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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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Entries in February 2014
entry Feb 1 2014, 12:40 AM
On Friday 31 Jan 2014: I got a PWE with one card from Listia and a package from a blogger. As usual I forget which he didn't put a blog name, but in looking at an old email from about a month ago I had commented to a post and emailed my address to his "cheap cards" claim your team give away. Now I just need to recall the blog name.

Anyway the Listia PWE card was the only FOOTBALL card I got. Shipping was free for it and I only "Paid" 200 Credits.
2013 Topps Football 344 James Laurinaitis Rams

Now the package was chock-full of Nationals cards 57 total (5 of which were Expos cards including a Vlad G. card I didn't have). The years range from 2002-2013 Most are base a handful are inserts that is it no Autos, no Relics or GU (I don't like GU or Relics much anyway) Many of these of course I already had but a few I didn't.

Since there were so many of them I won't bother listing them individually here, maybe later on my Curly W. Blog. One of them was from a set I didn't know about or maybe had forgotten about 2009 Topps Unique 82 Adam Dunn. I think I will look for the rest of the Nats and the Orioles from that set along with some of my PC guys.

Oh and the package was professionally packaged. The cards were in four team bags, two pair of team bags were sandwiched between two of those dummy cards, or in this case ad cards for Topps Tinest and bundled using pinkish/redish painters tape, NOT regular scotch tape or old hard masking tape PAINTERS TAPE. One of the team bags was taped using scotch tape with a homemade pull-tab that is OK since it was only touching the team back nothing else.

Entries in January 2014
entry Jan 21 2014, 08:45 PM
On Tuesday 21 Jan 2014: I got a small package from Canada it was either from a blogger or a forum poster. I can't recall where I saw his post but he showed a bunch football cards he had recently gotten and were for trade. I commented/contacted him about two of them (I have either bought from him or traded w/him before) and then he verified my address and sent a nice package of Football and Hockey mixed (Redskins/Rams/Capitals). He had picked up some of them at a card show over the weekend that followed my first contact. Even though there is no transaction on a forum I think this is an informal trade. I wish I could remember what he collects. sad.gif Fortunately I still have some of the emails, but not the initial "Hey I'm interested in these cards" message/post since that was on the blog or forum.

Anyway here are the cards: 20 Cards: 11 Football, 9 Hockey

2010 Score 294 Chris Horton Redskins
2011 Donruss Elite: The Hitlist GU 12 James Laurenaitis Rams all blue small mesh swatch #d 002/299
2011 Prestige Donovan McNabb Redskins (one of the 2 cards I was initially interested in)
2011 Topps:
286 Record Breaker Sam Bradford Rams checklist on back cars 1-110)
418 Aldrick Robinson RC Redskins
GOLD 396 Austin Pettis RC Rams #d 0222/2011 (the 2nd card I was initially interested in)
2012 Score 142 Brandon Gibson Rams
2012 Topps Chrome 87 Steven Jackson Rams
2012 Topps Football Heritage: 1965 Style Tallboy "Mini" 55 Sam Bradford Rams
2013 Bowman: Black Border Parallel 22 Chris Long Rams
2013 Starta Autograph 147 Jordan Reed RC Redskins on sticker blue sharpie

HOCKEY All Capitals
1989-90 Topps 26 Bob Rouse
1991-92 Score: Canada 228 Rod Langway
1994-95 Donruss 149 Dale Hunter
2008-09 Upper Deck Ovation 148 Nicklas Backstrom
2009-10 Upper Deck SPXcitement X45 Mike Green
2011-12 Upper Deck Artifacts Tundra Tandems GU TT2-SV Semyon Varlamov all white and Alexander Semin all red #d 209/225
2011-12 SP Authentic 16 Nicklas Backstrom
2011-12 SPX 3 Alex Ovechkin
2012-13 SP GU Authentic Fabrics AF-GR Mike Green all black

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jan 15 2014, 10:33 PM
On Wednesday 15 January 2014: got one lone package from an Ebay seller I bought 4 cards from each card I got for 0.99 w/ FREE SHIPPING.

The Cards:
2000 Skybox Baseball 1 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
2005 Donruss Zenith Baseball 162 Nick Johnson Nationals
2008 Allen & Ginters:
212 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 19th Century Composer
271 Paul Lo Duca Nationals

entry Jan 14 2014, 11:33 PM
On Monday 13 January 2014: Here was my cards mailday.

From a Spotlots auction probably my last auction I'll do there since the shipping is never combined on the auctions. They supposedly reduce the shipping some on the auctions but it doesn't look like it. For regular purchases however if you get several things from one seller you can save on the shipping. Anyway two cards two auctions from one seller, it took a little while to get to me since the seller was in Canada (I didn't realize it at the time so high shipping isn't that much of a sin in this case) Shipping was $3.14 (not too bad coming from Canada and sent in a greeting card type envelope not a regular PWE) both cards I got for the minimal opening auction of 0.25
1981 Topps Baseball 550 Tommy John Yankees
1993 Ted Williams Baseball 66 Johnny Mize Yankees

Next we got some cards from a Baseball Group Break over at TCZ My Team The Nationals but I got mostly random stuff.
2012 Panini Elite Extra Edition Baseball:
14 Brian Johnson Red Sox
23 Tyler Gonzales Blue Jays
65 Kolby Copeland Marlins
73 Dario Pizzano Mariners
77 Rio Ruiz Astros
100 Andrew Lockett Padres
Building Blocks 16 Richie Shaffer Rays and Spencer Kieboom Nationals

2013 Topps Triple Threads 82 Jimmie Foxx Red Sox

Special Randomized HIT
2013 Topps Tier One: Legends Relics TORL-GB George Brett Royals GU Bat #d 49/99

Then I got my latest issue of Non-Sport Update magazine Vol 25 No. 1 The Walking Dead Cover there were 5 freebie promo cards most of which are elaimo but the freebies are part of the mystique of the magazine.
Freebie Promos:
2013 Rittenhouse Star Trek Movies P2 Spock from "Edge of Darkness"
2013 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 3 NSU 2/2
2014 MhoponhopThe Art of Kevin Seconds Non-Sport Update Promo
2013 Monsterwax Legendary Lovecraft Promo 3
No Date Secret Audio Club Wax Packs P2 of 2 - This thing makes no sense, I think it is some kind of digital card download junk thing that will go no where. I might as well just burn the dang card.

 | Category: Basketball
entry Jan 9 2014, 07:39 PM
On Thursday 09 January 2014: I got a one package one card mailday. From a sale at TCC for $5 delivered

2013-14 Panini Prizm Basketball: Hall Monitors 22 Wes Unseld Bullets - Nice Chrome look to it, it is the base. I might look for the various parallels to this card, and maybe the 24 other base cards, with maybe some of those parallels but not all.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jan 6 2014, 10:33 PM
On Monday 06 January 2014: got a sportlots 4 cards 4 auctions package shipping the usual highway robbery sportlots shipping $4.00 each of the cards I got for just 0.25

1958 Topps Baseball:
119 Harry Chiti KC A's
300 League Presidents William Harridge AL and Warren Giles NL
336 Bert Hamrie Orioles
1964 Topps Baseball:
285 Robin Roberts Orioles

Bonus Freebies
1987 Topps Baseball 294 Steve Jeltz Phillies
1989 CMC Limited Edition Jose Canseco 4 Jose Conseco A's

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jan 3 2014, 10:20 PM
On Friday 03 January 2014: I got 4 sportlots packages from some auctions and a few regular purchases to close out a set.

First to close out a childhood vintage set that has taken 44 years to complete (well with a few decades of being stalled pre-internet days) just about 10 more or so than it took DC to get a baseball team back (Sorry Montreal) So here are the goodies:

1970 Fleer World Series (drawings by Robert Laughlin) 5 cards $2.25 shipping from same dealer (non-auction).

04 - 1907 WS Tigers vs. Cubs $2.00
06 - 1909 WS Pirates vs Tigers (H. Wagner and Ty Cobb) $5.00
26 - 1929 WS A's vs Cubs $2.00
33 - 1936 WS Yankees vs Giants $2.00
62 - 1965 WS Twins vs Dodgers $2.00

This finishes off the set with most of the cards somewhere between VG-NRMT some typical early '70s off-centerness but the really horribly off-center to almost miscut ones I upgraded. [Now to finish the 1971 set.]

Next package: 4 Auctions highway robbery auction shipping of $6.00 for 29 cards total.
1955 Topps 136 Veston "Bunky" Stewart Nationals 0.25¢
1963 Topps 349 Zoilo Versalles Twins $1.25
1964 Topps 161 Dave McNally Orioles 0.25¢
1980 Topps Baltimore Orioles Team Lot 26 cards 0.25¢ Of course I had a few maybe most but since it was the almost the full team I had to go for it. Fortunately the two cards not included I do have one each of. Many of the O's I have more than duplicates. Turns out I had been missing only 10 out of the 28 cards. Cool deal.

Package number 3: four cards another four auctions shipping was a pricey $4.25 for:
1964 Topps 380 Whitey Ford Yankees $1.75
1966 Topps 216 AL 1965 Batting Leaders: Tony Oliva Twins, Carl Yastrzemski Red Sox, Vic Davalillo Indians 0.25¢
1970 Topps 394 Gil Hodges Mets MGR 0.25¢
1975 Topps 60 Fergie Jenkins Rangers 0.25¢

Last package/(envelope really): One lone card:
1962 Topps: 156 Merritt Ranew RC Colts $1.25 + $1.69 shipping

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jan 2 2014, 09:58 PM
On Thursday 02 January 2014:
Got 3 sportlots cards: two of them to help finish off my 1970 Fleer World Series (illustrated by Robert Laughlin) set actually one of them was to upgrade a really off-center almost miscut copy.

1970 Fleer World Series
41 - 1944 WS Cardinals vs. Browns - This is an excellent copy to replace one that was really really off-center to the right. This copy is also a bit off center, but more "normal" since it is noticeable but at first looks OK. Got it for $2.49 + 0.99 shipping
45 - 1948 WS Indians vs. Braves - I didn't have this one. Why? I'm not sure. Got it for 0.75 + 0.70 shipping -

The seller Ken included a 2012-2013 pocket schedule for the Worchester Sharks (AHL Hockey) whoever wants it I'll send it to you since they aren't the Capitals or an affiliate of the Caps I'm not interested in it. Also on the sportlots order/packing slip after they standard "Thanks" he added "Love the blog!" (meaning my regular blog) Thanks Ken

1970 Topps Baseball
585 Rusty Staub Expos 0.75 + 0.46 Shipping. Helps with my Expos "Curly W Team Sets"

Plus I got my latest issue from my subscription of "THE WRAPPER" Non-Sport Magazine Issue #280 Jan. 1 - Feb 15, 2014 Cover story BatMan. Subtitle on header is "Same Bat Channel" Since 1978


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