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Become an Idol with the American Idol Season 3 Collectible Card Game

by Bob Williams
May 1, 2004

Now you can become an American Idol with the American Idol Season 3 Collectible Card Game (CCG) by Fleer/SkyBox International LP. The American Idol Season 3 card game is fast (15-30 minutes), easy to learn and can be played by two to six players, ages 9 and up.

To play, match a song card with a singer card and use your favorite judge cards to take your contestants all the way to the finals. Then, during the finals, you can cast your vote to determine which contestant gets voted off until there is only one American Idol winner. Click here to learn how to play in more detail by viewing the complete set of rules.

The entire boxed American Idol Season 3 CCG set consists of 110 playing cards including:

  • 32 Singer Cards
  • 33 Judge Cards
  • 38 Song Cards
  • 7 Special Effect Cards
  • 1 Simple-to-learn Rules Sheet

These game cards carry photographs of all 32 actual American Idol contestants and 3 judges as well as additional images from the American Idol TV show including rejected contestants.

William Hung
American Idol Card One of those rejected contestants, William Hung - the now famous contestant #32716, is featured on one of the Song Cards with "She Bangs". William has performed his version of this Ricky Martin song repeatedly since his departure from the show and has become an unexpected media sensation.

One item of interest is that Simon Cowell, the well-known judge who often provides less than flattering feedback and is portrayed as wanting all of the show's attention, is not actually shown on any card in the set. Instead, the judge cards include Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson who are joined by a third judge simply known as "Nasty".

Donnie Williams
American Idol Card Another interesting note is that the 32 Singer Cards may not match the "official" 32 contestants. The complete set purchased by the TCC Staff only matched for 31 of the 32 contestants. In fact, one of the remaining 5 finalists is not in our set. Instead, the 32nd card is of Donnie Williams.

Why the incorrect contestants? George Huff was not originally part of the 32 contestants. Instead, he was inserted into the show after Donnie Williams was arrested on the suspicion of DUI (more details) and then removed from the show.

Apparently, Fleer had already begun production of the sets before this change in the contestant lineup was made. The Fleer web site, however, does show a George Huff Singer Card (click here to view). Initial efforts to contact Fleer to determine how many of the Donnie Williams Singer Cards were released in sets instead of the George Huff Singer Cards have not yet been answered. As my favorite finalist, I'd like to get the 111th card of George Huff to complete our "110-card" set.

The Singer Cards for the other remaining finalists in the competition are shown below:

Fantasia Barrino American Idol Card Diana DeGarmo American Idol Card La Toya London American Idol Card Jasmine Trias American Idol Card

If you're simply a fan of the American Idol TV show, looking to get started with CCG or wanting an alternative game to play when time is short, the American Idol Season 3 CCG is a great choice. One option for those of you who are simply American Idol fans is to buy a set and attempt to get some of the cards autographed through the mail by some of your favorite contestants.

Whatever your interest, the game includes nice images and moments from Season 3 and can be fun for all ages in many ways. For less than $10, it's a nice non-sports or gaming card buy.

Look for the complete 110-card game box set at retailers nationwide.

About the author
Bob Williams is the owner of, the one stop site for sports and non-sports trading card enthusiasts. He has been collecting sports, non-sports and gaming cards for over 20 years and has a personal collection of over 0.5 million items.

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