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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
entry Dec 26 2013, 11:31 PM
on Thursday Boxing Day 26 December, 2013: I got a package from sports lot auctions all the same seller, but unfortunately the shipping was murder at $8 UGH.

Well here is what I got:
1961 Topps:
450 Jim Lemon Twins 0.25¢
458 Willie Tasby Senators 0.25 ¢ (one more for my Curly W Team Sets Project)
463 Jack Fisher Orioles $1.25

1980 Topps: Expos Lot 17 cards (of 28 in the team set) $2.75 Gets me that much closer to the 1980 Expos Team Set, I had a few of them already. I ordered the remaining 6 cards I need from one seller at sportlots regular inventory not auctions so shipping is not highway robbery like the auctions are.
14 Dave Cash
42 Dave Palmer
97 Bill Lee
180 Warren Cromartie
293 Elias Sosa
345 Larry Parrish
375 Ross Grimsley
395 Ellis Valentine
427 Tom Hutton
446 Duffy Dyer
520 Steve Rogers
539 Rudy May
578 Scott Sanderson
653 Stan Bahnsen
660 Rusty Staub
680 Expos Future Stars: Tony Bernazard, Randy Miller, John Tamargo
724 Jerry White

FOOTBALL Some of these I already had.
1980 Topps: Redskins lot 18 cards 0.25¢ and Rams lot 12 cards 0.25¢
19 Redskins 1979 Team Leaders: John Riggins, Danny Buggs, Joe Lavender and Coy Bacon (Team Checklist on back unmarked)
25 Rich Saul Rams
43 Ken Clark Rams
60 Dennis Harrah Rams All-Pro
64 Ricky Thompson Redskins
84 Mike Bragg Redskins
98 Charley Young Rams
104 Bob Kuziel Redskins
145 Ken Houston Redskins
166 Terry Hermeling Redskins
194 Danny Buggs Redskins
214 George Starke Redskins
239 Vince Farragamo Rams
254 John McDaniel Redskins
273 Wendell Tyler Rams
299 Joe Lavender Redskins
320 Mark Moseley Redskins All-Pro
322 Terry Nelson Rams
351 Ron Saul Redskins
370 Jack Youngblood Rams All-Pro
371 Don Warren Redskins
390 John Riggins Redskins
407 Ted Tritsch Redskins
423 Nolan Cromwell Rams
430 Lemar Parrish All-Pro
445 Pat Haden Rams
465 Frank Corral Rams
499 Dave Butz Redskins
514 Cullen Bryant Rams
522 Coy Bacon Redskins

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