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scottb's Blog
The marketability of trading cards
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entry Jan 23 2007, 11:09 PM
Hello All,
Well, by now everyone knows the Bears are going to the super bowl. As if there was any doubt dry.gif
Anyway, my computor went down for a while so I have not been doing anything as of late.
My website project has slowed down due to working to much.
I did find out I had a few sales on another site so I need to get those caught up.
I am hoping to start off 07 with a good bit of trading and sales of
I also came to the conclusion that I will work with what I have for now,I'm not going to pursue yet another set or to get another pack
from the store;well maybe blink.gif
I'm going to go for now,
Goodnight All,

entry Dec 27 2006, 11:40 PM
Greetings all,
Well, my little project is turning out to be bigger than I thought it would be.
So far I have pulled about 2000 extras;some I have 3 or 4 of.
It has also got me to thinking what am I going to do this year,attempt to collect yet another set. Or perhaps try and get the newest and hottest card on the market.
I guess I am to figure out my goals and where I want to go from here with my card collecting.
Perhaps I should sell them all and start all over, my wife would be happy with that blink.gif
Anyway,I shall go for now.
Good night and happy collecting.

entry Dec 21 2006, 09:38 PM
Greatings all,
I hope everyone will have a merry holiday time.
Been a few days since I last posted,have been very busy at work.
Going to take the next couple of days off though and go through my boxes of cards finally .
Alot of them I am going to post on a web site I am building,that way I can put up some pics and make my lists.
There may be alot of commens,but I might be able to start filling some stuff in;got a whole bunch of new card pages in.
Any of the stuff I can't use I will have up for sale or trade.
For some reason I have had the idea of collecting some really old stuff, cards I would be proud to put in a frame. Who knows.
Well thats all for tonight,I'll let everyone know more about my web site.
Good night and be well.

entry Dec 13 2006, 11:36 PM
I,like most collectors,follow a player or a team.Mine of course is the Bears.
I started following Devin Hester;the way he has been playing is something else.For a rookie he is racking up an impressive record.

I decided to look up the price of his cards on a few other sites;just to see what they are selling for.
One site was announcing an IPO (Initial Player Offering) of his 2005 Topps Chrome Rookie Auto card.

Thinking it may be a few dollars,I thought I might buy it if it looked fair.
To my surprise it started out at $35.00!!
Granted,it's a great looking card;but would I pay that much for it?
So,how did they come up with that price?
I'm not sure,hype maybe.
So if someone can tell me what determined the pricing of the card I sure would like to know.

entry Dec 12 2006, 12:25 AM
Good evening all,
Well, the Bears did it again;with Devon Hester's 2 TD returns at over 90 yards!

But I knew they would win.

Which brings me to a point for my topic;If I were to invest in a players card I think I would start looking at Hesters.

As a rookie player and the way he has been playing,a card of his,especialy his rookie card would be of great value on the market

To invest in cards you would have to pick a player or players;study thier stats and figure for the future.

As you follow your picks through the season you would make desicions to hold or sell based on how well they play.

But does this take away from the fun of the hobby?
Should you collect only for the point of making a profit?

Personaly I like to collect for the fun of it.I enjoy buying,selling and tradeing cards.
Sure,it's great sometimes to find a high dollar card;but ,do I think I am going to retire from this?

To answer the comment left,the book is called "A Collectors Guide To Baseball Cards" by Troy Kirk.
It is a pretty informative book.
And thanks for reading also. Please feel free to leave comments I enjoy them.Lets' me know I'm not just typing to the air.

Well, thats it for tonight,
Good night all.


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