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> WTT GU/Autos

post Jan 1 2009, 02:13 PM
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First Name: Gary
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eBay: woodman910

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NOT A JERSEY 03 Topps Chrome Refractor Avon Cobourne #119
Football Autos
07 Bowman Sterling RC Craig Davis
07 Bowman Sterling RC A.Branch refractor #199
07 Bowman Sterling RC R.McKnight
05 Bowman Signs of the Time Mark Bradley
06 Bowman Signs of the Future Skylar Green
06 Bowman Signs of the Future Todd Watkins
06 Bowman Signs of the Future Joe Klopfenstein
06 Bowman Signs of the Future Mike Hass
06 Bowman Signs of the Future Travis Wilson
06 Bowman Signs of the Future Mercades Lewis
06 Bowman Signs of the Future DonTrell Moore
06 Bowman Signs of the Future Dave Thomas
07 Bowman Signs of the Future Laurant Robinson
07 Bowman Signs of the Future Rhema McKnight
07 Bowman Signs of the Future Joel Filani
00 Playoff Cont. European Ticket B.McElmurry
05 Playoff Cont. Rookie Ticket Derrick Wimbush
06 Playoff Cont. Rookie Ticket Montell Owens
07 Playoff Cont. Rookie Ticket Alama-Francis #158
07 Playoff Cont. Rookie Ticket Ray McDonald #210
04 UD Cris Perry Rookie Premier
04 Flar Showcase Terrence Whitehead
06 Flair Showcase Fresh Ink Darrell Hackney
07 Topps Paradigm Reggie McNeal #199
07 Topps Exclusive Jason Hill
06 Grid. Gear Skylar Green rookie #to 250, card #190
99 Skybox Auth. Jerome Patton
06 Threads Todd Watkins #999
06 Don. Classics Derrick Ross
05 B.Best Derrik Johnson #199
07 Finest Craig Davis
05 Finest D.Johnson Refractor
05 Finest C.Thorpe
05 Finest X-Fractor A.Pearman
05 UD Rookie Found. A.Rolle
05 UD Rookie Found. Taylor Stubblefield
05 UD Rookie Found. Anthony Davis #699
05 UD Rookie Found. D.Greene #699
07 Playoff Rookie #100 Laurant Robinson
07 LCM #100 New Generation J.Wade
07 Topps Co-Signers Mike Walker
07 Topps Highlights Luke Getsy
06 Grid. Gear Mike Hass
08 UD Kentwan Balmer #125
08 Spx Super Scripts B.Moffitt
08 Score Inscriptions Havier Adibi
03 B.Best Rookie Walter Young
05 Absolute Rookie Spectrum Cedric Houston
05 Reflections T.A. McLendon
06 Grid. Gear Paul Pinegar
05 SP Auth Rookie Jerome Mathis
05 SP Auth Rookie C.Thorpe
05 Spx Superscripts A.Brooks
07 Bowman Chrome Rookie Jacoby Jones #105
08 Threads Rookie Jed Collins #191
07 Threads Alonzo Coleman RC #245
02 B.Chrome M.Schobel Rookie #242
02 B.Best Rookie Damian Anderson #170
02 B.Best Rookie F.Milons #134
02 B.Best Rookie K.Simonton #147
02 B.Best Rookie J.McAddley #138
02 B.Best Rookie J.Schifino #137
01 Topps Donald Hayes
06 Flair Showcase Autographics Ernie Simms
00 Bowman Best Rookie Auto Travis Prentice
05 Topps Chrome Xfractor Mike Williams #399
98 Edge Rookie Ink C.Batch
00 Bowman Reserve G.Crowell
04 Topps Draft Picks Kevin Jones
04 Finest Kevin Jones Rookie #111
04 Leaf Rooks and Stars Rookie Mike Williams #50
02 Finest DeShaun Foster
00 Fleer Autographics J.Kitna
97 Skybox Autographics Winslow Oliver
99 Skybox Autographics D'Wayne Bates
07 Don. Classic Rookie A.J.Davis
07 Don. Classic Rookie B.Siler
07 Don. Classic Rookie E.Everitt
02 Bowman Rookie Flasback Bill Schroeder
06 Sweet Spot Sig. DeShaun Foster
08 Score Select Jordan Dizon #366
07 Playoff Nat. Treasure Roy Hall #152
07 SP Chirography Joe Thomas # to 75
08 UD Football Heroes Dan Connor # to 250
08 UD Draft Ed. RC Dan Connor #21
07 Threads Josh Gattis #250

Football Game Used
07 Spx Jersey T.Green
07 Spx Jersey D.Culpepper
07 Spx Jersey G.Olsen
07 Spx Jersey D.McAllister
07 Spx Jersey C.Benson
07 Spx Jersey K.Colbert
07 Spx Jersey M.Muhammad
07 Spx Jersey J.Horn
07 Spx Jersey J.Plummer
07 Spx Jersey S.Alexander
07 Spx Jersey Rod Smith
07 Spx Jersey Brad Johnson
05 B.Best Rookie Jersey A.Rolle #599
05 B.Best Rookie Jersey J.Campbell #799
05 B.Best Rookie Jersey E.Shelton #799
05 B.Best Rookie Jersey Carlos Rodgers #599
06 Bow. Sterling Demetruis Williams Jersey-SOLD
06 Bow. Sterling J.Klopfenstein Jersey
06 Bow. Sterling Travis Wilson Jersey
07 Bow. Sterling Hasselbeck Jersey
07 Bow. Sterling DeAngelo Hall Jersey
07 Bow. Sterling M.Burger Jersey
07 Bow. Sterling J.Walker Jersey
07 Bow. Sterling A.Crumpler Jersey
07 Bow. Sterling Will Smith Jersey
05 Leaf Rooks and Stars J.Harrington #199 Jersey-SOLD
06 Leaf Rooks and Stars W.Dunn Jersey
06 Leaf Rooks and Stars J.J. Arrington Jersey
06 Leaf Rooks and Stars M.Robinson Jersey
06 Leaf Rooks and Stars Vernon Davis #799 Jersey
06 Leaf Rooks and Stars J.Jordan Jersey
06 Leaf Rooks and Stars D.Bennett Jersey
06 Leaf Rooks and Stars # to 125 Fresh. Ort. D.Hagan
07 Absolute Mem. B.Leonard Jersey
07 Absolute Mem. T.Hunt Jersey
07 Absolute Mem. A.Pittman Jersey
07 Absolute Mem. C.Henry Jersey
07 Absolute Mem. Y.Figures Jersey
07 Absolute Mem. K.Irons Jersey
07 Absolute Mem. P.Williams Jersey
08 Absolute Mem. Rook. Jersey Coll. A.Caldwell
08 Absolute Mem. Rook. Jersey Coll. D.Keller #30
08 Bowman Fabric of the Future Jersey D.Keller
06 Topps DDP Jersey A.Johnson Upperclassmen
07 Topps DDP Chad Johnson Jersey Upperclassmen
07 Topps DDP Senior Standouts C.Davis
07 Topps DDP Senior Standouts R.McDonald
08 Topps RP Jersey Sedrick Ellis
08 Topps RP Jersey Marcus Smith
08 Topps RP Jersey A.Caldwell
08 Topps RP Jersey D.Anderson # to 299
08 Topps RP Jersey Dantrell Savage # to 299
08 UD Icons Future Star Mat. Jersey A.Caldwell
04 Fleer Names of the Game Jersey # to 79 J.Plummer
08 Threads Jersey B.Edwards #134
08 Threads Jersey L.Washington #84
08 Topps Perf. Highlights Jersey B.Jacobs
08 Prestige Prest. Pros B.Jacob Jersey #1/50
08 Topps Stad. Club Impact A.Samuel Jersey
08 Topps Stad. Club Impact J.Norwood Jersey
08 Topps Stad. Club Impact A.Caldwell Jersey
08 Stad. Club Beam Team M.Strahan Jersey
04 Reflections Jersey Chad Johnson
01 Invincible Rod Smith #750 Jersey
03 Leaf Cert. James Stewart #100 Jersey
05 Playoff Honors Rookie Gems Carlos Rodgers #750 Jersey
00 UD MVP J.Kitna Souvenirs Ball
01 Private Stock J.Kitna Jersey
08 Stad. Club Kevin Smith Impact Jersey
04 Reflections Kevin Jones Jersey
00 Pacific J.Kitna Jersey
08 Topps Champ Bailey
01 Hot Prospect James Stewart TD Fever Goal Post Cover
04 UD Rookie Foundations Kevin Jones Jersey
07 Topps Jersey R.Meachem
01 Invincible Rod Smith #750 Jersey
07 Prestige Tony Gonzalez
06 LCM Rookie Jersey J.Klopfenstein
05 Ultra Brees Jersey#150
99 Fleer Focus Feel The Game F.Taylor Jersey
05 Throwback Mat. V.Jackson Jersey
05 Honors Alma Mater Reg. Williams Jersey
04 Fleer Plat. K.Colbert #250
06 Absolute Dunn Tools of the Game Dual # to 45 Jersey
02 Pacific Bledsoe Jersey
06 Leaf Cert. M.Robinson Jersey
06 Leaf Cert. T.Brown Jersey
02 Grid. Kings T.Gonzalez Jersey
02 B.Best Rookie Jersey #99 Tim Carter
06 UD Future Star Mat. B.Calhoun
06 UD Rookie Debut Jersey B.Calhoun
06 Don. Classics S.Jackson # to 250 Jersey
03 Pristine Jersey K.Kingsbury
06 Playoff Abs. D.Hagan Jersey
01 Priv. Stock Patch 2 color M.Booker Jersey
06 Fleer Fabrics J.Plummer Jersey
06 Flair Showcase Stitches J.Plummer Jersey
04 Pristine Fant. Fav. Jersey S.Moss
04 UD Game Jersey Andre Johnson Jersey
02 Fleer School Colors-2 color Jersey/GU Shoes Dan Morgan
07 Threads Bowe/A.Gonzalez Dual Rookie Jersey #500
08 LCM Jersey M.Harrison #56 and #34/50
05 UD Port. C.Brown Jersey
06 Playoff Abs. M.Robinson Jersey
06 Topps All-Pro Relic A.Gates Jersey
05 Topps All-Pro A.Gates Jersey
04 Showcase C.Portis Jersey
05 UD Port. R.White Jersey
02 Piece of the Game Seau Jersey
08 Don. Elite #50 Chain Reaction D.Bowe Jersey
08 Topps Veteran RP Jersey S.Holmes
03 Sweet Stitches E.James #899 Jersey
07 Topps Exclusive #199 T.Holt Jersey
06 Ultra Achievements Curtis Martin Jersey
06 Grid Gear #100 Rod Smith Jersey Jersey
06 LCM Demetrius Williams Freshman Fabric Jersey-SOLD
02 Private Stock Kevin Faulk Jersey
01 SP Auth. Jesse Armstead #529 Jersey
02 Topps Debut All Star 3 color Jersey T.Winstrom
07 Topps All Pro Jersey S.Merriman
02 LC Freshmn Fabrics Mirror Blue #100 Ron Johnson Helmet
04 Reflections Chad Johnson Jersey
05 Reflections Byron Leftwich Jersey
04 UD Sweet Spot Darius Watts Jersey
04 UD Rookie Debut D.Davis Jersey
02 UD Honor Roll A.Lelie Jersey
06 Rookie and Stars Crusade Jersey E.Manning
04 Fleer Greats Jersey L.Taylor
08 UD Game Jersey C.Palmer
05 UD Future Legends Gore Jersey
05 Playoff Honors Gore Rookie Gems RG-212
05 Playoff Abs. Rookie Prem. Mat. Gore Ball/Jersey #217
07 SP Rookie Phenom Flashbacks Jones-Drew Dual
06 Hot Prospects M.Drew Jersey
99 Leaf Rooks and Stars 2 Color Patch F.Taylor PC-2
03 Fleer Trad. Classic Combo Earl Cambell Jersey with Holmes
04 Fleer Greats of the Game E.Campbell Jersey
05 Topps Pro Bowl All Pro L.Tomlinson Jersey
05 B.Best Rookie Jersey Gore #799
04 Fleer Greats Marino Glory Of Their Time #300 Jersey

Sorry, I don't own a scanner. I collect old timer autos/game used
and game used of current Packers/Cowboys/Eagles/Steelers/Phillies
and others.Thanks

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