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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
entry Jan 2 2018, 02:55 AM
Mail Day Catch-Up December 2017

Mon 04 Dec 2017:
One Card Ebay BIN: 99¢ + $2.95 shipping
2002 Fleer Tradition Baseball: Update: Diamond Debuts: U8 of 15DD Kirk Saarloos Astros

Tues 05 Dec 2017:
One card in a "home made" PWE. That is a single piece of legal sized 8.5" x 14" sheet of paper folded a few times and taped on the edges. Minus a few points for pluralizing Silver Spring, MD but plus a few points for addressing it to "Capt. Kirk L. Andersen". This was an Ebay store purchase $9.99 + Free Shipping
2017 Topps Now Doctor Who 1 Jodie Whittaker The Thirteenth Doctor

Thurs 07 Dec 2017:
Got a small bubble mailer one card for the Secret Santa Bloggers package I need to send out.

Also one Magazine: Non-Sport Update Dec 2017 - Jan 2018 Vol 28 No 6 Star Wars Last Jedi Cover. Haven't open the plastic wrap yet one of the Bonus cards is supposed to be one of three 3 Stoges Cards. Not sure what other bonus cards are supposed to be included.

Tues 12 Dec 2017:
Magazine The Wrapper #310 1956 Davy Crockett Cover

Fri 15 Dec 2017:
PWE from Ebay Order: $6.39 Free Shipping.
2017 Topps Now Baseball: 259 Pedro Martinez Expos and Max Scherzer Nationals - Only franchise players with 10Ks in 5 straight starts.

Small Photo envelope from Trading Card Data Base member Chuck (C2Cigars). Envelope has nice Janis Joplin stamp. In a nice waxpaper wrapper he sent some TCDB Custom Member cards "2017 C2Cigars TCDB Business Card Canvas Trading Cards"
BC-00 Title & Checklist
BC-BK Billy Kingsley
BC-C2 C2Cigars
BC-CK CaptKirk42 (3)

Bonus Card: 1982 Fleer Baseball: 532 Mike Marshall Mets

Sat 16 Dec 2017:
Ebay Order $6.75 Free Shipping
2017 Topps Now Baseball: 479 Howie Kendrick Nationals Walk-off Grand Slam in 11th

Sportlots Store: $4.00 + $1.00 shipping envelope has a plain hockey player on stamp
2005 Bowman Heritage Baseball: Mahogany 340 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals

Medium Flat Rate USPS Priority Mail Box from SCF Football Team Trader Jamie the Texans guy. Yes it was a Medium Flat Rate Box filled with, mostly Rams cards plus 73 Redskins cards. The Rams cards were 90% of the cards in there. Most from the last 5-10 years. Many dupes Way way too many cards to list all even by the
numbers. There were two card boxes about 11 inches long (1100 count?) . Plus the rest of the box filled with cards in team bags. About 30 or so team bags. It is a ton of cards. There were even 3 misplaced cards two cards of guys in college uniforms one a Bill the other a Colt. Both those cards showed the team at least on the back of the card. I don't think either had ever been a Ram or Redskin, and then there was a misplaced baseball card of a Marlin.

Here a select few of the cards starting with a handful of Skins:
2014 Topps Finest Football: 32 DeSean Jackson
2013 Rookies & Stars Football: 99 Pierre Garcon
2015 Topps Valor Football: 9 Ryan Kerrigan
2013 Topps Magic Football: 216 Brandon Jenkins RC
2013 Topps Magic Football: Mini: 27 Alfred Morris

Now on to some of the Rams starting with some 70s-80s vintage:
1972 Topps Football: 62 Willie Ellison
1973 Topps Football:
14 Phil Olsen
152 Ken Iman
1974 Topps Football: 126 Tom Mack
1978 Topps Football:
283 Ron Jessie
435 Charley Young
479 Glen Walker
513 Rams Team Leaders: Rushing Lawrence McCutcheon Receiving Harold Jackson Interseptions Bill Simpson QB Sacks Jack Youngblood
1979 Topps Football:
209 Glen Walker
498 Billy Waddy
1980 Topps Football:
60 Dennis Harrah AP
120 Jim Youngblood AP
162 Preston Dennard
342 Bill Waddy (2)
423 Nolan Cromwell
465 Frank Corral
514 Cullen Bryant (2)
1981 Topps Football: 39 Rams Team Leaders: Rushing Cullen Bryant Receiving Billy Waddy Interceptions Nolan Cromwell QB Sacks Jack Youngblood
1983 Topps Football:
91 Mike Guman
96 Jack Youngblood
1985 Topps Football:
79 Eric Dickerson AP
83 Jeff Kemp
1988 Topps Football:
217 NFL Rushing Leaders: Eric Dickerson Colts Charles White Rams
297 Jerry Gray
1989 Topps Traded Football:
14T Flipper Anderson
89T Bill Hawkins
1990 Pro Set Football: (where most of these packages tend to start)
553 Michael Stewart
1990 Topps Football: 68 Flipper Anderson
2001 Topps Heritage Football: 1956 Topps Football Design:
24 Torry Holt
43 Kurt Warner
2002 Fleer Football: 70 Aeneas Williams
2006 Topps Heritage Football: 1952 Baseball Design: 134 Torry Holt
2012 Panini Crown Royale Football: Crown design but surprise not die-cut for some reason this year for the base they didn't die cut the crown design: 136 Steve Smith
2015 Panini Clear Vision Football: Rookie Revision: acetate cards
87 Kurt Warner
99 Eric Dickerson
1996 Collector's Edge Football: President's Reserve Air Force One: 29 Isaac Bruce 1836/2500 acetate card
2005 Topps Football: All-Time Favorites: Fearsome Foursome: Vintage Bowman Woodgrain border design like 1955 Bowman Baseball and 1966 Topps Football.
68 Merlin Olsen
58 Lamar Lundy
2000 Fleer Greats of the Game Football:
87 Merlin Olsen
89 Elroy Hirsch

Here are I think the top 3 cards duplicated in the huge batch. The first one maybe not quite a dozen, the second one at least a dozen actually there might some parallels a base version and a "first edition" version and the 3rd on over a dozen maybe up to 20.
2013 Panini Rookies & Stars Football: 6 Steven Jackson Falcons still in Rams Uniform
2008 Upper Deck First Edition Football: 131 Pisa Tinoisamoa - some of these might be the regular base version maybe not the First Edition. I didn't think about that and I'm too lazy to check back.
2013 Panini Score Football: 124 Dann Amendola Patriots shown in Rams Uniform

?Sunday 17 Dec 2017: Or was it really Saturday 16 Dec?: I Had a USPS flat rate envelope show up at my door on Sunday. I'm pretty sure it had been with a neighbor and they put it at my door. (on my blog in my "Strive for '65 Saturday" post I mentioned the story of last year with 2 packages I never got) I don't recall the USPS delivering on Sundays, but I heard a rumor during the holidays they would be doing that so maybe. Anyway it was a 4 "card" order from Sportlots. One of the cards was for the
Bloggers Secret Santa thing hosted by Matt at "Bob Walk The Plank". Shipping was only 85¢ Like I said on my blog I mentiond the 1965 Topps Baseball card.
1965 Topps Baseball: 295 Dick Radatz Red Sox $4.50
1978 Topps Football: 409 Roman Gabriel Rams 91¢ - This one I wasn't sure if I had or not, so I decided to get it anyway, even if it winds up being a dupe.
1997 Fleer Football: Million Dollar Moments "Contest" Card 37 Roman Gabriel 18¢

Mon 18 Dec 2017:
Sportlots Store 1 card 18¢ + 85¢ shipping
2005 Bowman Heritage Baseball: Mahogany 18 Brad Wilkerson Nationals

Ebay Store 1 card $8.99 Free Shipping
2017 Topps Now Baseball: 322 Ryan Raburn Nationals - Walk-off breaks tie in 9th

Sportlots Store 2 cards both 25¢ + $1.25 shipping
2005 Bowman Heritage Baseball: Mahogany
96 Livan Hernandez Nationals
308 Nick Johnson Nationals

Christmas Card envelope with real Christmas Card and trading card insert. From TCDB member Chuck (C2Cigars). Trading card again in waxpaper envelope/wrapper
2016 Panini Score Football: 324 Alfred Morris Redskins

Sat 23 Dec 2017:
Got my Blogger Secret Santa package (coordinated by Matt at "Bob Walk The Plank") from Tim of "I love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning" blog. He hit a multi-run Homer I'd say it was 3 runs. 38 cards at least one from each of the 4US sports food groups. I'll list in order of sport:

BASEBALL: 27 cards the bulk of the package 1 or 2 dupes 3 at the very most.
2008 Donruss Threads Baseball: 50 Frank Howard Washington (dupe)
2012 Bowman Chrome Baseball: 61 Gio Gonzalez Nationals (possible dupe)
2014 Bowman Baseball: 55 Ian Desmond Nationals Blue Parallel 074/500
2015 Topps Chrome Baseball: 56 Ian Desmond Nationals
2015 Topps Baseball: National League: NL-9 Bryce Harper Nationals
2015 Topps Baseball: First Pitch: FP-22 Lars Ulrich Musician Giants
2015 Topps Baseball Update: Gold Parallel: US300 Max Scherzer Nationals AS Game 1064/2015
2016 Panini Black Friday Baseball: 19 Stephen Strasburg Washington - Wow this is one of the best Non-licensed Panini Baseball card I've seen in a while. Almost looks like a licensed card.
2016 Topps Baseball: Purple Parallel: 342 Jayson Werth Nationals
2016 Topps Baseball: New Era?: 1 Bryce Harper Nationals
2016 Topps Baseball: First Pitch:
FP-1 Jeff Bauman Boston Bombing Survivor Red Sox
FP-2 Jake Gyllenhaal Actor Red Sox (cameo of Jeff Bauman)
FP-4 Brady Kahle Red Sox - Kid who sold baseball card collection to help pay for his friends brain cancer treatment. Cameo of Wally The Green Monster.
FP-5 Keith Urban Musician Dodgers
FP-6 Aubrey Plaza Actress Dodgers - Love her Mostly just seen her in commercials at times reminds me of Allison Scagliotti (Warehouse 13, Stitchers)
FP-7 Chance The Rapper Hip-Hop "artist" White Sox
FP-9 Craig Sager Reporter Cubs
FP-10 Jojo Fletcher Bachelorette (reailty personality) Dodgers
FP-12 Tom Watson Golfer Royals
2016 Topps Opening Day Baseball: Mascots:
M-4 Wally The Green Monster Red Sox
M-13 Dinger Rockies
M-20 Fredbird Cardinals
2016 Topps Baseball: Spring Fever: SF-29 Bryce Harper Nationals
2017 Topps Stadium Club Baseball: Scoreless Streak: SS-SS Stephen Strasburg Nationals
2017 Topps Baseball: Refractor? 212 Tanner Roark Nationals
2017 Topps Baseball: Gold: 327 Danny Espinosa Nationals 1501/2017
2015 Topps Archives Baseball: WF-8 Will Ferrell Giants

BASKETBALL: 5 cards 1 sticker no dupes that I know of.
2013-14 Panini Basketball Stickers: 154 Bradley Beal Wizards
2003-04 Fleer Ultra Basketball:
33 Juan Dixon Wizards
130 Jared Jeffries Wizards
Gold Medallion: 130 Jared Jeffries Wizards die-cut curved corner
2002-03 Fleer Genuine Basketball: Names of the Game: NG 7 of 15 Michael Jordan Wizards
2001-02 Topps Basketball: Top Tandems: TT6 Michael Jordan and Richard Hamilton Wizards

FOOTBALL: 1 card no dupe
1971 Topps Football: Game Insert: 7 O.J. Simpson Bills

HOCKEY: 4 cards possible dupes
1993 Classic Games 4 Sport Collection: 253 Manon Rheaume Atlanta Knights
1993 Classic Games Pro Hockey Prospects:
1 Manon Rheaume
2 Manon Rheaume
100 Manon Rheume

Sat 30 Dec 2017:
Sportlots Order 3 cards each at 18¢ total Shipping $2.80
2005 Bowman Heritage Baseball: Mahogany
41 Jose Vidro Nationals
95 Esteban Loaiza Nationals
216 Frank Diaz Nationals

I think that completes my Mahogany Team Set for the Nationals. I need to finish the base team set.

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