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> WTT GU/Autos

post Feb 6 2009, 07:30 PM
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Baseball Auto
04 Threads Fans of the Game Jonathan Silverman
04 Timelines Rollie Fingers Call to the Hall
05 UD Past Time Sig. Dave Kingman
05 UD Past Time Sig. Pedro Guerrero
05 UD Classics Howard Johnson
06 Fleer Greats of the Game Nicknames Joe Pepitone
03 Yankees Sig. Series J.Montefusco
01 Team Topps Legends Skowron auto(White Sox)
04 Fleer Greats Jack Morris
99 Sports Ill. Mike Torrez(Red Sox)
01 Just Dayton Dragons Austin Kearns
06 Bowman Hert. Brian Bogusevic
06 Spx Rookie Sig. B.Johnson
07 Spx Jeremy Brown Young Star Sig.
07 Spx Rookie Sig. C.Stewart
07 Spx Rookie Sig. P.Misch
07 Spx Rookie Jon Knott
08 Spx Rookie Sig. Bill White
08 UD Spectrum RC Sig. Bill Murray
08 UD Spectrum RC Sig. Lois Mendoza
08 UD Spectrum RC Sig. Bill White
08 UD Spectrum RC Sig. Harvey Garcia
08 UD Spectrum RC Sig. Josh Newman
08 Threads RC #105 Tyler Henson
07 Topps Highlights Miguel Cairo
07 Topps Co-Signers Joaquin Arias Rookie Auto #103
07 Topps Co-Signers Rookie Beltran Perez Card #104
07 Topps Co-Signers Rookie Brian Stokes Card #112
08 Topps Co-Signers Rookie Joe Koshansky # to 500
07 Bowman Sterling Prospects Ty Weeden
07 Ultra Rookie Chico #299
07 UD Spectrum Rookie Sig. Juan Morillo
07 UD Spectrum A.Connizaro(Yanks)
08 UD Spectrum Rookie Sig. K.Hart
08 UD Spectrum Rookie Sig. C.Seddon
08 Finest Rookie Chris Seddon
07 Bowman Sterling N.Gorneault
07 Bowman RC BP#127 Marcus Sanders
08 Bowman Signs of the Future Jack Egbert
08 Bowman Signs of the Future A.Carr
08 Bowman Signs of the Future J.Kroeger
04 UD Etchings Hank Blalock # to 250
06 Bowman Signs of the Future B.Bogusevic
06 Bow. Hert. Wade Townsend
07 Bow. Hert. Signs Of Greatness Seth Johnston
07 Bow. Hert. Signs Of Greatness Cody Strait
07 Bow. Hert. Signs Of Greatness Chorye Spoone
05 Diamond Kings # to 100 Jay Gibbons
04 UD Pro Sigs Ferdin Tejada
07 SP Auth. RC S.Ramirez #246
07 Atrifacts Jon Knott
08 Finest RC Jonathon Meloan
08 Topps Chrome S.Fuld RC #223
08 Topps Chrome M.Tolbert RC #235
08 Topps Chrome F.Paulino RC #222
08 Topps Chrome Callix Crabbe #234
07 Topps Chrome B.Perez RC #351
07 Topps Chrome M.Maier RC #354
06 Topps Chrome RC A.Lerew #345
06 Topps Chrome RC J.Botts #339
06 Topps Chrome RC J.Wilson #351
08 UD A Piece Of History S.Smith RC #115
08 UD A Piece Of History E.Velez RC #139
08 UD A Piece Of History D.Davidson #135
08 UD A Piece Of History J.Ruggiano #146
08 Stadium Club RC G.Blanco #166
08 Stadium Club RC D.Herrera #184
08 Stadium Club RC B.Badenhop #156

Baseball Game Used
08 A&G A.Dunn Jersey
07 A&G Jersey A.LaRoche
07 A&G Jersey Barry Zito
07 A&G Jersey Eric Chavez
07 A&G Jersey Casey Kotchman
07 A&G Jersey Mark Mulder
07 A&G Jersey Eric Gagne
07 A&G Jersey Randy Winn
07 A&G Jersey Hank Blalock
07 A&G Brian Roberts Jersey
07 A&G Bat Corey Patterson
07 A&G Bat Rich Aurilia
07 A&G Bat J.Bay
07 A&G Bat C.Crisp
06 A&G Jersey Jorge Cantu
04 Bow. Sterling Jersey E.Gagne
04 Bow. Sterling Bat T.Glaus
04 Bow. Sterling Bat R.Baldelli
04 Bow. Sterling Bat T.Helton
04 Bow. Sterling Bat N.Johnson
04 Bow. Sterling Bat T.Martinez
04 Bow. Sterling Bat J.Pierre
05 Bow. Sterling Jersey Eric Chavez
05 Bow. Sterling Jersey M.Giles
05 Bow. Sterling Jersey T.Helton
05 Bow. Sterling Jersey M.Prior
05 Bow. Sterling Jersey Barry Zito
05 Bow. Sterling Bat M.Young
05 Bow. Sterling Bat Hank Blalock
05 Bow. Sterling Bat Kevin Millar
06 Bow. Sterling Jersey Adam Dunn
06 Bow. Sterling Jersey H.Blalock
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey M.Tejada
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey Carlos Guillen
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey J.Verlander
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey Brad Penny
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey Dmitri Young
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey B.Roberts
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey T.Hudson
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey Orlando Cabrera
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey A.Rios
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey D.Willis
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey Carlos Lee
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey M.Young
07 Bow. Sterling Bat David Ortiz
07 Bow. Sterling Bat T.Helton
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey R.Baldelli Refractor #199
07 Bow. Sterling Jersey E.Chavez Refractor #199
07 Turkey Red Bat Carlos Lee
07 Turkey Red Bat J.Cantu
07 Turkey Red Bat N.Perez
07 Turkey Red Bat Josh Paul
07 Turkey Red Bat A.Berroa
07 Turkey Red Bat D.Ward
07 Turkey Red Jersey H.Blalock
07 Turkey Red Jersey J.Bay
07 Turkey Red Jersey J.Garland
07 Turkey Red Jersey L.Berkman
07 Turkey Red Jersey Baldelli
06 Artifacts Gold Limited McGriff #150 Jersey
06 Artifacts Gold Limited Noah Lowry
06 Artifacts Jersey # to 150 Matt Cain
06 Artifacts Apparel Connor Jackson Jersey #250
07 Artifacts Apparel Jersey D.Willis
07 Artifacts Apparel T.Hudson Jersey
07 Artifacts Apparel Jersey Limited Ed. #130 E.Chavez
07 Artifacts Apparel #199 B.Zito Jersey
07 Artifacts Antiquity Curt Schilling Jersey #199
07 Artifacts Apparel Carlos Lee Jersey #130 jersey
07 Artifacts Apparel #199 Carlos Lee Jersey
07 Artifacts Apparel #325 Joel Pileiro Jersey
07 Artifacts Apparel #250 Dmitri Young Jersey
07 Artifacts Divisional Jorge Cantu Jersey
05 Zenith Bat H.Blalock
05 Zenith Jersey A.Pettitte
05 Zenith Jersey J.Bagwell
05 Zenith Jersey M.Sweeney
05 Zenith Jersey C.Figgins
05 Zenith Jersey A.Kearns w/stripe
05 Zenith Jersey B.Radke
08 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas Hanley Ramirez
08 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas Jorge Posada
07 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas Garrett Atkins
07 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas Jered Weaver
07 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas E.Chavez
07 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas K.Greene
01 Spx Prospect Jersey Josh Fogg
05 Spx #199 Jersey John Buck
07 Spx Win. Mat. Jersey # to 199 Garrett Atkins
07 Spx Win. Mat. Jersey # to 199 Alex Rios
07 Spx Win. Mat. Jersey # to 150 Chris Burke
07 Spx Win. Mat. Jersey # to 99 Garrett Atkins
08 Spx Win. Mat. Jersey # to 99 J.Dye
08 Spx Win. Mat. Jersey # to 50 Khalil Greene
06 Bowman Hert. Jersey Threads of Greatness J.Olerud
06 Bowman Hert. Bat Threads of Greatness # to 55 E.Chavez
06 Bowman Hert. Bat Threads of Greatness Rafael Furcal
06 Bowman Hert. Jersey M.Young
06 Bowman Hert. Jersey M.Ensberg
06 Bowman Hert. Jersey T.Helton
06 Bowman Hert. Jersey B.Zito
06 Bowman Hert. Jersey Nick Johnson
07 Bowman Hert. Pieces of Greatness T.Helton Jersey
07 Bowman Hert. Pieces of Greatness I.Rodriquez Jersey
07 Topps Hert. Clubhouse Coll. Jersey T.Helton
08 Topps Hert. Clubhouse Coll. Jersey H.Blalock
08 Topps Hert. Clubhouse Coll. Jersey A.Ramirez
04 Topps All-Star Stitches Jersey Aaron Boone
06 Topps All-Star Stitches 06 Gary Matthews
07 Topps All-Star Stitches 07 Brian Roberts
07 Topps All-Star Stitches 07 Roy Oswalt
07 UD Ultimate Star Materials Jersey Brian Giles
07 UD Ultimate Star Materials Jersey P.Konerko
07 UD Ultimate Star Materials Jersey Carlos Lee
07 UD Ultimate Star Materials Jersey D.Haren
07 UD Ultimate Star Materials Jersey B.Giles
07 UD Ultimate Star Materials Jersey C.Biggio
08 UD Game Jersey P.Konerko
08 UD Game Jersey M.Sweeney
08 UD Game Jersey J.Duchscherer
08 UD Game Jersey Brian Roberts
08 UD Game Jersey M.Young
08 UD Game Jersey J.Shields
08 UD Game Jersey Derek Lowe
08 UD Game Jersey Bobby Crosby
08 UD Game Jersey 99-JD J.Damon
08 SP Leg. Cuts Jersey G.Atkins
08 SP Leg. Cuts Jersey Dan Haren
08 SP Leg. Cuts Jersey Josh Fields
08 Topps Jersey Jeremy Bonderman
03 EX Behind The Numbers T.Glaus w/Stripe #500
03 Pristine T.Hunter Bat
03 Pristine Bomb Squad Bat G.Anderson
05 Pristine Berkman Jersey with stripe
05 Pristine Jersey Mike Lowell
05 Pristine Jersey H.Blalock Uncommon
05 Bowman Jersey E.Chavez
07 Bowman BDPP96 Jersey Craig Stansberry
08 UD Baseball Heroes Jersey # to 200 Kevin Kouzmanoff
08 UD Baseball Heroes Jersey w/stripe # to 200 J.Dye
04 LCM Bat Card #48 Darin Erstad Bat #150
04 LCM Bat Card #65 Garrett Anderson Bat #150
07 Ultra Feel The Game Brandon Webb with Stripe
07 Ultra Dual Materials #75 Garrett Anderson
07 Ultra Dual Materials Khalil Greene #150
01 SP Game Bat Milestone Ed.L.Gonzalez
01 SP Game Used Ed. Bat R.Furcal Piece of the Game
01 UD Legends I.Rodriguez Bat
01 Topps Bat Wilson Betemit
03 LCM Mirror Red Bat # to 250 Adam LaRoche
03 Topps Chrome Refractor Jersey Shawn Green
08 UD Spectrun Swatches #99 Jake Peavy
03 Flair Diamond Cuts Jersey V.Guerrero
03 Diamond Kings Jersey # to 400 P.Martinez
05 UD Sportscenter Swatches M.Teixeira
04 UD Etchings Hank Blalock Bat
05 SP Coll. Of the Stars Dave Bush
01 Fleer Plat. Magglio Ordonez Jersey
01 Fleer Plat. Lumberjacks L.Gonzalez Bat
02 Topps Gallery Hert. L.Gonzalez Jersey
02 Piece of the Game Luis Gonzalez Jersey
02 Topps Record Breaker Bagwell Jersey with Stripe
04 Fleer Auth. Bagwell Jersey
05 SP Leg. Cuts Sid Fernandez Jersey Glory Days
06 UD FX Special Material Coco Crisp Jersey
06 Ovation Apparel Prince Fielder
02 Flair Jersey Heights P.Martinez Jersey(Red Sox)
02 UD Stars of 89 M.Grace Jersey
02 Ovation Swatches M.Grace Jersey
03 Prestige Player Coll. Jersey Larry Walker
05 Leather & Lumber Jeff Kent Bat #250
02 UD Mid-Summer Stars Swatches H.Nomo
02 Fleer Plat. Bat R.Alomar
02 EX Behind the Numbers M.Piazza Dual Jersey
03 EX Behind the Numbers # to 500 Jersey S.Sosa
04 Studio Bat H.Blalock Diamonbeuts #200
08 UD Spectrum Swatches #99 Aaron Harang
05 Topps Gallery C.Jones Jersey
04 Bazooka Jersey M.Lowell
03 Ultra Moonshots S.Green Jersey
03 Ultra Moon shots J.Edmonds Jersey
05 UD Majestic Mat. Jersey J.Edmonds
05 Don. Jersey Kings Jersey G.Anderson
05 Grid. Kings A.Beltre #100 Dual Jersey/Bat
06 Topps 206 Matt Williams Jersey
06 Topps Trading Places Preston Wilson
02 Fleer Genuine Leaders Jersey Schilling(D-Backs)
02 UD Stars of 89 Jersey Schilling(D-Backs)
07 Ultra Swing Of Kings N.Garciaparra Bat
07 Ultra Swing Of Kings Carlos Lee Jersey
05 Throwbacks Dual M.Giles # to 50
07 Sweet Spot Jersey Jeremy Bonderman
04 Playoff All-Stars World Series Jersey Steve Finley
03 LCM Mirror Red J.Beck #250
05 Don. Studio Soriano Spirit of the Game #250
08 SP Leg. Cuts Dual Jersey Jim Palmer/Erik Bedard
03 Flair Greats Pants Cut Of History P.Niekro
01 Topps T.Raines Jersey TTR-TR
02 Topps Archives O.Cepeda Jersey
01 UD Vintage J.Rudi Bat Timeless Teams
05 UD Classic Seasons Bat G.Bell
05 UD Classic Seasons Jersey D.Gooden
05 UD Classic Materials Davey Lopes
05 UD Classic Materials Tony Gywnn
03 Bazooka Piece Of Americana Gywnn Jersey
04 Fleer Sweet Sigs Jersey Thome Jersey #125
07 Sweet Spot Classic Jersey K.Gibson
05 Pristine Leading Ind. P.O'Neil
02 American Pie F.Robinson(Angels uni)
02 Piece of the Game K.Lofton #50
04 Topps Celebrity Threads H.Reynolds jersey
01 UD Heroes of Baseball Bat G.Matthews
03 Fleer Fall Classic R.Jackson Jersey(A's)
04 Topps Celebrity Threads Jersey G.Gossage
05 UD League Leaders W.Clark
04 Topps Jersey W.Clark
04 Fleer Greats Jersey McCovey
02 Fleer Fall Classic Jersey McCovey
01 Topps Archives McCovey Jersey
05 Pristine Leading Indicators Tony Oliva
05 Fleer Lumberjacks Plat. Bat M.Alou
02 Rival Factions Jim Palmer Pants with Kaline
01 LCM Fabric of the Game Phil Niekro Jersey #245
05 LCM Jersey #50 Phil Niekro
05 Fleer Auth. Jersey Authentix C.Jones
04 L.Limited C.Fisk Lumberjacks Bat(White Sox) #100
08 SP Leg. Cuts D.Parker Jersey #99(A's)
03 Sweet Spot S.Garvey Jersey (Padres)
05 Don. Champions Tommy John Bat #84
05 Bazooka Darrell Evans Bat
01 Don. Classic Frank Robinson Stad. Stars Memorial Seat
04 Don.Classic D.Strawberry Bat Team Colors(Dodgers) #50
08 SP Leg. D.Ortiz Jersey Destined For History
02 UD Sweet Spot Jersey Steve Garvey
02 UD Sweet Spot Bat Bill Buckner
06 Greats of the Game W.Horton Bat
08 SP Leg. Cuts N.Ryan # to 50 Jersey
08 Threads Jersey # to 250 Eddie Murray
03 Sweet Spot Classic Fred Lynn Jersey(Tigers)
03 Sweet Spot Classic Dwight Gooden(Yanks)
02 SP Leg. Cuts Don Baylor Bat(Angels)
04 SP Leg. Cuts Joe Carter Jersey
05 SP Leg. Cut Leg. Lineage Jersey H.Baines Jersey
05 UD Post Season Performers Jersey D.Gooden

I don't own a scanner
I collect old timers game used/autos in any sport and
current Phils Game Used/autos,Current Packer,Cowboy,Steeler
Game Used/Autos. LMK if u need anything,
I can usually find something.Thanks

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