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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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 | Category: Baseball
entry Apr 19 2015, 07:43 PM
On Saturday 18 April 2015: I had a one package mailday from sportlots for just .25 for a lot of 10 cards plus an ugly $4.00 shipping I got:
2010 Topps Baseball Million Cards Give-A-Way Code Cards:
TMC-21 though TMC-30 for some odd reason 4 of them have blue sharpie across the code, I guess the original owner would mark off the code once they entered them. Kind of stinks for the second hand owner. but whatever. I do want to get the rest of these cards. Actually I have an art project in mind for these so I will need multiples of each card eventually.

OH I almost forgot the seller used some 1988 Donruss Diamond King puzzle pieces for end protectors in the team bag. So from the 1988 Donruss Baseball Diamond King: Stan Musial Puzzle Card 43-45 and Card 46-48

 | Category: Baseball
entry Apr 19 2015, 07:34 PM
ON Thursday 16 April 2015: I got a package from the UK from a blogger who had emailed me I think he is following my blog or I follow his or something I need to double check on anyway John (pursuitof80s.blogspot.com) sent some Nationals cards that were on vacay in the UK apparently. I had some of these already but some I didn't have anyway here is the whole kit and kaboodle.
2011 Topps Stickers:
181 Lance Nix
182 Ryan Zimmerman
185 Ivan Rodriguez
186 Jordan Zimmermann
2010 Upper Deck Baseball Series I:
529 Ryan Zimmerman
531 Wil Nieves
532 Ron Villone
534 Austin Kearns
536 Shairon Martis
538 Garrett Mock
SB-44 Season Biography Ryan Zimmerman
TMS-4 Tape Measure Shots Adam Dunn 473ft
2010 Topps Attax Baseball:
Cristian Guzman
Josh Willingham
Ryan Zimmerman
Stephen Strasburg
2010 Topps National Chicle Baseball:
117 Jason Marquis
274 Ian Desmond RC
2007 Upper Deck Future Stars Baseball:
99 Ryan Zimmerman
2010 Topps Opening Day Baseball:
213 Ian Desmond RC
2010 Topps Baseball:
291 Austin Kearns
2010 Topps Update Baseball:
US-55 Stephen Strasburg
US-274 Stephen Strasburg Ivan Rodriguez (2)
US-289 Adam Kennedy (2)
2010 Topps Baseball Ticket To Toppstown:
TTT21 Adam Dunn
2011 Topps Baseball Opening Day:
86 Stephen Strasburg
156 Ryan Zimmerman
2011 Topps Baseball: Update
US295 Wilson Ramos
US301 Tom Gorzelanny
2010 Topps Baseball: Peak Performance:
PP-69 Ryan Zimmerman
2012 Bowman Baseball
115 Ian Desmond
2012 Bowman Baseball: Gold
54 Jordan Zimmermann
78 Drew Storen
185 Jayson Werth
2011 Bowman Baseball:
BP5 Tyler Moore
2011 Topps Baseball: Diamond Duos:
DD-14 Ryan Zimmerman Jayson Werth
2012 Topps Baseball Archives:
1971 Style:
65 Jordan Zimmermann
69 Ryan Zimmerman
1984 Style:
151 Stephen Strasburg
162 Jayson Werth
169 Michael Morse
2011 Topps Baseball Linage
11 Ryan Zimmerman
2012 Topps Heritage Baseball: 1963 Style
95 - 2012 Rookie Stars Joe Benson Twins, Aaron Chambers Cardinals, Corey Brown Nationals, Michael Taylor A's.
2010 Topps Baseball Heritage 1961 Style
146 Josh Willingham
2012 Panini Triple Play Baseball Stickers
30 Ryan Zimmerman (2)
90 Stephen Strasburg
2014 Topps Baseball: The Future Is Now:
FN-29 Bryce Harper
FN-30 Bryce Harper

 | Category: Baseball
entry Apr 1 2015, 11:03 PM
On Wednesday 01 April 2015: I got one sportlots package of a bunch of same seller auctions. The rare thing about it was all the cards come from the same year weird mix of final prices. Lets check shipping was....$5.35 actually not bad for 7 auctions from one seller. Total 17 cards as I said all the same year, same set:

1960 Topps Baseball:
227 Casey Stengel MGR Yankees - .75¢
395 Hoyt Wilhelm Orioles - .75¢
174 Cleveland Indians Team Card (checklist unmarked) - .25¢
151 San Francisco Giants Team Card (checklist unmarked) - $1.25
[these next three cards together for $1.25]
119 Rookie Star Chico Cardenas Reds
134 Rookie Star Deron Johnson Yankees
346 J.C. Martin White Sox
[next 4 cards together for $1.25]
327 Ray Sadecki Cardinals
169 Jake Striker White Sox
276 Ken McBride White Sox
438 Jim Coker Phillies
[next 6 cards together for $3.25]
147 Rookie Star Bob Will Cubs
144 Rookie Star Al Stieglitz Giants
130 Rookie Star Frank Herrera Phillies
123 Rookie Star Dan Dobbek Senators
124 Rookie Star Jim Donohue Cardinals
141 Rookie Star Jim Proctor Tigers

 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 28 2015, 01:24 AM
For the fun of it today early very early in the morning Saturday 28 March 2015: I opened a pack of 2014 Topps Heritage Baseball: from one of those 20 pack fairfield boxes that Target carries. I didn't get anything special except a Homie Team card (sort of it's one of those league leaders cards that sometimes is not included in team sets) I am building the base set, like most of the Heritage sets.

There are 9 cards per pack:
I already placed the cards in numerical order so this is not the order pulled although the first card is still the same:

10 NL 2013 Pitching Leaders: Adam Wainwright Cardinals, Jordan Zimmermann Nationals, Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
59 Adam Lind Blue Jays
131 Joe Girardi Yankees MGR
172 Ivan Nova Yankees
176 J.B. Shuck Angels
313 Yonder Alonso Padres
328 Jeremy Hellickson Rays
370 Matt Kemp Dodgers
434 Pedro Alvarez Pirates

 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 27 2015, 04:10 PM
On Friday 27 March 2015: I got one bubble package and 1 small 200ct box.

The Box was from a Sportlots order/auction of almost 200 1980 Topps Baseball I counted 193 the listing does say it was almost 200 but didn't give an exact count. It also said "Sorry no Rickey" I'm guessing that would be Mr. Henderson's RC. I think I have that one not 100% sure. Anyway the lot was $2.75 and shipping $7.99 (actual shipping was $5 something so eah.) I haven't done an exact inventory/cataloging but there are some doubles and possibly triples or more. Most are in pretty good almost NM shape if not NM a bit musty smelling though, I thought it was a smokey smell. OH well that will leave with time. I think it was mostly the cold weather that was making it smell.

The other package was from Ebay 3 auctions from the same seller individually the shipping was originally $2.00 each but combined shipping was only $2.50 I got them for .99&@162; each. 7 cards total 2 lots of 3 cards and one individual the individual card I'll list first

1961 Fleer Baseball Greats:
120 Nap Lajoie

3 card Cardinals lot:
1961 Topps Baseball:
438 Curt Flood Cardinals
1965 Topps Baseball:
100 Ken Boyer Cardinals
1969 Topps Baseball:
432 Bob Gibson AS Cardinals (puzzle back with Pete Rose face)

3 card 1962 Post Cereal Baseball Los Angeles Angels Lot:
OK this sort of makes me a little sad I didn't read the auction completely when I haphazardly bid on this. I didn't notice the comment about the conditions of the backs I'll note what is what on each card. **Sigh**

76 Eddie Yost - Back: All four corners have some paper pieces glued where the card had been glued in some sort of album
78 Abie Pearson - Back: Has writing on back in red marker ink? says "Lynn Ramseyer" either a boy named Lynn, which is possible but uncommon or this card had belonged to a girl. The latter might be the answer as the writing is sort of neat but still looks like it is from a child's hand.
79 Ken Hunt - Back: Same as the Yost card except maybe a little more of the plain white paper it was attached to.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 27 2015, 03:44 AM
On Thursday 26 March 2015: I got three packages (1 small bubble mailer, 1 PWE and one large envelope/package). 2 were from sportlots purchases and 1 was an ebay)

Package 1: PWE two cards in card saver (no tape thankfully) in penny sleeves (again thankfully) shipping was a standard $2.00 sportlots high for a PWE **SIGH**
1958 Topps Baseball: 219 Camilo Pascual Senators .25
1968 Topps Baseball: 72 Tommy John White Sox .75

Package 2: bubble mailer 15 cards in team bag sandwiched between two nice cardboard pieces. The two cardboard pieces were the only things taped. An OK job. Sportlots auction purchase $5.50 + $2.25 shipping: 1970s Hostess Hand Cut cards. Some of them are very badly cut, but most are OK otherwise. The bad cuts remind me of when I had some of these cards, not sure if I had these exact players but my cutting skills as a kid were awful, left-handed trying to use regular scissors or trying to cut right-handed.

1975 Hostess Baseball:
136 Ken Henderson White Sox
137 Willie Montanez Phillies
138 Thurman Munson Yankees

1976 Hostess Baseball:
126 Larry Parrish Expos - Nicely cut, unfortunately the card number on the back was marked out with black magic marker and speared some. That is the type of thing I might have done as a kid.

1978 Hostess Baseball:
7 Tommy John Dodgers
8 Greg Luzinski Phillies
9 Enos Cabell Astros
10 Doug DeCinces Orioles
12 Ed Halicki Giants
16 Earl Williams A's
17 Glenn Abbott Mariners
18 Dan Ford Twins

1979 Hostess Baseball:
67 Rick Reuschel Cubs
68 George Brett Royals
69 Lou Piniella Yankees

Package 3: This last package is a work of art. Very strange packaging. I am definitely going to put it on my card blog with scans. First it was from an Ebay auction 1 card $4.99 + $2.32 shipping. OK first the card:
1961 Topps Baseball: 472 Yogi Berra Yankees MVP

Now the odd thing about the packaging: The envelope was 9" x 12" yellow clasp envelope. Super taped with clear shipping tape that I had to cut an opening at the top to get it open. Inside that a piece of cardboard (white sort of odd triangular piece not sure what it originally boxed). Next to that, I forget if it was taped or not, a clear ziplock plastic bag 6" x 11" has red lettering "AdoptaPlatoon www.adoptaplatoon.org" strange. Stranger still in the bag a paper bag that was folded and taped some. The paper bag from Burger King "Bags of Flavor" with hand scribbled "yogi berra" barely legible. Inside that a small plain white PWE (4x6) with one fold not sealed or taped surprisingly. Then the card safe in a toploader with penny sleeve.

I did leave possitive feedback because other than the strange overly excessive packaging it was a smooth transaction with safely delivered card. My feedback reads "Good Service. Strange packaging for one card but everything is good"

 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 25 2015, 12:00 AM
ON Tuesday 24 Mar 2015: I had a 2 Sportlots packages day: (OK one was a PWE the other small bubble mailer)

Package 1 PWE: One card .25¢ + $2.09 shipping - 1959 Topps Baseball 411 Whitey Lockman Orioles

Package 2 bubble mailer: .25¢ + $4.00 shipping 1971 Kellogg's Baseball 11 Jim Hickman Cubs - has a crack above the facsimile signature. No plastic loss, very little separation from card at edges of crack.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 21 2015, 03:24 PM
Pretty big Mailday Saturday 21 Mar 2015:

(as opened)
Envelope 1: PWE One card in a "cardsaver" wth plain paper protecting the outside. Not great protection but better than some and no annoying tape on cardsaver. Eba purchase $5.99 + $2.00 shipping 1965 Topps Baseball 415 Curt Flood Cardinals

Envelope 2: PWE 2 cards in toploaders tape on top ugh. Sportlots .25¢/each plus $3.00 shipping
1972 Topps Baseball 37 Carl Yastrzemski Red Sox
1974 Topps Baseball 350 Bob Gibson Cardinals

Envelope 3: PWE envelope sealed with extra clear shipping tape. One card toploader taped with clear shipping tape, UGH came off with no residue though good. From Ebay $4.50 Free Shipping 1965 Topps Baseball 200 Joe Torre Braves

Envelope 4: bubble mailer from Abel (5tooseet) at TCC. I had won a contest he held by shear luck of being the closest to the actual score without going over in a playoff or championship contest. The prize of my choosing from Ebay limited to $20. The price of this beauty was $19.99 with free shipping squeaking into the limit: 1952 Red Man Tobacco Baseball[/b] with Tab AL25 Eddie Yost Senators. Abel even included the business card of the seller, who provided the card in a postcard sized toploader that fits (It would be a sideloader for horizontal/landscaped postcards)

Envelope 5: Final package bubble mailer. From Sportlots for .25¢ plus $2.25 shipping one card 2010 Allen & Ginter's Baseball Mini A&G Back 107 Adam Dunn Nationals

 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 13 2015, 11:20 PM
on Friday 13 Mar 2015: I got the latest copy of Non-Sport Update Magazine w/ Bates Motel on the Cover. I also got 3 PWEs from Sportlots auctions.

PWE 1: One lot 2 Cards $1.25 + $1.59 shipping
2013 Topps Baseball
1 Bryce Harper Nationals base
1 Bryce Harper Nationals Emerald Glitter Variant

PWE 2: One card 25 + $2.00 shipping 2014 Panini Donruss Classics Baseball: Timeless Tributes: Gold 33 Eddie Murray Orioles #d 05/25

PWE 3: Envelope has a Jimmi Hendrix stamp cool. Two lots 4 cards total both lots 25 + $2.00 shipping
1965 Topps Baseball 127 Frank Lary Braves
1977 Topps Baseball
32 Checklist cards 1-132 UNMarked
451 Checklist cards 397-528 UNMarked
562 Checklist cards 529-660 UNMarked

 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 12 2015, 10:38 PM
On Thursday 12 Mar 2015: Got a lone package from Brian O'Neal of the Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary blog from his Group Break Trade. Payment is to send something in trade for his PC wants/needs. Now I need to send him some stuff from his needs/wants. I found out about the break from another blog The Card Papoy and saw my Homie team the Nationals/Expos were not claimed and surprisingly the Orioles/Browns weren't claimed so I snagged both teams. Most of the products were early 2000s and pre-2005 so it was mostly Expos.

Along with the boxes for the break he included some random homie team cardness and some 1988 Topps Baseball that helps me get closer to completing that set. Only about 63 cards to go. The package contained 47 cards from that set. I had a few of them but most of them I didn't.

First the extra Homie stuff:

2005 Donruss Team Heroes: 401 Ryan Church Nationals
2006 Fleer Ultra: 100 Jose Guillen Nationals
2007 Upper Deck Baseball: First Edition: 294 Nick Johnson Nationals
2014 Topps Allen & Ginters: Mini: A&G Back: 60 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
2012 Topps Baseball: 1987 Mini: TM-84 Stephen Strasburg Nationals
2013 Topps Baseball: Chasing History: CH-67 Stephen Strasburg Nationals

Now from the Boxes of the break:114
2002 Topps Gallery Baseball:
44 Orlando Cabrera Expos
53 Javier Vazquez Expos
62 Vladimir Guerrero Expos
159 Ed Rogers Orioles
168 Valentino Pascucci Expos

2003 Topps Stadium Club:
27 Vladimir Guerrero Expos
39 Jose Vidro Expos
40 Orlando Cabrera Expos
102 Ed Rogers Orioles
Royal Gold variant 40 Orlando Cabrera Expos

1999 Fleer Ultra:
16 Brady Anderson Orioles
20 Vladimir Guerero Expos
83 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
96 Mike Mussina Orioles
105 Scott Erickson Orioles
114 Eric Davis Orioles
117 Rondell White Expos
123 Armando Benitez Orioles
143 Rafael Palmeiro Orioles
174 Dustin Hermanson Expos
213 Cal Ripken Jr. Checklist
Gold Medallion 117G Rondell White Expos

1996 Pinnacle Baseball:
11 Wil Cordero Expos
30 Bobby Bonilla Orioles
34 Mike Mussina Orioles
79 Pedro Martinez Expos
80 Harold Baines Orioles
91 Cliff Floyd Expos
111 Curtis Goodwin Orioles
120 Ben McDonald Orioles
136 Cal Ripken Jr. The Naturals Orioles
146 Rafael Palmeiro The Naturals Orioles
179 Jimmy Haynes Orioles
Starburst 63 Cal Ripken Jr. The Naturals Orioles

2002 Fleer Greats Baseball:
1 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
15 George Sisler Browns
18 Brooks Robinson Orioles (2)
35 Satchel Paige Browns (2)
39 Earl Weaver Orioles
76 Eddie Murray Orioles
77 Jim Palmer Orioles
Dueling Duos
28 DD Eddie Murray Orioles George Brett Royals
29 DD Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles George Brett Royals
Through The Years: Relic NNO Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles 1 all black jersey

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