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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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 | Category: Baseball
entry Jan 22 2016, 05:02 PM
On Friday 22 Jan 2016: One PWE (from Canada) day. A Sportlots order 8 cards 7 are '65s $3.50 shipping

First the non '65 2003 Topps Bazooka Baseball 7 Joe Bazooka Astros .18

1965 Topps Baseball
46 Bob Lee Angels VG .35
47 Tommy Harper Reds VG .25
52 Ed Roebuck Phillies VG .40
57 St. Louis Cardinals Team Card VG .70
74 Red Sox Rookie Stars: Rico Petrocelli and Jerry Stephenson VG $1.45
82 Braves Rookie Stars: Santos Alomar and John Braun VG .70
431 Cardinals Rookie Stars: Nelson Briles and Wayne Spiezio EX $3.50

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jan 20 2016, 11:42 PM
ON Wednesday 20 Jan 2016: a single bubble mailer. 2 cards (1 bought one bonus) .50¢ + $2.50 shipping

1965 Topps Baseball 60 Jim O'Toole Reds
BONUS CARD: 1989 Topps Baseball: 571 Billy Ripken Orioles

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jan 16 2016, 06:25 PM
On Saturday 16 Jan 2016 I got two packages from Sportlots one auction and one store purchase.

First package/envelope was a single card from auction .75 + $1.99 shipping 1953 Topps Baseball 256 Les Peden Senators. Seller said it was a Short Print.

Next package had a total of 8 cards order total was $3.90 + $2.00 shipping. The newer cards were all .18 each and the vintage cards were $1.00 each.

Newer cards: 2003 Topps Baszooka Baseball: 5 cards all are Bazooka Joe cards card number 7:
Devil Rays, Mariners, Padres, Rockies, Royals

Vintage cards: 1965 Topps Baseball:
61 Chris Cannizzaro Mets (the guy whose name was misspelled and then corrected on one of the checklists)
151 Kansas City Athletics Team Card very offcenter to edge of bottom
234 Chicago White Sox Team Card

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jul 3 2015, 02:34 PM
On Friday 03 July 2015: A one package one card day. Odd I had already grabbed the mail that was in my mailbox for the day. Most of it was bills or other such mail that doesn't need any immediate attention for the day. I guess my mail carrier was still doing his rounds of my building and hadn't done the packages yet. Knock on my door good thing it is one of those Holiday on Saturday so work off Friday. Anyway the package is from Ebay that had an estimated delivery for Monday the 6th. Wish the shipping stars could be marked "delivered earlier than estimated date". So lets see for... .99 + $2.54 shipping I have 2015 Topps Museum Baseball 30 Stephen Strasburg Nationals Green parallel #d 100/199 will go nicely with my regular base of this card.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jun 2 2015, 07:56 PM
Two package day today Tuesday 02 June 2015: UGH at my postal carrier for cramming stuff into my mailbox. They would have fit OK not crammed but the book part was a little bent out of shape at first, with some bending the other way the paperbound book will survive. Good thing it wasn't mint to begin with but also good thing it wasn't damaged beyond repair or my satisfaction. Big Sigh. Back to the package contents.

The bent out of shape book I got from Ebay for $9.19 w/Free Shipping. As stated it is a softbound book "paperback" if you will, except larger than standard pocket sized paperback novels. It is 5.5 x 8.5 Mint Condition subtitled "How Baseball Cards became a American Obsession" by Dave Jamieson I've seen a couple of card bloggers give it high marks and Kudos.

Next package was my goodies from a Baseball Group Box Break from TCZ by Ken aka: pwolantern. My bought homie team is my standard Nationals and I bought the Twins at a discount.

2015 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball
12 Jordan Zimmermann Nats
42 Kennys Vargas Twins
51 Anthony Rendon Nats
56 Vladimir Guerrero Expos (Ah it's good to have the Nats sometimes)
76 Gio Gonzalez Nats
93 Max Scherzer Nats (Pitching a good game tonight 2nd of a doubleheader)
152 Rod Carew Twins
173 Jayson Werth Nats
178 Ryan Zimmerman Nats
227 Tanner Roark Nats
251 Ervin Santana Twins
287 Brian Dozier Twins
Glove Stories GS-14 Aaron Hicks Twins
Walk-Off Winners GWO-15 Bryce Harper Nats
Mini 12 Jordan Zimmermann Nats

2015 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball
34 Danny Santana Twins
85 Kirby Puckett Twins
100 Max Scherzer Nats
168 Kennys Vargas Twins
HOF Sluggers 3 Harmon Killebrew Twins (A VERY good reason to get the Twins/Senators 1.0)

2015 Topps Museum Collection Baseball
30 Stephen Strasburg Nats
57 Michael Taylor Nats

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 30 2015, 06:53 PM
On Friday 29 May 2015: Two packages

1st Package: Ebay $1.99 + $3.50 shipping Got Sports Illustrated issue 25 Feb 2013 Bryce Harper cover. Many Ebay sellers start this issue off at $20 or more some of them as high as $100. Crazy.

Next was from TCC Baseball Box Breaking Group by Abel I had my Nats and got the Twins at a discount my two random teams were Giants and Rockies. The break was a 2014 Panini Donruss Baseball case break. I'm pretty sure I already have a bunch of the Nationals from this set.

14 Diamond Kings: Buster Posey Giants (2)
46 Jayson Werth Nationals (5)
49 Buster Posey Giants (6)
52 Justin Morneau Rockies (5)
54 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals (4)
55 Michael Cuddyer Rockies (5)
60 Joe Mauer Twins (5)
70 Troy Tulowitzki Rockies (4)
87 Hunter Pence Giants (5)
101 Carlos Gonzalez Rockies (5)
116 Jordan Zimmermann Nationals (6)
124 Stephen Strasburg Nationals (5)
143 Bryce Harper Nationals (5)
159 Pablo Sandoval Giants (5)
167 Glen Perkins Twins (6)
183 Tim Lincecum Giants (6)
185 Todd Helton Rockies (5)
Hall Worthy 17 Tim Hudson Giants
Team MVP 1 Buster Posey Giants
The Rookies 13 Tanner Roark Nationals
Press Proof Gold (#d Parallel)
101 Carlos Gonzalez Rockies 27/99
Press Proof Silver (#d Parallel)
143 Bryce Harper Nationals 038/199
The Elite Series Blue Refractor Stephen Strasburg Nationals 386/999

Then today Saturday 30 May 2015: Got a single package from Canada from a Sportlots auction: .25 + $2.25 shipping
1955 Topps Baseball 107 Curtis Roberts Pirates

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 28 2015, 07:58 PM
ON Thursday 28 May 2015: I got a single magazine sized package from Ebay for $7.95 + $4.99 shipping. I got the 1989 Official Baseball Hall of Fame Fun & Fact Sticker Book by Bob Carroll and Mark Rucker. Simon & Schuster. The same company that made the other sticker book I recently got. Similar look same number of pages 96 and 100 stickers.

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 20 2015, 09:01 PM
On 20 May 2015: From Ebay I got one lone package large book/magazine sized plastic bubble mailer. Single item $8.95 + Free Shipping 1990 The Official Baseball Hall of Fame Sticker Book of Records by Bob Carroll and Jim Trusilo Simon and Schuster 96 page sticker activity book with 100 stickers of HOFers, Record breakers and some significant contemporary players from late 1980s. Includes the Frank Howard sticker I had gotten back in April (on 24th) that was previously unknown origins.

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 9 2015, 09:25 PM
On Saturday 09 May 2015: a single package day one card from Ebay $2.10 + $2.32 Shipping
2005 Upper Deck Reflections Baseball: Future Reflections: base
223 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals. The gold foiling on the "Future Reflections" text either didn't get printed properly or has faded in its 10 years of existence. Yeah so I'll probably need to get another one. Personally this one looks like it should have been a "gold" parallel but I don't think they made them like that and it is not serial numbered like a parallel usually is.

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 9 2015, 09:05 PM
On Friday 08 May 2015: I got 3 packages 2 Sportlots purchases/auctions and 1 Ebay BIN purchase

Package 1: Lone Ebay Card but what a card. $1.56 + $1.40 shipping
2010 Topps Chrome Baseball: National Chicle: CC49 Ryan Zimmerman Expos #d 553/999 - To the best of my knowledge the Washington Nationals have yet to wear retro/throwback Expos Uniforms. So this is a pretty cool drawing of Z-Man

Package 2: 6 card lot from sportlots .25 + $2.35 shipping
1967 Topps Baseball
3 Duke Sims Indians
64 Fred Valentine Senators
118 Bernie Allen Senators
159 Bruce Howard White Sox
295 Sam McDowell Indians
381 Dick Schofield Dodgers

Package 3: 2 card lot Sportlots .25¢ each + $3.50 shipping
1956 Topps Baseball:
237 Jose Valdivielso Nationals
266 Don Ferrarese Orioles

33 Pages  1 2 3 > »  

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