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JimBob's Trading Card Adventures
Just a way for me to keep track of what I'm doing with my collection .... and inform anyone else interested
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Entries on Wednesday 9th November 2005

 | Category: New Additions
entry Nov 9 2005, 08:11 AM
Won a bid from ebay of 33 1970 topps in good-fair condition.

I only bid a few 's - probably all that they are worth because of the creases & some writing. But still enjoyable cards and will fill in some holes for my 1970 set.

something odd was that it had a nice distribution of card numbers .. 1970 came out in 5 series. With a common from series 5 (cards 632-720) worth 10x more than series one.

Also that there were 33 cards .. and were issued in wax packs or specal 33 card boxes (and they were shipped from the UK) makes me wonder if the 33 card boxes contained all 5 series.

Oh well ... I do probably go into too much analysis for these things. But I get my money's worth.


Entries on Tuesday 8th November 2005

 | Category: New Additions
entry Nov 8 2005, 07:21 AM
OK - here's the game used/auto lot - all from the last 5 years - Total cost including shipping was about $15 for this one, too- though I added some cards I got in other lots and factored it a little.

Only 9 cards .. but there are less of these cards than the standard issue.

The Brands Sets Aren't as easy to guess. but here's the best guess. Any help correcting set into & Beckett Values appreciated as I haven't had a chance to research/catalog these yet.

2000 Upper Deck SP Game Bat edition
GS - Gary Sheffield (Bat)

2001 Topps Heritage
CP93 Sean Burnett - (Chrome Rookie 319/552)

2002 Topps Coaches Corner
CC-JT - Joe Torre (Uniform)

2002 Upper Deck "Game Swatches"
RJ-EM: Edgar Martinez (Jersey)

2002 Upper Deck - World Series Heroes
MU01G - Paul O'Neil/Byung Hyun Kim (O'Neill Pants - Pinstripe)

2003 Donruss Champions - Authentic Signature
57 Corwin Malone (Auto - 277/400)

2003 upper Deck - Leading Swatches
LS-OV: Omar Visquel (Jersey)

2003 Bowman Baseball - Futures Game
FG-JJ - Jimmy Journell (Jersey)

2004 bowman - Signs of the Future
SOF - CS - Corey Schafer (Auto)

 | Category: New Additions
entry Nov 8 2005, 05:50 AM
Ok - a follow up to my last post on the subject (Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions !!! - I'm looking for a third lot of vintage to match it with !)

I looked again at my lot "A" - took it out of the padded envelope .. put the older cards in hard sleves and the newer ones in soft sleeves - some good names in there. i also "found" four 1959 commons in suprisingly good (VG-EX) condition that I got from someone here for the cost of shipping .- so they will be mixed together as Lot A - with my total out of pocket expenses being around $15 if you consider exchange rates and such.

Comments - good or bad - on value for money is OK - or just more interested in tracking value over time.

here are the 38 cards.I'll use the classification mentioned in a post on Era's a while ago.

Vintage (Baby boomer years)

1959 Topps
16: Joe Pignatano (VG/EX)
53: Stan Williams (VG/EX)
107: Norm Larker (VG/EX)
406: Solly Drake (VG/EX)

1961 Fleer Baseball Greats
120: Nap Lajoie (G - stain one corner)
126: Joe McGinnity (G-VG)

1968 topps
37: Billy Williams (G-VG - Off Center)

1971 Topps OPC (Canadian Issue)
380: Ted Williams, MGR (G - poor cut, Off Center - otherwise VG)

1972 Topps
37: Carl Yastrzemski (G-VG - worn edges)
52: Harmon Killebrew, In action (G-VG, Off Center)

Early Modern/Overproduced Cardboard
(All cards Cards EX-NM condition unless otherwise noted)

1975 Topps
61: Dave Winfield (VG-EX)

1982 Fleer
67: Ken Griffey, Sr

1986 Topps
3: Pete Rose, "The Pete Rose Years, 1967-70"
206: Pete Rose, Recordbreaker - Most Hits lifetime
329: Kirby Puckett
390: Tom Seaver
404: Frank Robinson, Turn Back the Clock 20 years ago (1966)
487: Bret Saberhagen
487: (dup) Bret Saberhagen

1987 Topps
614: Roger Clemens, All Star & 1986 AL Victory Leader
634: Raphael Palmeiro, Future Star
784: Cal Ripken

1987 KayBee Toys "Superstars of Baseball"
10: Roger Clemens
15: Tony Gwynn
19: Don Mattingly
24: Kirby Puckett

Overkill Production Years

1989 Topps
2: Wade Boggs, '88 record breaker - 200 hits 6 cons seasons
399: Wade Bodds, All Star & 1988 AL Doubles Leader

1990 Bowman
181: barry Bonds

1991 Topps
1: Nolan ryan
790: Ken Griffey, Jr

1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier
12: Barry Bonds

1991 Donruss
55: Wade Boggs
105: Mark McGuire
147: Sammy Sosa
147: (dup) Sammy Sosa
BC-9: Mark McGuire, Highlights, Home Run Milestone

1992 Topps
27: Juan Gonzalez

 | Category: General State of Things
entry Nov 8 2005, 04:28 AM
I'm flying from New York for a weekend in December to catch up with family & friends and do some Christmas shopping for people back here in London (the wife is already researching her list)

Of course I will do some shopping for myself wink.gif and pick up about $100-$150 worth of recent releases of baseball cards - depending on the exchange rate.

OOh ... what to pick up ?

Last few times Its been a few hobby boxes of the latest topps baseball and then some random multi-packs from K-mart, WalMart, and/or Toys'R'us.

Any Ideas of places of interest in NYC that I should check out ?


Entries on Monday 7th November 2005

entry Nov 7 2005, 02:45 AM
SO ...

I've neglected my data "Harvesting" over the last few months in favor of developing a shared web-based front end for the data (See developments around TCC).

But the problem with this data, is that there is always more to harvest. Turn your back for a week and there are 10 new products. Each with their own concaphony of inserts, subsets, parallel sets. 1/1, etc.

For someone working on a database for them all, its a challenge.

Working on an interface that the public and manufacturers can add missing ones is the way to go ... but who will participate, who will verify ?

should it be wikipedia style .. or IMDB style ?

more to come on these adventures ....


Entries on Tuesday 1st November 2005

 | Category: New Additions
entry Nov 1 2005, 02:18 PM
Living in the UK .. the selection of Baseball cards on Ebay that I can find without paying a huge shipping fee for are limited.

But .. every once in a while I scan around and see what I can pick up for under 10 including shipping (about $18.00 these days)

Two lots that I got recently but put aside (to enter into one of my databases when I have time ) are

1) A 60's and 80's Lot of baseball hall of famers and superstars. The vintage cards are Hall of Fames, but slightly lesser quality - the later cards are of Cal Ripken, Nolan Ryan and the like .. but overproduced years.

2) A bunch of game used/Auto cards from modern releases (gee... how many different brands did Fleer and Donruss crank out these last few years ?) with some Rookie's and Stars .. but no superstars.


Each cost me the same price.

Which way do you think I should invest more in ?

I might start tracking the two lots and create an Index to see which one gains the most value .. would be interesting to see.

entry Nov 1 2005, 02:07 PM
OK ...

Realised that the organisational state of my life was in a mess ... not that anything has gone wrong .. things are ticking along quite nicely, (knock on wood) .. Its just that I found I "Have my fingers in too many pies" so to speak. And not enough time.

And for someone like me who loves to be organised and creates databases and categories for everything .. this unorganised state can drive me right into the pub !

Anyway .. one of the greatest simple pleasures in my life is collecting and sorting through cards .. mostly Baseball... but all other sports, entertainment and Era's are represented in my collection.

.. and since I'm a database person (I pay the Morgage by consulting with companies on how to keep thier own databases organised) .. I have a ton of different types of databases to track my card collection ... the state of any one of them .. unfortunately .. is pretty much like the situation of everything else ...

so .. thought I would create a few Blogs through different sites to capture where I am. the part of me that is into trading cards and databases for them will have a voice here .....

enjoy or ignore ...


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