasko Red Sox MGR
33 Del Unser Senators
46 Dave Campbell Padres
48 Dave Baldwin Brewers
49 Don Money Phillies
246 Tony Taylor Phillies
263 John Ellis Yankees
281 Danny Walton Brewers
358 Danny Carter Yankees
360 Jim Fregosi Angels
362 1971 Rookie Stars Orioles: Mike Adamson and Roger Freed (2)
382 Jake Gibbs Yankees
387 Ron Herbel Braves
388 Al Oliver Pirates
391 1971 Rookie Stars Twins: Steve Brye and Cotton Nash
393 Merv Rettenmound Orioles
401 Tom Murphy Angels (2)
409 Don Pavletich Red Sox (2)
413 Pat Kelly White Sox
418 Adolfo Phillips Expos (2)
422 Frank Bertaina Cards
434 Gary Sutherland Expos
451 Joe Keough Royals
453 Terry Crowley Orioles
461 Jim Hart Giants

1974 Topps Baseball
22 Cy Acosta White Sox
91 Ken Forsch Astros
161 Ray Burris Cubs (UnCorrected Error card number on back is sideways)
168 Danny Thompson Twins
182 Lindy McDaniel Yankees
214 Billy Grabarkewitz Phillies
2236 Red Schoendienst MGR Cardinals
246 Oakland A's Team Card
247 Rick Miller Red Sox
304 Don Wilson Astros (miscut)
343 Kansas City Royals Team Card
383 Philadelphia Phillies Team Card
393 Orlando Pena Cardinals
452 Gene Hiser Cubs
453 Balor Moore Expos
513 Jim Campanis Pirates
515 Willie Montanez Phillies
520 Tim McCarver Cardinals
522 J.R. Richard Astros
556 Dave Campbell Astros
567 Boston Red Sox Team Card
601 '74 Rookie Outfielders: Ed Armbrister Reds, Rich Bladt Yankees, Brian Downing White Sox, Dave McBride Cardinals
607 '74 Rookie Shortstops: Leo Foster Braves, Tom Heintzelman Cardinals, Dave Rosello Cubs, Frank Taveras Pirates
622 Phil Gagliano Reds
628 Ivan Murrell Padres
637 Checklist cards 529-660 UnMarked
638 Ken Sanders Indians

2004 Donruss Leather and Lumber: Fans of the Game
FG-2 Dennis Haybert (2)
FG-4 Abby Wambach
FG-5 Jules Asner

 | Category: Baseball
entry Nov 17 2012, 02:49 PM
Yesterday Friday 16 November I got a sportots package that had the complete
1987 M&Ms Star Lineup Panel Set 1-24 two cards per panel in numerical order

1960 Topps Baseball
7 Master & Mentor Willie Mays and Bill Rigney Giants
210 Harmon Killebrew Senators

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