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post May 30 2010, 06:14 PM
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Posts: 3,602
Joined: 22-March 08
First Name: Gary
Transactions: 689
(View: Pending | Failed)

eBay: woodman910

Trader of the Month SEP '14, JAN '15, FEB '15 Member of the Month FEB '15

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Football Autos
09 Playoff Cont. Rook. Ticket Sammie Stroughter #199(TB)
09 Playoff Cont. Rook. Ticket P.J. Hill #192(NO)
09 Playoff Cont. Rook. Ticket #205 Tony Flammetta(Car)
09 Leaf R & S P.J. Hill #179(NO)
09 Score Inscriptions Devin Moore # to 799(Seat)
08 Score Inscriptions Kenny Phillips # to 375(NYG)
09 Topps Career Best Josh Morgan(SF)
08 SP Auth. Antoine Cason(SD)
07 SP Auth. Thomas Clayton(SF)
08 SP Chirography Jeff Rowe(Cin)
07 SP Chiro. Joe Thomas(Clev)
07 SP Chiro. Reggie Nelson(Jags)
07 SP Chiro. D.Wynn(GB)
07 SP Chiro. First Signs John Broussard(Jags)
06 SP Auth. Autographs Rudi Johnson(Cinn)
06 Grid Gear Anthony Mix #106(Giants)
08 Playoff Abs. War Room Jersey J.Booty(Minn)
08 Bow. Ster. RC Jersey/Auto Donnie Avery #163
08 Bow. Ster. RC Auto D.Harvey(Jags)
08 Bow. Sterl. Musa Smith(Ravens)
06 Bow Sterling Paul Pinger Refractor
07 LCM New Gen. C.Taylor #194(Seat)
08 Topps Chrome Allen Patrick(Balt)
06 Topps Paradigm Dual Jersey Auto M.Stovall(TB)
06 Threads D.Olson #262
06 Threads J.Williams #284
06 Threads T.Watkins #276
07 Threads Ryne Robinson #178(Caro)
08 Leaf R & S Dantrell Savage(KC)
06 SP Authentic 209 Josh Betts (0988/1175) (IND) ($10)
06 SP Authentic Chirography CH-JB Josh Betts (IND) ($12)
07 SP Authentics Autographs SPAA-PW Paul Williams (TEN) ($10)
07 Grid. Gear Reggie Ball #176(DET)
07 Playoff Abs. Jersey D.Jarrett
06 UD Rookie Debut Sig. L.Pope(Cardinals)
08 Score Sel. RC D.Strong #432(Oak)
08 Score Sel. Marcus Smith(Ravens)
08 Score Sel. Kevin Robinson(KC)
05 Bow. SOTF R.Moats(Phil)
07 UD Artifact M.Stovall(TB)
07 Topps Exclusive A.Allison(Minn)
08 Bow. Chrome Marcus Monk(Bears)
07 Absolute Quentin Moses(Raiders)
07 UD Triology # to 133 Gary Russell(Pitt)
07 UD Triology Marcus McCauley(Vikings)
05 Ultimate Coll. Anthony Davis(Colts)
07 Finest #132 Y.Figures Auto(Balt)
07 SP Auth. #288 Jersey/Auto RC Y.Figurs(Balt)
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey/Auto Y.Figures(Balt)
92 Pro Line Port. Jerry Glanville
97 Stad. Club Co Signers #87 Ellis Johnson/Kent Graham
06 UD Legends Wally Hilgenberg(Minn)
01 Topps Archives Chuck Foreman-$30(Minn)
01 Playoff Leg. Cont. Henry Ellard LC-27-$25
06 Topps All-American Earl Morrall(Mich. St.)-$25(need old timer back)
02 Leaf Cert. Mirror Sig. Blue P.Simms-$60(need an old timer auto back)
02 Leaf Cert. Mirror Sig. Red E.James # to 50-$60
06 Playoff Abs. Marks Of Fame Jersey/Auto M.Jones-Drew-$80

Football Game Used
09 Playoff Abs. Jersey TOTT Alan Faneca #3
09 Playoff Prestige Jersey Rook. Review Glenn Dorsey
09 Don. Classic J.Fargus Jersey
09 Leaf R & S Dress For Success J.Iglesias Jersey
09 Don. R & S Gold Stars Lynch Jersey #10
09 Bow. Sterling Jersey M.Forte #61
09 Prestige Rook. Review #42 M.Forte Jersey
09 Prestige Rook. Review #10 D.McFadden Jersey
09 Prestige Stars of the NFL Rivers Jersey # to 100
09 UD Game Day Gear Earl Bennett Jersey
09 UD Game Day Gear Jerome Simpson Jersey
09 UD Game Day Gear Jake Long Jersey
09 UD Game Day Gear Jordy Nelson Jersey
09 UD Game Day Gear R.Meachum Jersey
09 UD Game Day Gear J.Booty Jersey
09 UD Game Day Gear A.Caldwell Jersey
09 UD Game Day Gear B.Brohm Jersey
09 UD Game Day Gear D.Keller Jersey
09 UD Game Day Gear F.Jones Jersey
09 UD Game Day Gear M.Forte Jersey
09 UD Game Day Gear E.Royal Jersey
09 UD Game Day Gear S.Slaton Jersey
09 UD Game Gear Ray Rice Jersey
09 UD Icons # to 99 Dual Jersey Reflections S.Smith/V.Jackson
09 Spx Win Mat. Dual Jersey # to 50 Otis Anderson(Giants)
09 Threads Century Stars P.Rivers Jersey
09 R & S Longevity B.Marshall Jersey #29
09 Topps Mayo Eddie Royal Jersey
08 Grid Gear A.Boldin Jersey
08 Don. Threads Boldin #1, # to 250
06 UD Rookie Debut DeAngelo Williams Jersey
06 Topps All-Pro Jersey C.Johnson
06 Spx Win.Mat. DeAngelo Williams Jersey
08 Stad. Club Beam Team P.Rivers Jersey
08 Stad Club Impact Harry Douglass Jersey
08 Spx Rookie Win. Mat. Jake Long Dual Jersey # to 175
08 Bow. Sterling Jersey F.Gore Refractor #199, card #70
08 Bow. Eddie Royal Jersey
08 Bow. L.Sweed Jersey
08 Leaf R & S R.Moss Jersey #58
08 LCM T.Edwards #13, # to 250 Jersey(Bills)
08 LCM Cert. Potential Jersey Ray Rice # to 250
08 LCM Fresh. Fabric Jersey #224 D.Thomas
08 Leaf R & S Jersey C.Palmer #104
08 Leaf Lim. #48 Jersey M.Jones-Drew
08 UD Rookie Jersey R.Rice
08 UD Rookie Jersey Flacco
08 UD Icons Jersey Future Star Chad Henne
07 Spx Freshman Tandems T.Edwards/T.Smith Dual Jerseys
07 UD Ultimate Achievements Patch # to 99 D.Jarrett
07 Don. Elite Series Jersey # to 175 Rivers
07 Topps Exclusive B.Jacobs Jersey
07 Sweet Spot Jersey Ted Ginn
03 LCM Cert. Skills Jersey Brees # to 100 CS-12
02 Spx Win. Mat. Jersey V.Testaverde # to 250
06 Topps DPP Curtis Martin Jersey(Jets)
05 Don. Elite Face 2 Face A.Johnson/Boldin CB-1 # to 125
05 Prestige Game Day Jersey A.Boldin
01 Fleer Trad. Glossy Nameplate Tim Couch-2 color
08 Absolute D.Avery Jersey
08 L & S Jersey Fresh Ort. J.Simpson # to 100(Cinn)
08 L & S Jersey D.Garrard #44,# to 250
08 L & S Jersey S.Moss #99, # to 350
08 Grid Gear X Jersey # to 100 C.Portis
02 Playoff POG Tim Brown POG-52 Jersey
05 Bow. Best J.Campbell Jersey # to 799
07 LCM #225 Jersey B.Jackson(GB)
08 Topps A.Gonzalez Jersey
06 Bow. Rook Rewind D.Williams Jersey
06 Presitige #161 B.Marshall Jersey RC
08 Playoff Abs. Jersey Jordy Nelson
08 Playoff Abs. Jersey D.Keller
08 Playoff Abs. Jersey Star Gazing Jerome Simpson
08 Don. Classic School Colors K.Phillips Jersey(Green)
04 Prestige Game Day Jersey A.Toomer
03 Prestige Game Day Jersey I.Hilliard Jersey
05 Throwback Threads T.Newman Jersey #42
06 Topps All-Pro Relics Mack Strong Jersey
06 Leaf Rooks & Stars Jersey Rod Smith
06 Don. Classic Mem. Alex Smith Jersey # to 250(SF)
06 Grid Gear Perf. Jersey D.Jackson # to 25
06 UD Future Star Materials Jersey J.Norwood
08 Spx Win. Mat. # to 99 Dual Jersey M.Forte
06 Spx Win. Mat. Jersey J.Norwood
07 Artifacts T.Gonzalez Jersey # to 75
08 Bow. Sterling RC Jersey John Booty #143
08 Bow. Sterling Refractor # to 199 B.Ayanbadejo Jersey(CHI)
06 Bow. Sterling RC M.Drew Jersey
06 Prestige #224 RC M.Drew Jersey
08 Stad. Club Impact Kevin Smith Jersey
08 Threads Dextor Jackson Jersey
08 Leaf Rooks & Stars Jersey Fresh. Ort. J.Booty Jersey
07 Sweet Swatch Jersey M.Bush(Oak)
07 Sweet Swatch Jersey John Beck Jersey
06 UD Game Mat. M.Hasselbeck(Seat)
08 Spx Win.Mat. Dual # to 50 Donnie Avery
08 Absolute Star Gazing D.Avery # to 250
06 Bowman FOTF S.Moss Jersey
06 Press Pass # to 50 2 color Sat. Swatch Lendale White(USC)
08 UD Icons Future Star J.Booty Jersey(Minn)
08 UD Game Jersey A.Cromartie(SD)
06 Grid Gear Playbook Jersey A.Gates # to 250
07 Bow. Sterl. A.Gates Jersey
07 Bow. Ster. G.Wolfe
08 Topps Hank Milligan Jersey(SD)
08 Leaf Rooks & Stars L.Maroney
06 Prestige Matt Leinhart
08 LCM Fresh. Fab. Jersey Andre Caldwell # to 100
07 Bow. FOTF D.Jarrett Jersey
07 Topps Paradigm Port. T.Wilson Dual(1 is Orange/Brown/Orange)
07 Bow. Ster. Refractor Jersey Z.Thomas
05 B.Best Rook Jersey J.Campbell # to 799
05 Ultra # to 99 Jersey Scoring Kings C.Portis(Redskins)
07 LCM Freshman Fabric M.Bush
08 Spx Triple # to 50(2 Orange/1 white)Jerome Simpson
01 SP Game Used Jason Sehorn Jersey
08 Topps RP Jersey A.Gates
04 Fleer Throwback Reggie Williams Jersey
07 Topps Perf. Breakout Jersey # to 50 Y.Figures(Balt)
08 Abs. Rook. Mat. Ball with writing/Jersey Dexter Jackson# to 100
02 Abs. Game Ball G.Hearst # to 250
01 Priv. Stock W.Moon Jersey(Chiefs)
09 Spx Win. Mat. Dual Jersey E.Campbell
01 Topps Archives Seat(Shribe Park) Bednarik
02 Grid. Kings Grid Cut Coll. T.Holt Jersey GC-76
03 Grid. Kings Grid. Cut Patch 3 color Portis(Den) GC-52

91 Star Pics #65 Farve RC
07 Topps Chrome RC TC183 Brandon Jackson Xfractor

Sorry, I don't own a scanner. I collect old timer autos/game used and game used of current Packers/Cowboys/Eagles/Steelers/Phillies
and others.Thanks

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post May 30 2010, 09:43 PM
Post #2

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Posts: 4,079
Joined: 22-October 07
From: Arkansas
First Name: Chris
Transactions: 90
(View: Pending | Failed)

eBay: chfsfn100


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05 Don. Elite Face 2 Face A.Johnson/Boldin CB-1 # to 125
03 Grid. Kings Grid. Cut Patch 3 color Portis(Den) GC-52
09 Prestige Rook. Review #10 D.McFadden Jersey

user posted image
TCC's Official Darren McFadden Collector

Collecting former Arkansas Razorbacks


I DO NOT Collect the Royals or Chiefs. They are my teams in sport, not in hobby.

MLB Team:
NFL Team:
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post May 30 2010, 10:17 PM
Post #3

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Posts: 82
Joined: 14-January 07
Transactions: 15
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I can use the 07 Topps Chrome RC TC183 Brandon Jackson Xfractor
I have a few B. Jackson GU and Ahman green GU

May be best to e mail me at jdbudler@msn.com

Thanks Jim

Always looking for Nebraska players
best to e-mail me jdbudler@msn.com

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