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1967 Raiders Cap is One Fan's Treasure

Bill Wagner - Babe Waxpak by Bill Wagner, "Babe Waxpak"
August 24, 2005

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Dear Babe: I have a 1967 Raiders winter felt cap. That's back when the Raiders started to become the bad boys. The cap is small - 67/8. It is black with a one-eyed Raider patch that says Oakland over the top of the patch and 1967 split on each side. The white button on top is still very white with the black in really great shape. I do realize that the value would also be in the eyes of the beholder.
Diane Scribner, Cottonwood, Calif.

Hmm. Methinks you'd be looking for a true silver and black fan, but even then I doubt the hat would have much value. It would have to be for display, because not too many adults are going to fit into one that small. It is nearly 40 years old. I suppose it might have a little value to a die-hard fan who has some kind of Raiders shrine.

Dear Babe: I have a limited edition print of Bobby Jones. It is 26.25x22.875 and is signed "Bob Jones" in the lower right corner. It has a USGA copyright from 1954. It is a print of a Thomas E. Stephans painting from 1953. It looks like the original was presented by the Augusta golf club to the Golf Museum of the U.S. Near the signature it says "Winner of Thirteen National Championships in the United States and Great Britain from 1923-1930." It has several creases and a small tear. I find it funny that he signed it "Bob Jones" and not "Robert Jones." We know it is his signature.
Robert Emery, Pittsboro, N.C.

You picked up on something in noticing the signature.

"Bobby Jones had three different ways of signing his name," said Eddie Papczun, president of Golf Links to the Past and "Robert T. Jones was his formal signature when signing an item for a fan or someone he didn't know," Papczun said. He signed "Bob Jones" for someone he had been introduced to via a friend or acquaintance. He used "Bob" when corresponding with close friends. "With maybe a handful of exceptions, he never signed 'Bobby'," Papczun added. Top value for the print is $2,500. Obviously your print is going to be worth much less because of its condition.

Dear Babe: My husband has 47 prints of Cleveland Indians players from the late 1940s and early 1950s. The prints are in excellent condition other than being slightly yellow with age. These are not cards but prints of autographed photos that were purchased at games when he was a boy. They include Bob Feller, Satchel Paige and one of the coaches (photocopies enclosed).
Marilyn Evon, Flowery Branch, Ga.

The one of Mel Harder, Steve O'Neill, Bill McKechnie, Muddy Ruell and George Susce is easy. It's from the 1949 action picture pack - the only one that had a picture of the coaches. The Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards from the editors of Sports Collectors Digest and Beckett's Almanac of Baseball Cards list it for $4-$6. Feller and Paige are another story when it comes to determining the year. However, Feller portrait picture pack photos from that era list for $12.50-$20, while Paige pictures book at $20-$30 for portraits and $40 for the action shot from 1949. Other Hall of Famers from the 1948 or 1949 packs, such as Early Wynn, Hank Greenberg (as GM), Lou Boudreau and Larry Doby, book from a low of $9 for Boudreau (Standard Catalog) to $25 for Greenberg (Beckett) in uniform when he was the GM. Common players book at $4-$6 each.

Dear Babe: I have a Los Angeles Baseball Club official scorecard for the Pacific Coast League season of 1941. The front is signed in pencil by Ted Williams. He is listed in the starting lineup for the Pirrone All-Stars as they were playing the Giants. The program is in very good condition.
Larry Jernegan, Hemet, Calif.

On the plus side, you have a signature from 1941, which was the year Williams hit .406. On the minus side, the signature is in pencil, which is often the case with autographs on programs. The signed program is worth around $300, said Mike Heffner, president of auction house in New York. As a side note, I must admit I'm a little confused since the Los Angeles entry in the PCL was the Angels.

Dear Babe: I have three items signed by Manny Ramirez, the MVP for the Boston Red Sox in the 2005 World Series. I have a World Series jersey numbered to 50, a black bat and a baseball.
Fred Minor, Greenville, N.H.

All things Manny are probably worth around $1,300, said Phil Castinetti, owner of in Everett, Mass., a suburb of Boston. The bat and jersey should bring around $500 each with the ball valued at $300, Castinetti said.

About the author
Bill Wagner is a veteran journalist with 37 years in the newspaper business as well as being a former Army combat correspondent in Vietnam. He developed the Babe Waxpak sports card column in the 1980s and took over authorship in 1993, expanding into sports memorabilia and autographs as well as answering questions on cards.

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