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> WTTF Ryan Grant, GU, Auto, or RC

post Jan 13 2008, 05:46 PM
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NFL Cards in stock (trade - even trade credit / sale - at least 50% off beckett):


2007-Rex Grossman-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#14 Longevity "Blue" Game Used Jersey-49/100


2006-Devin Hester-Topps Finest-#125 RC BV-$8

2005-Brian Urlacher-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#C-5 Crusade Green 274/750 BV-$4


2006-Shayne Graham-Donruss Gridiron Gear-#20 Auto-39/100 BV-$12

2007-Rudi Johnson-Leaf Rookie & Stars-#110 Elements "Black" Game Used Jersey-53/100


2005-Carson Palmer-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#C-7 Crusade Green-277/750 BV-$4

2005-David Pollack-Topps Chrome 50th Anniversary-#202 Refractor RC BV-$5

2007-Jeff Rowe-Topps CoSigners-#56 RC-1050/2249 BV-$??


2007-Trent Edwards-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#DS-3 Dress for Success Longevity "White" Game

Used Jersey-34/100 BV-$??

2004-Lee Evans-Leaf Certified Materials-#207 "Blue" Game Used Jersey RC-793/1250 BV-$12

2007-Lee Evans-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#54 Longevity "Blue" Game Used Jersey-129/250 BV-$??

2005-J. P. Losman-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#11 Longevity-145/150 BV-$5

2007-Marshawn Lynch-Topps CoSigners-#69 RC-639/2249 BV-$??


2007-Jay Cutler-Donruss Gridiron Gear-#89 X-84/100 BV-$8

2004-Vance Johnson-Topps All-Time Fan Favorite Certified Autograph Issue Auto-#VJ BV-$20

2004-Brandon Miree-Leaf Certified Materials-#157 Auto RC 514/1000 BV-$10

2005-Jake Plummer-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#C-12 Crusade Materials "Blue w/ Orange" Game Used

Jersey Prime 20/25 BV-$30

2007-Selvin Young-Press Pass Authentics Silver-Auto-184/200 BV-$18


2006-Charlie Frye-Absolute Memorabilia-#37 Sprectrum Silver Auto-39/100 BV-$20

2005-Charlie Fyre-Bowman Chrome-#128 RC BV-$8

2005-Leroy Kelly-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#GAH-18 Great American Heroes Red-254/1250 BV-$4


2007-Gaines Adams-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#FO-16 Freshman Orientation "Red" Game Used
Jersey-172/175 BV-$??

2005-Larry Brackins-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#231 RC-539/799 BV-$5

2006-Bruce Gradkowski-#291 Auto RC-25/100 BV-$30 PC

2005-Carnell "Cadillac" Williams-Topps Football 50th Anniversary-#438 RC BV-$8

2005-Carnell "Cadillac" Williams-Topps Football 50th Anniversary-#6 of 6 RC BV-$??


2005-J.J. Arrington-Bowman's Best-"White" Game Used Jersey RC-756/799 BV-$8

2005-J.J. Arrington-Reflections-#242 Blue RC-14/99 BV-$6

2005-J.J. Arrington-Sage Hit-#A-30 Blue Auto BV-$12

2007-Steve Breaston-Topps CoSigners-RC Auto-9/10 BV-$?? PC

2007-Levi Brown-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#163 RC-782/999 BV-$??

2007-Matt Leinhart-Donruss Gridiron Gear-#PB-8 Playbook Gold Holo-2/100 BV-$6

2002-Josh McCown-UD Graded-#JM-500 UD Graded Rookie Jerseys Gold "White" Game Used

Jersey-36/125 BV-$24

2005-Antrel Rolle/J.J. Arrington-Playoff Honors-#RT-6 Rookie Tandems Game Used

Footballs-40/125 BV-$10

2005-Antrel Rolle-Reflections-#280 Gold RC-11/50 BV-$12


2007-Craig Davis-Topps CoSigners-#79 RC 1041/2249 BV-$??

2005-Antonio Gates-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#79 Longevity Holofoil 97/99 BV-$6

2005-Shawne Merriman-Absolute Memorabilia-#152 RC-583/999 BV-$10

2007-Legedu Naanee-Donruss Gridiron Gear-#164 RC-85/599 BV-$5

2007-Phillip Rivers w/ Craig Davis-Topps CoSigners-#6-153/349 BV-$??

2007-Eric Weddle-Donruss Gridiron Gear-#134 RC-65/599 BV-$6


2007-Brodie Croyle-Absolute Memoriabilia-#TOT-25 Tools Of The Trade Material Red

Oversized "White" Game Used Jersey-21/50 BV-$15

2004-Priest Holmes-Fleer Showcase-#HH-PH "Red" Game Used Jersey BGS Mint 9-38/50


2005-Derek Johnson-Topps Football 50th Anniversary-#380 RC BV-$3

2007-Larry Johnson-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#93 Longevity "Red" Game Used Jersey-105/250


2007-Kolby Smith w/Larry Johnson-Topps CoSigners-#73 RC-60/249 BV-$??


2005-Anthony Davis-Upper Deck Foundations-#SF-AD Signature Foundation Silver Auto BV-$15

2007-Anthony Gonzalez-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#RC-14 Rookie Crusade-174/500 BV-$??

2007-Roy Hall w/ Marvin Harrison-Topps CoSigners-#91 RC-293/399 BV-$??


2005-Marion Barber-Topps Football 50th Anniversary-#385 RC BV-$3

2007-Tony Dorsett w/ Roger Staubach-Topps CoSigners-#48-361/399 BV-$??

2007-Tony Romo-Playoff Prestige-#PP-31 Prestigious Pros-123/500 BV-$12

2005-Herschel Walker-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#GAH-13 Great American Heroes "White" Game

Used Jersey Prime-9/25 BV-$30

2005-DeMarcus Ware-Topps Football 50th Anniversary-#375 RC BV-$3


2005-Brock Berlin-Topps Chrome 50th Anniversary-#206 RC BV-$4

2004-David Boston-Leaf Certified Materials-#61 Mirror White-(his jersey number)-89/150


2004-Jason Taylor-Leaf Certified Materials-#62 Mirror Red-17/100 BV-$6

2004-Ricky Williams-Leaf Certified Materials-#66 Mirror Red Materials "Aqua" Game Used

Jersey 38/150 BV-$12


2005-Donovan McNabb-Topps Football 50th Anniversary-#175 Gold-39/50 BV-$25

2005-Donovan McNabb / Jevon Kearse-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#TM-20 Ticket Masters

Silver-637/750 BV-$8

2005-Donovan McNabb / Jevon Kearse-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#TM-20 Ticket Masters

Bronze-515/1250 BV-$6

2005-Ryan Moats-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#FO-24 Freshman Orientation "White" Game Used Jersey

191/350 BV-$10

2005-Terrell Owens-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#C-23 Crusade Materials "White" Game Used

Jersey-171/250 BV-$10

2005-Terrell Owens-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#SS-18 Slideshow Bronze-590/1250 BV-$3


2007-Alge Crumpler-Leaf Limited-#5 "Red" Game Used Jersey-31/100 BV-$??

2006-Jerious Norwood-Playoff NFL Playoffs-#116 Signature Proofs Gold Auto RC-5/50 BV-$40


2005-Michael Vick-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#GAH-19 Great American Heroes Red-799/1250 BV-$4

2005-Roddy White-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#271 "Black" Game Used Jersey RC-490/750 BV-$10


2005-Roger Craig-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#GAH-22 Great American Heroes White-141/750 BV-$6

2006-Vernon Davis-Topps Draft Picks & Prospects-#145 Refractor RC BV-$15 PC

2007-Luke Getsy w/ Frank Gore-Topps CoSigners-#61 RC-13/99 BV-$?? PC

2007-Frank Gore-Donruss Gridiron Gear-#PT-9 Player Timeline "White / Gold / Black" Game

Used Jersey-19/25 BV-$40 PC

2005-Frank Gore-Reflections-#SR-FG Signature Reflections Red Auto BV-$50 PC GONE

2007-Frank Gore w/ Joe Montana-Topps CoSigners-#14-8/150 BV-$??

2005-Frank Gore-Topps Football 50th Anniversary-#418 RC BV-$4

2005-Rasheed Marshall-Topps Chrome Football 50th Anniversary-Black Refractor RC-73/100


2006-Michael Robinson-Playoff NFL Playoffs-#117 Silver Proof RC-220/250 BV-$8

2006-Michael Robinson-Topps Draft Picks & Prospects-#115 RC BV-$4

2005-Frank Gore / Alex Smith-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#97 RC BV-$4


2005-Brandon Jacobs-Topps Football 50th Anniversary-#378 RC BV-$3

2007-Eli Manning-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#SO-19 Standing Ovation "Red" Game Used

Jersey-165/250 BV-$??

2005-Eli Manning / Plaxico Burress-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#TM-17 Ticket Masters

Silver-679/750 BV-$12


2003-Byron Leftwich-Playoff Honors-#207 "Teal" Game Used Jersey BGS Mint 9 RC-279/700


2005-Alvin Pearman-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#203 RC-176/799 BV-$5


2005-Cedric Houston-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#210 RC-747/799 BV-$6

2005-Chad Pennington-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#SS-16 Slideshow Silver-433/750 BV-$4

2007-Laveranues Coles / Jerricho Cotchery-Absolute Memoriabilia-#TT-17 Team Tandem

Materials Prime "White w/ Green" Game Used Jersey / "White w/ Green" Game Used

Jersey-7/25 BV-$40 PC


2007-Buster Davis-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#127 RC-289/999 BV-$??

2005-Kevin Jones-Leaf Certified Materials-#41 "White" Game Used Jersey-170/175 BV-$12

2004-Barry Sanders-Leaf Certified Materials-#CS-38 Certified Skills Position Prime "Gray"

Game Used Jersey-16/25 BV-$90 PC


2004-Earl Campbell-Fleer Inscribed-#NGJ-EC Names of the Game "White" Game Used Jersey



2007-Justin Harrell-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#171 RC-3/25 BV-$??

2007-Brandon Jackson-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#RC-13 Rookie Crusade-284/1000 BV-$??

2007-Brandon Jackson / David Clowney-Topps CoSigners-#CSA-CJ Co-Signers Autographs


2005-Terrence Murphy-Topps Chrome 50th Anniversary-#186 Refractor RC BV-$10

2005-Aaron Rodgers-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#201 RC-152-799 BV-$20


2005-Keary Colbert-Reflections-#SR-KC Signature Reflections Red Auto BV-$15

2007-Dwayne Jarrett-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#DS-5 Dress for Success "Black" Game Used

Jersey-121/175 BV-$??

2007-Ryne Robinson w/ Steve Smith-Topps CoSigners-#94 RC-20/349 BV-$??

2005-Eric Shelton-Donruss Gridiron Gear-#145 "Aqua" Game Used Jersey-72/75 BV-$20

2005-Eric Shelton-Topps Chrome 50th Anniversary-#193 RC BV-$6

2003-Walter Young-Bowman's Best-#145 Red Auto RC-10/50 BV-$20


2006-Tom Brady-Topps Triple Threads-#85 146/499 BV-$6

2007-Laurence Maroney w/ Tom Brady-Topps CoSigners-#24-55/399 BV-$??


2007-Johnnie Lee Huggins-Topps CoSigners-#93 RC-1957/2249 BV-$??

2007-JaMarcus Russell-Bowman-#111 RC BV-$5

2007-JaMarcus Russell-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#DS-24 Dress for Success "White" Game Used

Jersey-70/175 BV-$??

2007-JaMarcus Russell-Topps CoSigners-#51 RC-2092/2249 BV-$??

2005-Fabian Washington-Bowman's Best-#160 Auto RC-797/799 BV-$12


2007-Adam Carriker w/ Steven Jackson-Topps CoSigners-#97 RC-219/249 BV-$??

2007-Eric Dickerson-Donruss Gridiron Gear-#P-16 Performers "Yellow" Game Used

Jersey-103/250 BV-$??


2005-Derek Anderson-Topps Football 50th Anniversary-#397 RC BV-$3

2005-Mark Clayton-Sage-#A-9 Sage Authentic Autograph Gold-34/150 BV-$40

2005-Mark Clayton-UD Ultimate Collection-#RJ-MC "Purple" Platinum Ultimate Rookie

Jersey-14/25 BV-$20

2005-Dan Cody-Upper Deck-#228 UD Exclusives RC-32/50 BV-$20

2005-Jamal Lewis-UD Ultimate Collection-#GJP-JL "Black" Ultimate Patch Jersey-41/50 BV-$20

2007-Troy Smith w/Vince Young-Topps CoSigners-#57 RC-6/25 BV-$?? PC


2005-Jason Campbell-Topps 50th Anniversary-#412 Black RC BV-$10

2007-Laron Landry-Topps Chrome-#TC-259 RC BV-$6

2007-Clinton Portis-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#12-128/249 BV-$??

2005-Carlos Rogers-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#256 "Red" Game Used Jersey RC-394/750 BV-$12

2005-Carlos Rogers-Topps Football 50th Anniversary-#432 RC BV-$3


2007-Reggie Bush-Leaf Rookie & Stars-#102 Elements "White" Game Used Jersey-239/250


2007-Marques Colston w/ Robert Meacham-Topps CoSigners-#34-47/249 BV-$??

2005-Adrian McPherson-Donruss Elite-#103 RC-72/499 BV-$10

2005-Adrian McPherson-Topps 50th Anniversary-#382 Black RC BV-$5

2007-Robert Meachem-Absolute Memorabilia-#262 Rookie Premiere Materials Game Used "Black"

Jersey/Game Used Football/Game Used "White" Jersey RC-175/849 BV-$12


2005-Charlie Frye-Sage-#A-16 Sage Authentic Sutograph Red-476/550 BV-$25

2006-Darrell Jackson-Playoff NFL Playoffs-#20 Jersey Signature Proofs Gold "Blue w/ White

Game Used Jersey" & Auto-5/5 BV-$?? PC

2007-Matt Hasselbeck-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#49 Longevity "Blue" Game Used Jersey-11/250


2007-Jordan Kent-Donruss Gridiron Gear-#153 RC-33/599 BV-$5


2005-Jerome Bettis-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#C-16 Crusade 4/1250 BV-$4

2005-Heath Miller-Topps Football 50th Anniversary-#424 RC BV-$3

2005-Ben Roethlisberger-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#C-4 Crusade Materials "White" Game Used

Jersey 179/250 BV-$20


2004-David Carr-Leaf Certified Materials-#GT-8 Gold Team "White" Game Used Jersey-101/150


2005-Domanick Davis-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#SS-8 Slideshow Silver-54/750 BV-$4

2007-Andre Johnson w/ Fred Biletnikoff-Topps CoSigners-#32-25/75 BV-$??

2007-Amobi Okoye-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#122 RC-243/999 BV-$??

2007-Darius Walker-Donruss Gridiron Gear-#123 Auto RC-82/250 BV-$10


2005-Chris Brown-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#GAH-8 Great American Heroes White-394/750 BV-$5

2007-Brandon Jones-Donruss Gridiron Gear-#88 X-244/250 BV-$4

2004-Jarrett Payton-Leaf Certified Materials-#173 Auto RC-194/1000 BV-$15

2005-Courtney Roby-Donrus Elite-#129 Aspirations RC-34/81 BV-$15


2004-Mewelde Moore-Topps Pristine-#121 Uncirculated Refractor RC-245/499 BV-$6

2005-Troy Williamson-Leaf Rookies & Stars-#M-27 Game Used Mask 97/325 BV-$15

Multi Teams:

2005-Alex Smith / David Carr-Reflections-#CC-SC Cut from the same Cloth "Red & White" Game

Used Jersey / "Blue" Game Used Jersey BV-$30

2005-Reggie Wayne / Roscoe Parrish-Reflections-#CC-WP Cut from the same Cloth "White" Game

Used Jersey / "Blue" Game Used Jersey BV-$12

2005-Stephen Davis-Gridiron Gear-#PP-18 Past and Present "Red" Redskins Game Used Jersey /

"White" Panthers Game Used Jersey-15/75 BV-$15


2003 SPX TERRELL SUGGS Rookie Autograph Jersey AUTO RC $40

2006 Donruss Classics VIP Membership Ronnie Brown 3-Color Patch #13/25 (piece of number)

(Auburn) $25

2007 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Rookie Premiere Materials Spectrum Patrick Willis RC Dual

3-Color Patch/Ball #36/100 (Ole Miss) $25

2007 Leaf Certified Materials Red Vernon Davis GU JSY #42/100 (Maryland) $10



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