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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
 | Category: Baseball
entry Jan 3 2014, 10:20 PM
On Friday 03 January 2014: I got 4 sportlots packages from some auctions and a few regular purchases to close out a set.

First to close out a childhood vintage set that has taken 44 years to complete (well with a few decades of being stalled pre-internet days) just about 10 more or so than it took DC to get a baseball team back (Sorry Montreal) So here are the goodies:

1970 Fleer World Series (drawings by Robert Laughlin) 5 cards $2.25 shipping from same dealer (non-auction).

04 - 1907 WS Tigers vs. Cubs $2.00
06 - 1909 WS Pirates vs Tigers (H. Wagner and Ty Cobb) $5.00
26 - 1929 WS A's vs Cubs $2.00
33 - 1936 WS Yankees vs Giants $2.00
62 - 1965 WS Twins vs Dodgers $2.00

This finishes off the set with most of the cards somewhere between VG-NRMT some typical early '70s off-centerness but the really horribly off-center to almost miscut ones I upgraded. [Now to finish the 1971 set.]

Next package: 4 Auctions highway robbery auction shipping of $6.00 for 29 cards total.
1955 Topps 136 Veston "Bunky" Stewart Nationals 0.25¢
1963 Topps 349 Zoilo Versalles Twins $1.25
1964 Topps 161 Dave McNally Orioles 0.25¢
1980 Topps Baltimore Orioles Team Lot 26 cards 0.25¢ Of course I had a few maybe most but since it was the almost the full team I had to go for it. Fortunately the two cards not included I do have one each of. Many of the O's I have more than duplicates. Turns out I had been missing only 10 out of the 28 cards. Cool deal.

Package number 3: four cards another four auctions shipping was a pricey $4.25 for:
1964 Topps 380 Whitey Ford Yankees $1.75
1966 Topps 216 AL 1965 Batting Leaders: Tony Oliva Twins, Carl Yastrzemski Red Sox, Vic Davalillo Indians 0.25¢
1970 Topps 394 Gil Hodges Mets MGR 0.25¢
1975 Topps 60 Fergie Jenkins Rangers 0.25¢

Last package/(envelope really): One lone card:
1962 Topps: 156 Merritt Ranew RC Colts $1.25 + $1.69 shipping

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