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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 1 2014, 10:37 PM
On Saturday 01 March 2014: I got four packages/envelopes from sportlots. These are orders that help with my 1965 Topps Senators team set (which in turn helps with my overall strive for '65 set build) and some '74s that help with that set build specifically my team sets of Orioles, Expos and the team cards to help with my 1974 set build.

Here is what I got by package, but not exactly in the order I opened them in.

Package 1: 4 cards Shipping only $1.00
1965 Topps Baseball:
211 Steve Ridzik Senators .24¢
284 Nick Willhite Senators .49¢
1974 Topps Baseball:
333 All-Star 2nd Basemen Rod Carew Twins Joe Morgan Reds .45¢
1975 Topps Baseball:
220 Don Sutton Dodgers .40¢

Package 2: 1 card .90¢ shipping
1974 Topps Baseball 187 Don Baylor Orioles .18¢

Package 3: 3 cards $3.32 shipping
1965 Topps Baseball: 21 Don Blasingame Senators .18¢ refunded due to card being in lesser condition than stated. So I got it for free. Front is pretty good but back has some paper pieces from whatever notebook paper the card had been glued to at sometime in its past. I'll need to upgrade this one.
1974 Topps Baseball:
336 All-Star Left Fielders Bobby Murcer Yankees and Pete Rose Reds $2.00 partially refunded .50¢ so I got it for $1.50 I think the seller said it wasn't the NM-MINT as originally stated just NM so that is why the partial refund. Huh? OK I'll take that.
416 Chicago White Sox team card .18¢

Package 4: 10 cards $2.00 shipping:
1974 Topps Baseball 306 Earl Weaver MGR Orioles - Wow Off-Center miscut on edge. Might look for an upgrade .25¢
2009 Topps Unique:
1 Nick Markakis Orioles .18¢
21 Rick Ankiel Cardinals .18¢
30 Alfonso Soriano Cubs .18¢
32 Jayson Werth Phillies .18¢
67 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals .18¢
101 Kurt Suzuki A's .18¢
2010 Topps Ticket To Toppstown TTT12 Miguel Tejada Astros .18¢
Bonus Cards (used as bag side buffers so not really intended as bonus?)
1990 Fleer Stickers (Baseball Quiz on back): Not Numbered
Cubs Logo
AL: small logo stickers of: Orioles, Red Sox, White Sox and Angels

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