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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
entry Mar 5 2014, 01:21 AM
On Tuesday 04 Mar 2014: I had a six package mailday (some were sportlots PWEs)

Here is how the packages broke down:

Package 1: sportlots 2 cards .18 each + $2.35 shipping
2010 Topps Baseball: Ticket To Toppstown:
TTT7 Josh Hamilton Rangers
TTT15 Miguel Cabrera Tigers

Package 2: sportlots to help build my 1974 set: I particular my Team sets of Orioles, Expos, Padres and Team Cards set as well as the overall set.
6 cards 5 were .18 one was .25 (I'll identify it below) shipping was $3.00
1974 Topps Baseball:
260 Ted Simmons Cardinals
375 Earl Williams Orioles
430 Matty Alou Padres
460 Boog Powell Orioles (the .25 er)
531 Gene Mauch MGR w/ Coaches Expos

1976 Topps Football
450 Charley Taylor Redskins (one of those "Why didn't I already have this card?)

Package 3: sportlots all 1974 Baseball: 19 cards at .18 each + $3.50 shipping - I think the reason I thought I had some of the 1974s is I have had the '74 Traded set for so long I thought it was the regular card I had of some of those players.

1974 Topps Baseball:
36 St. Louis Cardinals Team Card
68 Grant Jackson Orioles
73 Mike Marshall Expos (thought I had this one as well)
92 Paul Blair Orioles
109 Bob Grich Orioles
146 Ron Fairly Expos
154 Houston Astros Team Card
253 John Boccabella Expos
282 Doyle Alexander Orioles
295 Rick Monday Cubs (another could have sworn I had it)
297 Hal Breeden Expos
396 Tommy Davis Orioles
406 Steve Arlin Padres
546 Mike Corkins Padres
549 Mike Jorgensen Expos (must have been another Jorgensen card I had)
585 Merv Rettenmund Orioles
589 Boots Day Expos
648 Terry Crowley Orioles
651 Leron Lee Padres

Package 4: sportlots one card one of the expensive ones at $2.50 but postage was only .86 one of the PWEs
1965 Topps Baseball:
79b Checklist 1st Series Card Numbers 1-88 Unmarked in excellent shape The "B" Version that has 61 as C.Cannizzaro

Package 5: Ebay one card another 'spensive one cause of it being '65 in decent shape and has some superduper stars on it: It was $8.01 w/ Free Shipping.
1965 Topps Baseball:
2 - 1964 NL Batting Leaders: Bob Clemente Pirates, Rico Carty Braves, Hank Aaron Braves

Package 6:
Now the biggest for last was not a purchase but a trade with Mark who blogs as Fuji, so I got a custom 2008 Topps Baseball Fuji card and a bunch of my homie team cards. I will blog about them sometime on my regular blog so I won't mention all of them here there were 32 cards not including the custom job. They breakdown to:
Baseball 7 cards 1 Orioles, 3 Nationals 3 Expos 2 GU and 4 autos (2 on-sticker 2 on-card)
Football 22 cards 13 Rams (1 in college uni), 9 Redskins (1 college Uni) 13 GU (or whatever used/unused patches) 8 Autos (4 on card, 1 I think on card 2 definitely on sticker, 1 hidden? sticker) 1 Manupatch in shape of helmet
Basketball 3 Wizards 3 On-sticker Autos

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